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I view Gurochan and similar webs, because im into castration/genital mutilation kinda stuff, and there is a big variety of fetish here, most of them are on the serious side of horror.

Its been years now and i never thought about it as anything bad really, but recently im starting to think, that this is all really sick.
"if you dont like it, go somewhere else"
some might say.
But the point is, i do like it, a lot.
in fact, this is a rare and also addicting mind stimulation, that you can never get in real life, and looking back, i rejected sex just to masturbate (my poor gf) many times, because this is so strong.

I skip tons of beheadings, amputees, cannibalism, etc, even minors somethimes, on the way to my thing, just like you do.

I judge no one, but i call for your thoughts and opinions, are you sometimes look at what brings you to pleasure, and think "this is sick, i get aroused by some really sick shit, how did it come to this?"
Do you ever try to masturbate to 'normal' kind of porn even though there is for sure better content on the "heavier" sites? if its a yes than why?
Have you ever tried to stop consuming your 'guro' porn completely? how did it go?
Do you consider yourself sick to some degree? is this just a kink and nothing more?
Do you ever feel ashamed? damaged maybe?

Your thoughts, your opinions.
Thank you.


I actually think that it is not sick but stupid. When I am aroused I like it a lot, but when I finish I feel like some idiot and lose all interest for an hour or so.

I like practically all porn and many fetishes focusing on some single thing makes no sense because you will be bored to death. how long can you enjoy same stuff? So yes I sometimes don't mint to look at pretty softcore stuff which would not be even considered porn and it may be no less arousing that most heavy content as for example women with big breasts are way sexier when clothed than naked.

I guess there is a reason to be ashamed but not any more than liking sex in general because this is just a plain stupid thing if you think rationally. But on the other hand, shame is what makes it sexy.
I guess the reason why you don't like plain porn is probably you are not ashamed of that :) there must be some contradictory feelings where you desire something but at the same time know that it is wrong.


When I was growing up (I was born female) my mother told me that my orgasm was my responsibility, because for women it is mental. What we imagine in our minds is what can bring on an orgasm. So she told me to find my fantasies but keep them to myself during sex because often those fantasies do not jive with our partner. She was right and it worked.
I may have felt shame at first when I was in high School, but I don't really remember. I have no shame now. I'm not hurting anyone and actually my spouse didn't know about Guro until I introduced her. Watching her face light up in awe an excitement gave me the feeling that I'm not alone. We share in our fetish as art and RP.
There have been times that I haven't looked at Guro for even a few years at a time, but it's still there in my mind when I have sex or masturbate.
It's part of who I am and as long as I keep it a fantasy, who cares?
Are we sick? I don't know and I don't care. It's who I am and I embrace myself shamelessly instead of living a life where I agonize in shame.
There are far worse sins in the world...far sicker people, than any of our imaginations can illustrate.
As for "normal" porn. It has never gotten me off. I don't bother with it at all and that's just fine with me :)

This might sound like healy-feely bullshit but this line does hold some truth.... Love yourself. You can't escape you. Just love yourself for the unique and complex person you are. :)


I'm an artist that drawing these stuffs for a few years.
I don't think it is that sick, I have seen weirder fetish that make no senses than guro horror stuffs going on here.
Because extreme violent or gore is what most people see as a bit taboo, it is consider sicker than some of those weird fetishes. (Like girl licking doorknob or girl stepping on gas pedal with high heel, that was my weirdest discovery and I don't understand it at all. There is even a dedicated DA group for that )

If you discover more fetishes, you'll kinda feel that guro is not that sick at all, we are afterall made of bloods and flesh, I feel that feeling hot seeing gore is quite normal, if you are kinda into science.


The default human condition is something seen as depravity (partly by people who assume all people want is bad, i.e. cynics, partly by those say everything that a person could want is bad, i.e. theocrats).

I don't think that's always true, I think human nature is a mixed spirit. Stupidity and malice are always a deep part of human nature but so are prettier traits, many of which are demonized.
Through all these traits though, many expected feelings are "sickness" to some, from naive self-sacrifice to deplorable sadism. Being happy- the goal of life to some extent for almost everybody- could be classified as delusional by any doctor who dislikes you, or judgemental gate-keepers looking down on your life.

Religions for a contraversial example, often mandate nonsensical moral judgements regardless of who gets hurt and who gains existential fulfillment.
That seems like "sickness" to me.

Half the U.S. still gets a boner for murdering countless people. Many assume anyone being tortured in Black Sites are simply terrorists who deserve it. They see themselves as good people.
That's also sickness.

I could go on..
People, though they can be inspiring and admirable at times, can be such disgusting, repulsive monsters, so Sickness is par for the course. The worst I've seen on this site is barely a burp: Unpleasant but not a sign of anything seriously wrong. So what infects those who would take this from us?


I see some of you guys making a comparison between guro porn and other aspects of life.

of course that in comparison to a phedophile/ child molestor/ terrorist etc masturbating to guro is nothing.

the end result- the 'do' part is nothing really, no1 gets hurt. I was aiming for the inside game, the feeling, the way you look at yourself.


I disagree with idea of separating fantasy from reality since in that case there must be something that indicates that difference
as for example you can see some woman being decapitated on tv you cant really tell if this is real or fake so how do you know if you have to jerk off or get furious about human right violations?

If you try to rely on criteria if someone got hurt then again it makes no sense in situations when the intent of that action is exactly to hurt someone.

So there is no big difference between inside and outside. if you enjoy making people suffer in your fantasy the same is valid in real life. That aspect may be reprrsed by some beliefs but it is still there.


I'm actually somewhat with Onix on this one, until you're actually hurting someone, watching real shit is no worse than actors in a horror movie... for my boner.

And by that same token, these fictions should remind us of real horrors and an occasional good or mixed ending is righteous.


you have a point, maybe there is a connection between some one that get hurt, and the arousal.

i see an erotic side to the suffer, and its way better expressed in 'porn' content rather than 'real life' content, but fair enough, i might get aroused if i see my fetish somewhere in 'real life', and if i think some1 actually got hurt, there is still two sides to this.

and it also strengthens my argument, i mean, if you have to witness suffer in order to be aroused, what does it say about you?

and also, some distance must be kept from reallity in order for the thing to be arousing, that probably differ from one individual to another, lets take the decapitation for example, i dont know if some one who likes decapitation, will get aroused at all by really decapitate some1, or even being present to this in real life.

if this assumtion is right, there is clear seperation between real life and fantasy, and the line is between arousing to overwhelming will be determine individually, which raise the next question- at what point is this becoming wrong?


I prefer to separate things into whast has consequences and what does not.
In essence, this can be used to tell difference between reality and fantasy as well
and there is nothing wrong to hurt someone in real life as well if you do not cause lasting damage or if your actions simply have no consequences.

Just imagine if you could mutilate your GF or even kill her And in some time it all gets back to normal. Wouldn't that be same as fantasy even if done for real?

Considering arousing things themselves I think they differ from real things alot in our fantasy. For example, if you think about scat/filth fetish in the fantasy it does not smell does not stain and maybe even tastes good. and furthermore, we can even invent new rules like orgasming from being penetrated in the nipples or from being grabbed by the tail and these imaginary rules work exactly like real thing if you imagine a demon whose tail is erogenous zone you actually feel it when someone touches it in your fantasy even if you don't even know how it feels.
Sometimes this may even leak into reality as if you got used to imagining something it will also become true in real world as well.


"Sick" implies some kind of harm or discomfort. If you're experiencing or causing either of those, I'd advice you to seek help. If not, you're just having fun. There's nothing immoral about being weird.


Just ask yourself, who is normal? You are in for a big surprise!


As long as we view it as, and keep it as, fantasy, no, we are not clinically 'sick'.


If this is sick, then I love being sick


If it wouldn't be sick, we wouldn't be here


I dunno, as long it's fictional (drawings).


Okay I wasn't specific enough, if it isn't real and from comes a drawing, then I believe it's gonna be fine or something.

...Okay, that wouldn't be a good answer, sorry.


We're all bozos on this bus.


You must be around my age, to even think of using that phrase lol


Needs more Firesign Theater gore.


I'd consider myself to be sick yes, But then I also believe my fixation with guro to be a coping mechanism for childhood traumas that I'd rather not get into right now.


I now view this fetish (and any sort of porn) as very destructive to myself. It is a drug unlike any other (I haven't tried anything besides alcohol though). The inner tragedy is that no amount of rationality has made me stop thus far. I've made it 5-6 days without nutting, but I always find myself edging and then find an excuse to let it go. Unless I can redirect my sexual energy towards other creative endeavors - I am unlikely to become anyone of note… doomed to the life of a cattle that works for some corporation for some decades until it gets cancer or any other disease then gives all the savings for healthcare.

It is destructive because it creates incredible complacency in myself - I don't feel motivated to acquire real power, wealth and success because one of the greatest drivers of a man - the sex drive - is not doing anything for me. My mind is tricked into believing I have sex with a lot of women and that I'm so bored with them I even kill them for more excitement and feelings of power. I have created a false model that reduces woman sexuality to that of a snuff doll.

I've looked into sexual transmutation and nofap - it all makes sense… All great people practiced 'nofap' (Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Isaac Newton, even Kanye West, heck - even occult practitioners advocate for it - see Manly P. Hall etc. see below )

All of this and here I am… fantasizing about chopping Kayden Kross with a katana - afro samurai style - after fucking her for days on end. Or blasting Elsa Jean's pretty head with a shotgun after having beaten her to a pulp.

*sigh* I need to rewire my mind to find the satisfaction of the lust for power in the real world and maybe not in a way that harms other people.

There's a LOT of videos and articles on the benefits of keepin your seed for yourself and not fapping like a dumb monkey that can't control it's sex drive.


Go fuck yourself


I used to feel shame toward this kind of thing, but not anymore. After I saw a sex therapist who specialized in some hardcore shit, I stopped feeling ashamed of my sexuality. I've accepted that I've made guro a small part of who I am. The artwork doesn't harm anybody, so there's nothing wrong with it in my eyes. As far as IRL gore pics/vids go, those people aren't being harmed just so I can see it. Those people would have been hurt/killed anyway, and they just happened to be on film. That being said, I still generally prefer drawn stuff.

I can get off to some pretty tame stuff, I kinda have to be in the right mood for gore. Sometimes I really just want some vanilla. I used to be "addicted" to gore for a while, but that ended up being a transient phase. I've found that my consumption of guro is somewhat tied to my mental well-being. I consider myself "sick" to some degree, but not just because of my kinks. I know well that I have psychological issues. That's why I spent years in therapy and am prescribed psychotropic meds.

Fuck you, man. The sex drive isn't the only form of motivation in the world. To be honest, none of us are likely to become someone noteworthy. I mean, you do whatever you want, but not masturbating isn't going to make your life instantly better. Also, none of the "great" men you listed are people that I personally consider worth emulating.


Hmm do you mean you need to seek real power so that instead of playing with your dick while looking at fictional women, you could play with your dick while looking at the real women? LOL What is the point of any of those achievements. ?

If you get bored too quickly you need some ratelimiting system, as not juts jet off to your collection of porn but make your own porn like translate mangas or draw something or write stories, that way you will not get bored anymore.


I don't think I'm sick. I don't like looking at actual gore, especially in real life, it saddens and humbles me deeply. Memento mori. 2D and literature are my maximum. I will never say I'm normal, that'd be ridiculous.
To be honest, I do think the people who fetishize real gore, like photos or videos, are sick, but probably not too far gone to be saved. Not in a religious way, but in a psychological way.
The people who kill others, defile corpses, and dox people on websites like this hoping to have people killed are sick and too far gone, jail is all they deserve.


Bizarre superstition that one

There's no correlation between sexual activity and athletic performance.

If not masturbating makes you personally feel better about yourself, then that's good, but it's probably your belief that it can do these things that's the cause, not your inaction itself.


File: 1549787357161.png (340.51 KB, 491x335, hey_as_long_as_it_works.png)

Oh no, a triggered anon.

1)Not the only, but definitely one of the strongest.
2)I don't buy anything that will 'instantly' make my life better, because I don't think it's possible. If I were after instant reward for not much work, I'd keep on fapping.

Boredom is not an issue. Women are a side dish.
No, I want 'real' power (financial and through being part of a larger network) so that I may experience and learn all that is possible within this sandbox we call reality - after that I may die without minding it. The human body has many inconvenient limitations… which might be circumvented.

If I die without any of my megalomaniacal and transhumanist aspirations coming to pass, I want to die without the regret of not having tried my best.

Self discipline translates into confidence at a pretty good rate for me, so: "hey, as long as it works".


power in the reality sandbox has very nasty side effect: the more power you acquire the more freedom and time you lose.
So unfortunately you will still not get to fulfill your megalomaniacal aspirations.


File: 1549841055936.jpg (35.21 KB, 640x430, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

>>Posts a preachy delusion of shaming genitals.
>>Gets triggered by being told to fuck himself.

top kek


File: 1549952658771.jpg (189.5 KB, 1080x1049, image0.jpg)


Oh man… It's like you dumped my thoughts out on a table. This is a lot to process. I'll post a better reply later.


Well said. I've been reading a lot on addition lately because of guro porn. All of my fantasys now revolve around snuff and beheadings and they used to be so so so much tamer. Seeing a pretty girl get naked isn't enough to get me hard anymore and even when Im with my wife i can't get/stay hard without thinking about how good she'd look beheaded and on my dick. oh and i get off like 4 times a day at least and still want more, yet cant stay hard for my wife.

It was harmless and fun for a while, now it's becoming harmful because I'm not gettting any work done, I'm not having the real sex that i want with my wife, and I' m feeling like im waisting my life. THAT is sickness indeed.


If it's having a negative effect on your life, get help. Whatever embarrassment or shame you would feel from talking about it isn't worth your marriage and work.


I'm pretty sure I like this because I was abused as a child. I started reading this site when I was in elementary school.

But isn't causing problems in my life, and I'm not ashamed of it. I was 100% guro all the time before. Now it's just a relaxing thing I come back to once in a while when times are hard.


Do you think I would get caught if I found a hooker, killed her, and fucked her corpse?

Like if you dump the body in a lake or bury it in the woods?


Modern forensic science is very sophisticated. If you feel the need to ask this question, chances are you would get caught.


Considering the fact that there are cameras everywhere, you can expect that you will get recorded somewhere with that hooker and then it will be trivial for the police to identify you.
You probably can plan everything to avoid getting recorded or try to change your looks but you cannot be absolutely sure.

also, that hooker most likely has a phone which is being tracked and you also have a phone so all that police need to do is to match 2 phones in that are that are moving in the same path

But if you want to fuck a corpse of hooker why bother killing her? Just ask her to play dead and you may even get a discount. Most women in bed are naturally indistinguishable from copses LOL

Anyway, most likely you will not get caught, because police do not care about hookers. So nobody will even investigate that.


Assuming I tossed/broke the phone, made sure no cameras were around and buried her far away in the woods.


How would you get a hooker without anybody else knwoing you hired them? Phone location data isn't just erased when you destroy the phone either. If you want to do it, fucking go ahead and try. Don't expect anybody to give you a step by step guide.


What is the point of breaking your phone If you can just leave it at home?

If you do everything right nobody notices you and you leave no evidence you will not get caught. But it is hard to tell what is going to happen and if some tourist will film how you bury that hooker and post on internet.

Even if this does not happen you never can be sure what exactly happened.


Hookers also have phones.


That is diffrent issue. Sure they will be able to track her phone, but if you have no pone yourself there is nothing to match it.

While if you also have your phone in the pocket, you can be identified pretty much instantly even if you leave no other evidence.
Although i am not sure if police is using that kind of technology.


Doesn't matter. They'll know she got killed by a client and they'll know where she got killed to an extent. You can plan around this if you know what you're doing, but clearly the guy who first asked is clueless.


>.You can plan around this if you know what you're doing, but clearly the guy who first asked is clueless.

I totally agree.

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