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Hi guys. I'm really new to this scene, and there are a couple of things I'm wondering about that I hope you can help me with.

A common theme I see across guro is loss of bladder control. Girls almost always pee as they're dying. At first I thought it was just asphyxia, but it seems to cross all fetish lines. Strangled? *trickle* Decapitated? *splash* Drowning? cute little golden cloud.

And as a girl, and a girl who's fantasies revolve around her being the victim, that leaves me curious. Do we really pee when we die, and if so what causes it? And I feel a little shy asking this, but would I feel it?

Thanks, sorry for the weird question.


How can you be shy when you are anonymous?

Yes everyone will pee when they die. This is because of human anatomy since you need to hold your muscles, not to pee and if you die and relax it will leak out. However, it will not be a strong fountain but just very slow trickle leak because the bladder is relaxed as well and there is no pressure.

If you die you most likely will not feel how you pee because dead people do not feel anything. Also, you will not start peeing until you actually can feel what is happening down there. Maybe it can happen if you get in too much distress.


Girl I'll tell you rn don't listen to anything Onix says.

But hey Onix, what if I piss beforrre I die? If I empty my bladder in my cell's toilet, then the execution a minute later might be easier on clean-up crew.


What are you saying ? LOL

Of course, if you empty your bladder before execution you will ruin all experience for those peeing fetishists who came to observe your execution. :)


Sometimes peeing happens due to fear or the right kind of trauma (I've heard electrocution can cause it). But when death occurs the body relaxes and the bowels will empty. After death your body does a few strange things including emptying whatever is in your intestines.

Fun thing I've noticed when I feed my snakes live rats... The rats almost always pee and poop themselves before they die.

As someone who also loves being the victim I have looked up what happens to your body after death. Even though we can't experience it I love to fantasize I can. There are plenty of informative articles on the subject.

I also learned from a first responder friend of mine that for men if damage occurs to the spinal cord it will immediately cause an erection and that is one way they can tell if a man has suffered a serious spinal injury.

I know that doesn't pertain to you but the more you research these things the more fun stuff you learn! :D I get off on imagining all of it :)



Onix, I felt shy because I was sharing a fetish I've only recently discovered and started exploring. Anon or not, I still felt a little shy.

Raven, thanks a lot. If I did want to learn more, where would you recommend I start?

I can only imagine what would happen if my killer fucked me before snuffing me.(fun thought) Presumably my vaginal muscles would relax, and if he'd ejaculated inside me his cum would ooze out. I'd look like such a slut; eyes rolled back, legs spread, pussy dripping wet as my bladder emptied and my killer's cum oozed out....


Well, if you want to know what happens to the body immediately after death, you can google that. There are articles that discuss the process of decomposition in a corpse too and they tell you when rigor mortis sets in, why, and how long it takes for the body to relax again (the body does not remain in rigor mortis).
I haven't figured out how to add links on to posts yet, but on the website How Stuff Works: Health, they have an article about rigor mortis.
It even mentions that if a person is engaged in a strenuous activity when they die, rigor mortis can set in immediately (so, in your fantasy you described, if you are struggling or even going along with it, when you die your vaginal muscles may remain tight as rigor mortis sets in immediately. And don't forget, depending on the type of death your muscles can spasm as you die adding a bit of fun).

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a first responder and this person tells us stories and loves to share their know-how, so I've learned a bit from them.

There used to be this show on TV...(I think it was Dr.G. Medical Examiner) was about a medical examiner. It was one of those documentary things on one of the learning channels, so it wasn't a scripted show at all. It's more like those ER shows where they tell stories from the ER, only it was her job to figure out how people died by the clues left on the dead body.
It was fascinating.
You can learn a lot from shows like this. There was also this other show...
I just found the website for it! Awesome! (Now I know what I'll be doing on my free time....)
1000 ways to die on I'm sure you can google it too.

It goes into morbid, random, and Darwin-awards deaths. How they died, why they died, and what happened to them when they died.
I don't know how much detail they go into in terms know...the fun sexy parts. But it could flesh out your fantasies as you learn more about what happens to the body during death.
Of course, in our fantasies and imaginations, anything can happen! So don't let reality ruin too much for you ;)

Happy learning! :D

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