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I was thinking that it would be nice to have some kind of tool for calculating theoretical populations for those who want their story setting to be believably sustainable. What I was thinking was a spreadsheet with cells for the different variables, that could return a rate of growth/decline from the given variables or return a percentage of the population that could die each year and still remain sustainable.

For example a list of possible variables and values.

 * Initial Population - 1,000,000,000
 * Ratio of Men:Women born - 1:10
 * Average age range of when pregnancy occurs - 12-50
 * How often women in this range give birth on average - Every 4 years
 * Age range of when women can be killed - 8+
 * Age range of when men can be killed - N/A
 * Percentage of women who die each year from non-natural causes - 10%
 * Percentage of men who die each year from non-natural causes - 0%
 * Average age of death from natural causes - 80

I think that's enough information to calculate a growth/decline curve, but I don't know how I would construct the formula. If someone could upload and link a spreadsheet (or a google doc if you have no fear), or just construct a formula that I could try to build into a spreadsheet myself, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to go above and beyond I can think of a few more potential variables.

 * Potential differing rates of death for different age ranges - Women ages 4-8 3%, Women ages 9-13 10%, Women ages 14-30 25%, Women 30-50 15%, Women 50+ 1%
 * Potential for futa in gender ratio and accounted for as possible fathers for calculating pregnancies but as women for rate of death statistics - Men:Women:Futa - 1:10:2

If I've left out any important variables or if you have any thoughts on this idea in general, please share.


You can model a lot of stuff, but at some point it starts becoming impractical. Few people are even gonna have a /g/ story setting of that scope (in fact, dealing with millions and billions of people wouldn't be a guro story as much as a bunch of statistics; if anything this sort of math would be far more useful if you're dealing with something like a human 'farm'/breeding setting with a few 100 to 1000 women), much less one with that much thought put into every single variable. On the fly I can give you a far more basic formula:

Population of the next year = Population of the current year + (Population of the current year * birth rate in %) - (Population of the current year * death rate in %)

* Just leave out men for now (since you don't seem to consider them guro 'targets'; I don't do male gore either), so we only have to deal with a single population .
* Posit a pregnancy takes 12 months because it's easier to math. You seriously don't need to consider the fathers on such a scale.
* Notice that (outside of small breeding populaces) a birth rate of 25%/year is abnormally high, the worldwide average is below 20 births in every 1000 women. Similarly the death rate is like 8.3 in 1000. (I just googled for those numbers, no idea how recent/accurate they are).

You can do two things with that: Either you get the 'surplus' each year, that is, the absolute number of women you can still kill while maintaining the population. That's just gonna be Current Population * (birth rate-death rate %) each year. For example: * (0.05-0.01) = 40.000.000 Kill less, and your population will grow, kill more and it will decline in the long run.

Or two, you can change the rate of deaths to include all deaths. In that case, as long as it's below the birth rate, you'll be fine, if it's higher, the population will decline, (and if it's exactly equal it will stagnate), no need to even figure out the total if you just want a prognosis.

But for anything much more complicated you'd need a spreadsheet with a bunch of categories for age groups and birth/death rates for every single one. It wouldn't be so much hard as a bunch of work. I might just try, if you'll work with me a little, discuss stuff like the various age groups and birth/death rates, etc. (which we can probably just do in this thread; it'd be grand if you could create and link a GDocs spreadsheet)


what is the point of that calculation if you base it on some bogus birth ratio and other imaginary factors?
also if you talk about dolcett world as I know those women are like all overgrown toddlers only 3-4 years old

if you want to do such calculations it is better to do it from other direction
if we assume that the max rate woman can give births is once a year you can kill a bit less than the number of fertile women in existence per one year still maintaining the population.

if we assume that women become fertile from age of 10 to 50 (ignoring everyone older as they will neither die or give birth) this will be no more than 80% of total population of women every year

it does not matter at what age they are getting killed and other factors as long as you maintain overall number of kills.

However, from the technical perspective, this is a bit complicated, because every family will need to have more than 10 girls if they want to do snuffing once a year simply because of their slow growth rate

 No.6431 can always take in consideration the growing factor.... one thing that dolcett stories don't take in consideration is the enormous period of time a spitmuffin require to his stories somethin like 16+ years.... it's an infinity to wait.... remember that movie with r. williams?.... where he had that genetic defect... that cause an accelerated growth of 4 time faster.... of course it's fiction (a growth like this would cause devastating deformations in the subject).... but dolcett is fiction too.... and let's say this defect don't cause any physical damage to the fact it's more like an evolutionary step....women just grow 4 times faster (and to stay on the topic, men of course grow at normal paste).... so in mere 4 years you have a fully mature and fertile female subject...and plus their intellectual capacity will be more reduced since growing so fast don't give them enough time to form a complete personality....and of course making them more gullible and credulous... (who wants a cow too smart afterall lol).... and probably also, from an evolutionary point, there would be more men then women since a male can impregnate a large number of women in a short period of time (and making men live longer would garantee a more solid chance for procreation....)...sry if i didn't talk about math too much...i'm kinda suck at it...but hey....studies shows that it takes (on average) about 24 hours for the man's body to produce enough semen after ejaculation for another if he fulfill his quota of impregnating on gal a day...that would make 365 gals a year.... so a ratio men : women like 1:300 would be sustainable (i didn't put 365, because a men need some holidays, festivities, illness day... etc.).... and with such a huge number of women you would have an enourmous working power at cheap price...especially in agriculture....that of course would sustain the alimentary needs of the whole population... they would not be suitable for industry of course... put a girl to operate a machine... you know it's gonna be a disaster XDXDXD (ok that was probably sexist....but who cares lol).... probably givin' them simple jobs because of their low IQ, like harvesting crop and wheat, farming (in other words milking themselves XD), household...but of course all under strick men supervision.... and also diet must be taken in consideration...since allowing women to eat meat would drastically reduce the meat their primary food resourse should probably be based on vegeterianism... and last main point there should be a reason why humans choose cannibalism over eating there could be plenty of reasons.... viruses, wars, peta bullcrap, space colonies (like a disaster that causes on that colony planet to remain as only living creature the human survivors....and they had to survive somehow i'm just digressin)...

sry if i went off topic a little....but i wanted to take somehow a more large perspective on that kind of society...
and sry for my broken english too...


Accelerated growth does not need to have any Ill effects, but those people will be still as old as their physical age. so if the woman grows into adult size in 4 years she will be still 4 years by humans standards and she may only barely learn to speak in that time.

I find it a bit strange that many dolcet focused forums complain about lolis but have no problems that they own characters are only 4 years old or so, what could count as toddlercon :)
and it is not very likely that those women will be very useful work force at that age

impregnation rate is not that important because it is not reasonable for a man to consume that amount of meat unless you only take some small part and throw away the rest what would be terribly wasteful
maybe you could somewhat recycle it by feeding it to other women as good protein source making then grow faster

But in any case, it would require an enormous amount of vegetarian food to grow that amount of women and low-efficiency manual labor would not be able to sustain that so life would be pretty hard for those men and totally pointless. cannibalism is a prety bad idea as the source of food.

But the main point of dolcet society is disposability of women where they have absolutely no value it is not about breeding them for food or eating it is more like you just have that many women that you need to get rid of them somehow


a fully mature body is a fully mature body...and when talking about dolcett we are talking about dehumanization....because that's the loli has nothing to do with it.... it just the final results that counts lol....
and ofc a dolcett society rationally speaking would never be sustainable...the numbers would never fit....
just taking in consideration meat farming in the real world....cows and sheep are an environmental catastrophe...just nobody talk about it...
this is why it's all fiction...
so mine was more a comparing dolcett to real farming.... even if its far from plausible...
but wait 2 decades for harvesting would make even less sense in fictional dolcett's just too long...
and i could say you are right about the intelligence a more plausible explanation would be probably some kind of artificial implanted memory...that gives them immediately a formed personality....without the need of years of learning...
and dolcett was never about getting rid of the surplus....but about dolcett's character should not been look at as women....but like a product which purpose is their consumation...
so in conclusion...there are millions of variabels in this kind of fiction....and just take those that would take the story more plausible


In order for this to work, you'd probably have to do away with the idea of a single child birth. You'd have to work with litters, anywhere from 5 to 9 children each birth. I don't think the math will work any other way.

The question also comes up in how often people are dying. If you assume that even in a sociopathic world that doesn't care about the murders of other people, you would still essentially have to have murder as a fetish be a fairly abnormal sexual desire. It's not so much that you have a case where every now and then a person gets killed by someone with a fetish, but the simple fact that if it's socially permissible it's going to happen far more frequently.

Given the permanent nature of the act, I can't help but imagine that you could easily see high sexual value men with a penchant for slaughter ending up with over a thousand personal kills. Think of someone like Bill Clinton and what he would have gotten away with if he liked killing girls and girls liked getting killed. How many thousands would he have gone through? Ten? Twenty? An addict will get high as often as possible and if you can just stick a knife in people that's gonna be something you do a LOT.

It's also possible for a more 'mature' society to just accept it as a part of life. What if there were no sex addicts that like hanging girls and people just responsibly only murdered long term girlfriends or wives? Such a thing could happen, maybe it's simply barbaric to indulge such wild fantasies. Sure, you can go to the store and just spit a fellow shopper, but it's so unfashionable that people just don't do it.

You'd still end up with a lot of 12 year old boys running around with their cocks out and a .45, but we were all young once, right? Perhaps wanton murder sprees are only the stuff of unregulated youths, but they'd still take a toll on the population numbers. Kids like experimenting, especially when it involves sex.

"Sure, I tired murder when I was in college, who doesn't? But after a while I just stopped enjoying the feel of a used, cold vagina. I much prefer the warm ones. And besides, do you know how frustrating it is to have to keep training your girl how you like having your knob sucked? I swear, over the course of a week I must have strangled the life out of at least 3 girls who just wouldn't listen when I told them 'more tongue.' Wild times."

There's also the ramifications of future losses. Sure, you've just murder raped your sister in her bed, but she was only 8 years old and now you have the problem of all the children she wont have further down the line because you got horny one night. It happens, we've all been there. Still gonna be an issue, though.

You also need to consider general frustrations as well. Let's say you're in traffic and you notice the woman in the car in front of you is putting on her make up when the light turns green. In reality, you lay on the horn to get the bitch moving. In a world where murder is acceptable, you pull out the .22 and see how many shots it takes before she stops squealing. It might not get you to your destination faster, but it sure is satisfying.

I dunno. It's possible that our inherent desire for self-preservation and the preservation of those around us might just be the reason we as a species(in fact, every species) is still around. Shame, really.


Well you are looking at only one dolcett aspect because it is not about entirely about cannibalism, it is also about various executions mutilations suicides and other ways to waste women. But I guess that idea got hijacked by women who think that it is about using them as cattle and girls who want to be eaten and taste good.

As I understand the reason for that disposal is that males are very rare and you have to get rid of excess females (preferably in the fun way) somehow to rebalance society.

there are also other fantasies when women are bred like cattle and mass slaughtered in slaughterhouses by machines. but this is not really the original dolcett idea as I never seen any comic like that

Considering age I am not talking about the body but about legal stuff where many those sites demand all fictional characters to be 18+ but those women are only 4 LOL
Body is more or less fully mature at the age of 12 already when it can get pregnant and if we think about mental maturity it is like the age of over 30.


it's just fiction...better not overthink it lol
the easiest solution would be Marvin's the martian cloning machine
or that dispenser with instant creatures in it...but just gal just add water and grew girls istantly...dispensers for blondes, redheads, brunettes, asians , latinas etc... XDXDXD
and let the robots do all the dirty jobs lol

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