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Hey guys. Unsure if this is the right place to post this, but I need help. I recently got into rp with someone from a forums site and I really liked her. I haven't done this stuff before so I got attached, but wanted to know if she was real (phishing attacks/cops suck). Not trusting her really fucked her up and I wish I had just believed her at first. I just have issues trusting people online in the first place, let alone with sensitive topics like the stuff we do here.

I miss talking to her and I don't know if she's even ok, which makes me worried. She stopped responding late Saturday night and I haven't heard anything since. I'm the one who fucked this up, but I want to try to fix it.

What the fuck do I do?


I doubt if anyone can help you here that is the price for testing someone. If you do not trust someone your relationship ends.

The only way you could solve this, is probably if you approach her as someone else and forget your old relationship.


I got here by distrust. I don't want a solution that involves lying about who I am. You are right, though. I don't think I can fix this without a time machine.

Do you know how to delete a thread? I have the answer I need.


Sorry. I wrote that anonymous message above. Haven't slept in a while due to stress stuff. Thanks for the help.


The thing I'll do is wait.


Yes. Stopping cops from pretending to be other people on the internet and con artists of other sorts is an important issue. We good people of the world must unite to wage this war that we have no choice of happening, only of mitigating.

In the meanwhile (and even after, if ever, the mobsters among us are permanently defeated), every individual must choose between among on the side of trust or security, or at the stupid extremes: faith and paranoia.


It's fine. Internet stuff tends not to be real. You may have dodged a bullet, maybe not. If she won't talk, it's over. I assume what you've written to her would not look out of place in a cringe compilation. Stop contacting her and find someone else. Be healthy about it. Or read sorrows of young Werther and kill yourself. You could also find her irl and kidnap her. Not a legal option, but an option.

The moral is "Don't come to gurochan for relationship advice."



I never mentioned contacting her repeatedly, even though I did in my haste to try to fix the problem. It's interesting you say it like that, though. The internet isn't a place to be real. It's to escape. I'd almost forgotten that.

Also, yeah it was really cringe. It was super not good. Suicide is never the answer, though. Neither is kidnapping. Thanks for your input, though!


Getting an air of sarcasm here, but it might just be me. The internet is hard to deal on. I like your stuff. keep doing your thing.



Are you sure you're a man?



I wasn't being sarcastic, and thank you!



Did you set a password while you made the thread?

Sadly as Gurochan dont save IP adessses we cant just remove a thread based on a report, in the future set a password on your posts so that you can remove them later on if you regret what you have posted.


She sounds fake. You probably dodged a bullet. But on the offchance she's real, maybe send a PM and invite her over to Gurochan?

P.S. not to sound rude, but why would she be a cop? wtf forum site are you RPing on that you'd be worried about the cops partyvanning you?


You clearly don't understand American culture.


Are you trying to imply that American culture is steeped in paranoia and irrationality? Because American law - disregarding culture for a minute - will rarely partyvan you, no matter how degenerate you act online. The law there is certainly FAR more lenient than it is in countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada, and really, unless you're hunting for 'pizza', selling drugs, or plotting terrorism, the cops aren't going to run a sting operation on your RP forum.


Americans really don't get how good they have it in comparison to even other anglosphere countries.


Ok it's been a minute ignoring culture so let's clarify some shit .

-Our cops can basically legally do illegal shit, both due to a culture of no pushing charges on cops and due to lawbooks giving them more and more powers.

-We have no rights, the Patriot Act and NDAA basically made it so Authorities can just say they have a gut feeling and kidnap you, then lock you up forever with no trial or charge.

-America's culture has pushed on other splenty, for better and worse. Our progressives introduce notions of individual sovereignty, our conservatives push for bombs and robberies.

Now onto just our culture. We fucked over Iranian people with legitimate democracy. We bombed the fuck out of Iraq. We still threaten to bomb Iran and nuke the entire Middle East. Then we say them praying to their God for justice over their dead babies is proof that they need to die for their religion. I'll just rest my case.


And yes I was saying that American culture is steeped in irrationality and paranoia, and also in acting so fucking righteous about bombing babies.


You are taking things too seriously if you compare US laws to Europe and Russia US is practically anarchy.

You are worrying about being caught for drawn pictures of little girls, while in my country absolutely all porn is illegal and technically you could be prosecuted but nobody cares. Not even mentioning that where I live you can get in jail for arguing with government approved historical interpretation. And people are getting in trouble just for posting jokes online. there was even case when children were caught and prosecuted by police just because they were playing throwing the ball over the statue with the formulation of the crime as "disrespect for the statute" (they did not vandalize it or break anything )
In comparison to the US my country has laws that could rival with Nazi Germany but nobody gives a shit because there is practically no chance to get caught and nobody even knows about the existence of those laws.
There are states where everything is much worse because those laws are actually enacted.


Onix, that's awful.

It doesn't make other awful things less awful.


Of course it does, we can only undertand thing by comparison.
You can be happy to live in the country which has such an exotic thing as free speech and right to have a gun even if it still has legal slavery too LOL

I would say that main reason for this horrible US police behavior is the fact that the US still has quite a lot of freedom. And cops are just scared to death to go outside when everyone has a gun. When I watched police work in US it looks as if they are all mentally sick breaking car windows for no reason screaming all time and shaking their guns like mad even when arresting some child.
It is nothing compared to how police behave in my country where they will never point a gun at you and never scream.


>>Of course it does, we can only undertand thing by comparison.

No, Onix, maybe you can only understand things by comparison, but an apple is an apple and it's poisoned if it's poisoned, no need for any other fruit around.


But I mostly agree with you besides that.


Well, I can't delete this thread, but I do want to conclude some things.

First off, sorry about being so weird, everyone. I wasn't sleeping right because of medical issues and it was making my inherent paranoia far far worse.

Second, I'd like to thank everyone in this thread of showing support. I haven't spoken to the person since the incident, but I'm ok with that. I still don't know if she's even still alive/active, but I suppose I will never know.

Third, as many have pointed out, it was entirely my fault for the fuckup. Being so new to the RP scene, I didn't really know what was normal or how to go about interacting in this type of relationship, nor did I fully expect for the emotions to get so heated.

And lastly, if by chance you're reading this, person this whole thing is about, I just want to apologize again. I had no right to doubt you and I fucked you up way more than your reaction fucked me up. I hope you can get past this.


Nigga stop that shit.

You have every "right" to doubt and oh no don't be weird heeere.

Just fap, Pat, and be well.


What kind of person was she, as what RP topic you were playing?
Now when I read your post again, it looks somewhat strange that you got attached and then suspected that she may be a cop. Usually people are concerned about those things before they get into the relationship.

If this is about losing good RP partner is not really that big deal you can find plenty of them on F-list far more than you can chew for all possible tastes.


>Third, as many have pointed out, it was entirely my fault for the fuckup.

No, it was not.

First, doubting the identity and intentions of online strangers is perfectly normal and is in fact what any reasonable and smart person should do. No one will argue if you assert that you cannot trust a virtual acquaintance, let alone a newly made one.

Second, if that girl in question fails to understand the aforementioned rather obvious truth and take it as a given (which it has been for quite a while ever since Internet became a thing), then you're better off the way you are right now, losing contact with her.

Be well.

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