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I want to try a /lit project, but I've realized there's a key blank in my knowledge.

I have plenty of writing experience, and feel confident enough that I can write most death scenes in a way that's both fun and hot. But I know almost nothing about asphyxia, and since it's such a popular fantasy - and my own #1 fetish - I want to know more.

So saying I'm sitting in my chair writing this, and somebody walks up behind me and loops a cord around my neck...

What actually happens? How does my body react, what sensations do I feel and how long does it take me to die? Graphic detail is good, if I'm going to write I want to do a good job.

I'm also curious about orgasms. I've read that lack of oxygen can increase sexual sensitivity and vastly enhance orgasm... is that true? if you rubbed my clit or fingered me as I was dying, would my last orgasm be the best I'd ever had, or would I be in too much pain/distress to cum?


I've very little experience with asphyxia, but I think I can add some info.

If someone sneaks up on you and wraps a cord around your neck, the first thing that's going to happen is your reaction(obviously). Most likely, your reaction is going to be to immediately grab for whatever's around your neck and try to get it away. Simultaneously, you're going to shift around your center of gravity, trying to throw off whoever is behind you. You'll thrash to the left, right, pull forward then quickly backwards, anything to shake the person behind you and force them off of you. While grabbing at your neck, you'll probably cause cuts and gashes with your fingernails.

First thing you'll feel is panic. You're in an unknown situation with an unknown person behind you. If you're really interested, you could read up on adrenaline and what it does to people. After the initial reaction of panic you'll start to feel the pain. The first pain you're likely to feel is the cord digging into your flesh. That's not going to feel good. The second pain(which will probably be ignored) would be your fingernails scraping at your neck trying to find purchase. Third would be the pain of not having breath. This will come last, but it'll be the strongest. Your brain will go into overdrive, doing anything and everything to escape and you'll likely be hyper aware of everything.

I don't know about the ending, someone else will have to help. I've heard people describe a sensation of floating away, slowly losing the energy to fight back. I would suspect there would be a peak of excitement, pain, and fear then it would gradually all go away as your brain is starved of oxygen and you're unable to continue the fight.

Many people every year die of auto-erotic asphyxiation(strangling themselves while masturbating). I think that's the greatest testament to the fact that lack of oxygen would magnify the feeling of orgasm. I can't imagine people would accidentally kill themselves chasing an extreme orgasm if there wasn't something there.

As to if a person can orgasm while in pain and/or distress, the answer is yes. Many women have reported feeling an orgasm while being viciously raped, for example. It is physically possible to have an orgasm against your consent, however, it's not terribly likely. If you were writing a story based upon the odds, I'd say the odds are against having an orgasm while being strangled to death(specifically if the whole situation isn't consensual). However, given that you're writing a story, go nuts. As to if it would be the 'best', I don't know if you'd really be in the right state of mind to enjoy it if you're currently being murdered(unless that was what you wanted).

Hope that helped.


It was both helpful and interesting, thanks a lot.

As much as this is about fantasy and I dare say eroticism, I do find the medical and physiological side fascinating.


Hey! As someone who loves auto-erotic asphyxiation, let me put in my two cents!

There are 2 main ways you can die. One is obviously asphyxiation. The other is from circulation being cut. This almost happened to me. My partner had her hands around my neck, but she put pressure on the wrong part and I started to black out. Luckily, I was able to smack her shoulder and she got the hint. This second one feels just like passing out, because you are. Black splotches blossom in your vision until they overtake your sight and you're out. It can take as little as 10 seconds for a person to die from this (minimum, usually it takes a little longer but regardless its quick and mostly painless).

But we like the fun stuff yes?

Yes, lack of oxygen does increase the intensity of the orgasm. It's AMAZING. I like to describe it in terms of music. The orgasm hits some high notes that I otherwise could never achieve. There's a sharpness to it that drops into the lower notes in a rounded wave-like fashion. That's me though. I don't know about other people.
The pressure does force your tongue out. Pressure builds in your head and it feels a throbbing as the blood tries to rush through. the Throbbing sounds like a roaring in your ears. Kind of like the rushing sound you hear when you put your ear up to a sea-shell, only pulsing and much louder. You do tend to cry (as in your eyes leak, not from sadness). Your eyes feel under presure so they can bulge but they do feel like they're bugging out even as you close your eyes. Your whole head has this sensation of tension. As blood pressure mounts there is a chance you will get a bloody nose and it will pour out because of the pressure (I've had this happen before).
It ran out my nose and down my neck and chest. Tiny blood vessels in your face burst. When I've had this happen its very minor but leaves you with a sort of blush. Like freckles, only bright red and small enough that most people shouldn't notice in your day-to-day, but it is there.
The pressure does get painful, and true asphyxiation (not auto-erotic) has a whole new set of issues. Once your air supply is cut off your lungs hurt from lack of air and the strain of trying to breath. I haven't gone that far but I've heard your chest feels like it's caving in. It can take 10 minutes for a person to die this way because in the initial panic you tend to take a few deep breaths and your heart rate increases which oxygenates your brain pretty well, lengthening the time it takes for you to die. When you die of asphyxiation its because your brain runs out of oxygen and bleeps out.

Your body also starves of oxygen which is important for your muscles and nervous system as well. As your body starves, your muscles will contract in different places.
Once, I was able to slow my breathing down until I stopped and held it there for nearly five minutes. My arms, legs, and other muscles like my abdominal ones would twitch randomly until I blacked out and my body re-set, getting breathing going again, etc.

Of course, this is a work of fantasy, so it doesn't have to be 100% true to what would actually happen to you in that situation, but you can play with it!


Oh yes, and before I forget... Disclaimer: Auto-erotic asphyxiation is very dangerous and you can die. I've had lots of close calls myself. I am in no way saying you should try it.


Thanks again Raven, I'm grateful for both the help, and for knowing I'm not alone in liking this stuff.

As a writer I find it invaluable to have real info to work from. I like to learn everything I can about a project before I dive in, it gives me a framework to then create my own ideas and build up cohesive world and story. So knowing all of this helps enormously, even though what I'll eventually write is 100% fantasy.

That, and exploring this side of myself has been fun. The more I explore, the more I think I'm motivated by feeling powerless. Most guro either doesn't effect me or makes feel sick, and yet thinking about asphyxia, about fading out or laying dead and helpless while my killer fucks me... makes me feel both an excited chill, and a growing warmth...

The really odd, or maybe really comforting this is that I only feel excited by the fantasy of it. Thinking about dying for real, even like this, just makes me feel unwell and afraid. A psychologist would probably have a name for it, but I think I may just be a BDSM girl who likes imagining going a step further.


like TheMadRaven explained there are 2 types, or maybe even 3 types
but the mechanism is not entirely correct.

One thing is simply lack of oxygen which our body does not register almost at all and your brain simply stops working nothing hurts sometimes it can even make you feel better and more euphoric

second, if the inability to remove CO2 while there are no problems with oxygen. This happens when you cannot breathe, Blood saturating with CO2 causes all those panic attacks and probably enhances arousal as well.

And third is cutting off blood supply to the brain what causes an almost instant blackout or terrible weakness

I can hardly imagine how it is possible to strangle someone masking them unable to breathe because trachea is pretty hard and applying that amount of force to squish it flat may break it or cause significant injury also squishing arteries will have a much faster effect.

To suffocate someone for real you probably should close their nose and mouth with some pillow or something similar and then wait for a considerable amount of time until they panic and kick around trying to escape

By the way, it is pretty simple to do yourself if you just lie on the belly and force your head into pillow making it hard to breathe. (it is not that you can't but it requires more effort) I admit that it really increases arousal in the right context. But if you are not in the mood it does nothing at all. Or if you wanst to simulate efefct of strangling just bend head up and result will be prety similar.

But if you are writing fiction there is no nned to be realistic, just write something sexy.


Oh, I do plan to write something sexy, this is just giving me a knowledge and reference base to work from. And a sense of confidence, something I was very much lacking.

It... also helps inform my own recently discovered fantasies, which I'm still exploring.


yeah, if you don't like the thought of dying, definitely avoid actual auto-erotic asphyxiation. I've had several close calls but I don't mind dying at all.
Though, there are days I want to get off but I don't want to risk death. That's when the imagination takes over. I have a rope used for bondage that I've tied into a noose. I'll put it around my neck but I won't tighten it past maybe the tightness of a choker necklace. A belt or a collar works too to get the imagination going, but never tighten it more than a choker necklace. It's just there to have presence.
I'll let my body mimic what would happen if it were tighter and my imagination fills in the rest giving me a pretty good imitation (but since I've actually played with asphyxiation I know what it would feel like :/)

You make a good point with the actual asphyxiation. The trachea can be smashed. It doesn't take quite as much pressure as you might expect (it can be crushed with a pair of hands). Obviously I have no experience in this or the sensation but I'd imagine having your trachea crunched would be pretty painful and may lead to other causes of death other than actual asphyxiation (shock, internal damage from the broken cartilage, etc), but I have no knowledge on this (I never got off on it, so no interest).

Cord or a rope does restrict airflow though. I've never tightened it enough for it to do so completely, but you can feel the air wheeze through your pipes.

Damn it, now I'm horny :/


One other of the ways people die accidentally from auto-erotic asphyxiation...
When being asphyxiated the blood's chemistry changes and you can go into cardiac arrest. So, sometimes there will be two people involved and the second person notices something is wrong, but even after the noose is removed the person dies because they have a heart attack.


There is nothing that could change in blood chemistry what could stop heart but I guess it may fail because of a panic attack and lack of oxygen in the blood as this is not an uncommon thing for people who have heart problems heart. Just like the brain, the heart also needs oxygen and probably even more than the brain and if it happens to be half dead already, it does not take much to stop it.

There is a video of robber dropping dead during the robbery because of cardiac arrest


I got that last bit from a journal written by a doctor warning against the practice. You can google this pretty easily.
With the asphyxiation you get a change in the amount of CO2 in the bloodstream. That change is a "change in chemistry".


Wait, I just re-read what you said....My correction is faulty.

Still, I did get that from a medical article. I can try to find it again if you want the exact wording.


Here is some description of elevated CO2 levels
I don't think that CO2 can be that mortality dangerous in very short time But it does increase pulse and blood pressure
Looks like it describes all those asphyxiation symptoms pretty well.
it is a bit funny that we are actually exhaling narcotic substance LOL


Phhhhhhh, don't let the government find out, then we'll have a tax on breathing.


You're not the only one who came away feeling horny...

I sat down to start drafting my first /lit/ project, and in an effort to make it sexy I really let my mind wander. Then my hand started to wander as well... I don't know whether was having such a detailed fantasy to immerse myself in or if I'd just felt able to relax more and go with it, but I ended up making myself squirt for the first time. Despite being the world's biggest squirt skeptic and being convinced it was a porn myth.

I still feel a little shy talking about it, but I guess writing fantasy will mean sharing my sexual fantasies anyway, so I guess this is practice. It... felt really weird and incredibly arousing.

Physically, it was like sensation of my stomach dropping as I drive over a brow, only in my pussy. And then a feeling of release and letting go, as hot wetness ran down my trembling legs. The orgasm was amazing, it felt warmer and more abrupt. Like an explosion, rather than an avalanche. It left me totally worn out, my tummy tingling and my legs reduced to jelly. Felt like my first O all over again.

I don't know what caused it, but it felt amazing. I was imagining a girl holding me and choking me while her friend fingerfucked me, as I started to cum I imagined choking out, my struggles going weak as my bladder and pussy relaxed. So imagine how I felt as my body went weak, as warm wetness trickled down my trembling legs.

I'm never going to mock boys for being into squirting again.


When I write my lit projects it really gets me going too. I wait to masturbate until after I'm done though so I really build tension. I can't wait to read your story! How long until you think you'll post? You've got me excited!


Depends on how much time I have. Maybe a few days, keep an eye out. :)

I'm used to writing much longer projects, so I should be able to knock over a project overnight.

And I did plan to wait, but all of this feels new and fresh to me. And it's that much more exciting because of it. I'd never really dived into a BDSM/choking fantasy before, and I got a little carried away.


Yeah, I know what you mean :) My first lit project I got the first chapter done in a hurry because I got so excited. I'm into a lot of things though so it probably isn't up your alley, but I'll be adding a chapter later that involves hanging.
Its the only form of guro I can really experience outside of my imagination. So I'm particularly fond of it. Have you looked at the victim POV thread? There's one where it's a girl that's been hung. It's my favorite. :D
I always had this fantasy where there's a guy and a girl being hung together and he's inside her while they both die. I don't think there's any art for that though. Not sure how hot it would look but I think it would feel awesome. At least in my head it does.... Dang it, there I go again. It's nice having someone and somewhere to open up though.


I actually found a much older Victim POV thread buried in Requests today, which I strongly recommend you check out. There's a Poser video where a girl(you) chocks herself out with a noose, with an implied orgasm along the way. It's impressively made with solid animation and remarkable little details - I love the way "my" nipples harden and slowly redden. My own body does that, and with my pale skin it really stands out. :)

As for me, I'm still exploring and discovering myself. At 21 I suppose I'm still pretty inexperienced with sex at all, let alone fetishes and paraphilias. But I'm enjoying exploring and feel comfortable with what I've found. If anything I feel more secure and relaxed about my sexuality, and less worried about enjoying sex the way I do.

At core I love BDSM. Restraint, a sense of helplessness that can either lead to almost anything. And I did actually try that once, being tied to a bed with fluffy cuffs and slowly, gently eaten out... helpless... totally blissed-out... gazing my partner's eyes as I sink into orgasm... *sigh* That's my #1 turn-on. Pity it's hard to arrange stuff like that, just finding them time is hard, let alone find a partner you can trust to absolutely lose yourself with.

I found Guro by complete accident while looking up asphyxia on Gelbooru. I found an image of a girl laying back in a man's arms, a garrot around her neck and pee flooding from her pussy. Which was red and practically glowing with arousal. Cue massive heart-thump and nervous tingles. I didn't know what to feel at first, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. I moved on and found something more vanilla, but as I started to touch myself I remember imagining a line across my throat, choking me, as pee trickled down my legs...

At first I was more than a little terrified, but after a few weeks my curiosity took over. I'm pathologically curious with an over-active brain - I dearly want to know EVERYTHING. So one night I did a little searching, and started learning about this stuff. I didn't really understand why I found that image arousing, so at first I just wanted to understand what was "wrong" with me.

I tried a lot of stuff. "Traditional" Guro seemed to revolve around sadism, the first images I found were of girls being shot, stabbed, blown up and tortured. And honestly, images like that make me want to vomit. Or cry. I have a very powerful reaction to them, a need to protect or comfort the victim. I can't understate it - they really effect me in an extreme negative way.

And then as a couple of months past I started to understand myself better. At core I think it's still BDSM. All of my fantasies revolve around me being the victim, usually in a scenario that at least begins with my consent. Most involve some kind of restrain or helplessness, and involve my partner pleasuring me, fucking me or forcing me to orgasm as they watch.

Most of my violent fantasies revolve around me losing control of a BDSM situation; my partner choking me out and gazing into my fading eyes as I die. Or taking breath-play to an extreme and dying in the midst of a supernova orgasm. Necro also has appeal - my partner continuing to play with me after I flatline.

Losing control of my body also really gets me. The thought of my pussy softening as I die, warm wetness trickling down my legs or cum dripping from my relaxing pussy was a major draw from the beginning, and I think it's part of why THAT image got me so strongly. Doubly so after my squirting experience last night, letting go really does feel AMAZING. Although jury's out whether it's pee or pussy juice.(I lean towards juice, didn't feel or smell like pee)

Asphyxia is definitely my #1 thing, and I may try light breath-play once I learn how to do it safely. Drowning comes a close second, for similar reasons. I may also try knifeplay images at some point; I love having my belly caressed or kissed, love having my rather sensitive navel teased. And it's probably my best asset. So watching somebody slice it open might be a major kick I'm yet to discover, I certainly feel that now-familiar cold shiver thinking about it.

As it stands, I feel fully comfortable with my fantasies and fetishes. I know I don't feel any desire to hurt others, or myself. Ultimately I'm a BDSM girl who sometimes fantasizes about her partner going a bit too far. Oddly enough it's made me consider whether a career in medicine would be an appropriate or safe choice. That powerful caring instinct hasn't gone away, and my fascination with medicine and biology is completely cerebral and nonsexual.


I will definitely have to check that out when I get better internet reception.
I found my guro love as a teenager. I didn't know what it was called at the time but I've always identified with the victim. For me it was originally disembowelment and impalement. I didn't fall in love with strangulation of any kind until years later. I'm 28 now. I've found a safe partner in current wife, but after almost killing me that one time... She's nervous to put anything around my neck. With good reason too. So, I'm left to my own devices on that and she doesn't mind. We're open. She knows I come to this site etc.
I had a girlfriend that would have been a good BDSM partner buuut she seemed more interested in my wife. My wife wasn't into her though so, that ended. I'm left to my art and my imagination. But at least I don't have to hide it from her. It gives me freedom to explore.
I'm mostly sub myself though I haven't had much experience being dom enough to say I wouldn't enjoy it. I like extreme though. Soft sex, vanilla sex... It just doesn't do it for me. Honestly it never has. I don't know why I am the way I am but honestly, I've never cared much for the why.

I'm particularly turned on by the death part of the fantasy. Maybe I'm just an extreme escapist. I love the thought of being killed and dying while having sex. I imagine my body being violated after death. Like...the best send-off ever.
Thinking about my partner's hands around my neck, squeezing the life from me slowly... I think I see the death that comes from it as the ultimate orgasm... The ultimate release. Maybe that's why we like this? Because death is a release, and what bigger release than that?
There has to be some fight though, some struggle against the impending doom. The great adds adrenaline which heightens everything. The thought of my chest heaving as my body tries desperately to live.
In my imagination, my body giving out causes the ultimate orgasm as it shudders into stillness. Then I think of my partner still loving my body afterwards, touching me and continuing to make love even after the light is gone from my eyes. Even the thought of being kissed after death feels good. It makes me crazy every time.
I didn't care much for the peeing part until recently, but it being part of the process, I've found I prefer it in the art and in the writing.
At my house I have this awesome iron bedframe with four posts. The headboard is iron too with crosshatching bars. I can tie myself to it. It wasn't that expensive either. It's funny how having the right kind of bed makes all the difference in the world.
When I get tired of my noose I have my belt. When I'm nervous about both I have this thick black collar.
I wish I could explore more. But like you said, it's hard finding the right partner. :/


I made a serious start on my first /lit today. I think I'm about 80% done, the story is finished and written up, I just have to proof it a couple of times and add all the editing checks. I know it's an ultra-niche erotic fic, created solely on whim, and posted on a website where it's viewed will probably be single digits. But I still want to uphold some degree of quality control. Old habits die hard.

And it's been fascinating. I started writing pre-teen and have only gotten more active each year. I have a comfortable and established style that works amazingly well for erotic fics, although actually writing sex scenes feels a little alien. Historically I've avoided them, my first-person style normally makes them far too graphic for publishable fiction. And yet that's absolutely perfect for stories like this.

It's liberating. I've known for ages that First Person would let me have amazing sex scenes, but they've always been too intimate and too explicit to put into conventional fiction. And now I finally have somewhere I can play with that; I don't know what was more fun, spending 90 minutes immersing myself in a powerful erotic fantasy, or being able to absolutely unleash my imagination without worrying about phoning my editor afterwoulds.

I wracked my brains trying to think of an interesting premise, then fell back on writing tradition. I decided to start with a story inspiredmy own feelings as I discovered my fetishes, exaggerated and distorted, and distilled down to an erotic encounter between the viewpoint character(a self insert very vaguely styled after myself) and two nameless women.

Admittedly it's not a tradition Guro format. It starts out slowly and builds through soft consensual sex, gradually getting rougher and more extreme and then ending with the viewpoint character dying. It's much more detailed than a typical Guro, slower paced and rather sensual. I have a feeling anybody who enjoys lesbian porn will love it.

As for snuff, I decided to keep with the sensual, erotic, almost tender encouter all the way to the end. It's a gentle, intimate and very erotic death. The whole story works up to it like an orgasm, I was hoping you'd feel it build like that flutter I always feel... It should seem inevitable that the MC - the reader - isn't getting out alive.

Hopefully people like it, hopefully somebody actually sees it. I guess the joy of a site like Gurochan is not having to worry about failure effecting my reputation or career. If it does work out, it's been designed to spin into a short or long series as desired. It wouldn't take much work to "bookend" it into a middlepoint of a series. Again, old habits die hard.


Well, I'll at least see it. Don't be too anxious about it. It's your first writing project in this genre. It could go well or it could not. *shrugs* I haven't gotten much attention on mine but I'm happy that two people seem to like it :D
And since it isn't your traditional Gurochan style, you may have quite a few followers! I know sometimes I get numb to the typical and having something new or on the softer side ends up catching my attention because it is different.
I decided not to worry too much on my first project because really, I just want to enjoy writing it. It's not like we're making money off this right? It's only our pride that is at stake! I wish this website would let you know how many people have read your post though. :/


I found the link to the video you mentioned but it didn't work for me. It said the link was invalid. :/


Really? That's incredibly unlucky, it worked for me only a few nights ago.

I finished my first story(Rebirth) and uploaded it. Parts of it I really like, parts of it make me want to bash myself over the head with a keyboard. And parts of it make me think my publisher really would strangle me with a BDSM crop. Anyway, it's over to the community now. We'll see what they think.

Immediately I know I'd make any future project at least 70% shorter. Alas I'm so used to writing novel-length fiction that I went ahead and wrote a fucking omnibus. God knows how many words.

I also had a chance to check out your writing, and I'm genuinely impressed. I'll be watching in future, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it.

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