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I’ve gotten on a Food wars trend and was thinking of how many ways can a person prepare a human woman. What would make their meat the tastiest you’ve ever had. If you got an idea I’d love to here it and all the details on how their made from beginning to end.


I think in the RP you should be more concerned not about taste but about performance. or realistically most effective way is to butcher her like a pig and they prepare alike usual.

I think the question should be just how to prepare woman in general in different ways :)

For that purpose, i would suggest to redefine her meat and make fat taste like cream or something. then you can turn her breast meat into the sweet whipped cream and squeeze it from her nipples or carve out with the spoon. could work as nice sexy decoration too if you just cut the top of the breast and drop cocktail umbrella there. Also attaching something to her nipples using needles or safety pins looks cool.

But that kind of thing shud be done as RP not as discussion

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