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I'm kind of new to this so please no harsh criticism but I just wanted to ask for advice. Here goes. I'm kind of new to dating because I've never been very good with girls. I always get scared to do anything romantic for anyone. There is this girl, and I'm really a traced to her, but I'm not sure what to do. She kind of sends mixed signals to me. Like, she'll send me stuff like, I love you, and Stuff like that, but every time our friends bring up "us" she always denies her feelings. I know she has feelings for me, faint as they may be, but I want to develope us into a relationship. Any advice?


My advice is never ever to try to be yourself.
First, learn what kind of guys she likes and then roleplay that guy, if you don't know how to do it register on f-list as the girl who likes that kind of guys and play with some guys who will eventually teach you how to behave or at least try to read some stories or something. only then you will be good with girls.

You will not be scared if you will be playing someone else

to find out what she likes, interrogate her about what kind of movies she likes what does she think about certain events. carefully observe her reaction and how comfortable she feels when talking about something. you can even try to engineer some situations when she will face something that can reveal her interests.

If she sends mixed signals, think about her as tsundere girl and be more aggressive. You may even need to "rape" her eventually, she may somewhat pretend to resist but not really. It is likely that you already have a good relationship and only need to advance it.


Dude, fuck what Onix says. He's probably being sarcastic.
Just let it be.

Be you and if she's cool and wants you, you'll get with her. If she either lies to herself or truly doesn't want you, then there's no point in trying to sway her.


No, I am not sarcastic and I would recommend treating with suspicion anyone whoever says words "be yourself". This will never work. Chances that it will work are similar to winning a lottery.

This advice is same as if someone said to the woman not to use any makeup because 99% of men will swear that they love natural beauty, (while only 1 % will actually choose that natural beauty.)


First to asked is where do you live? In Asia? In Europe? In US? Africa?

I'm Asian, so I say just be yourself, if she don't like it, it gonna end quick, instead of dragging on bad relationship because first impression is different from real deal.


I agree with being yourself. That's how I found my wife and we've been married 7 years now, happily. We're two guro loving transgender freaks working in the sciences and we would have never found each other if we hadn't been honest about ourselves from the get go.
You can get her by putting on a mask, but eventually she will learn who you really are and that more often than not end with disastrous results.
Just be confident and forthright.
Ask her on a date. A real date. If she says no, brush yourself off and soldier on! As long as you are confident and brave enough to approach women, you will find your special someone in time.


No Onix, it doesn't work for youu, because you say shit like that.


LOL, You are correct :) one more argument for my point why you should never say what you really think of the girl. (unless you are doing RP where you play some fictional character which actually can be your true self. :)

I think some people can misunderstand what I say, as I do not mean that you have to be a totally different person than you are all the time. but if you are not naturally aggressive and dominant it will be impossible to approach anyone as yourself because as yourself you would not approach anyone you would just stay and wait until someone will approach you and that will never happen or if you somehow force yourself approach someone as yourself will have nothing to say because your true self is boring, not interesting to anyone and you know it.
So you actually have to make up something better.

Also just from the practical perspective, your partner will have some preferences and you will have to do that if you want to stay in the relationship, like what if she wants you to send her birthday cards and you don't? this meaningless action costs nothing to do that but it will please you will please your girlfriend a lot and this pointless action may be something she will remember for the rest of her life. and failure to do it may result in the broken relationship which would be great otherwise.

Finally, confidence is incompatible with love as when you really care about someone you cannot be confident, confidence means that you do not give a shit about that person and just treat it as one of infinity without caring what will happen.
Confidence will always come naturally when you approach someone about whom you do not care.

In any case, doing RP is good practice on relationships as you learn what to expect from people.

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