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What is your purpose... your meaning... your thing that drives you forward through life?

I find the notion of purpose and meaning to be necessary for a sane and 'productive' life. Without a major traumatic emotional event, however, I don't see how any human could dedicate his life to one endeavor. I come from a christian background, but I've renounced religion because muh rationality. This way of looking at the world has only brought me misery, because it has deprived me of any meaning.

I want to live. Indefinitely. But at the same time I find no reason to live.


I see my life as a story and look at it from the perspective of my eventual death. In other words, I ask myself, "if I die, what will I regret?" Every time a choice presents itself I ask myself, "When I die, will I look back at this and regret my choice?"

I enjoy life for the miracle it is. I'm spiritual (not Christian, that line of thinking made me hate myself for the longest time) but I take an atheistic approach to my existence. Meaning that if we are just a fluke of nature, then we are a scientific miracle.

The fact that you exist as you are...the odds of you...specifically you...being born are staggeringly low. Just the amount of eggs and sperm that your parents kicked out numbers in the trillions of potential humans that never got be where you are now.

My purpose? My meaning? To be me. To be the best "me" I can. To know myself and be true to myself and just enjoy the fact that I'm here even if all of that is unconventional to the expectations of society. I don't care what other people have to say. I don't care if what I like to do or who I am doesn't jive. I don't even care if I don't have a specific "meaning". As long as I am me.


I really don't understand this whole need for "purpose" thing. You have no purpose, if you want to do something just do it. Your purpose is to do whatever you end up doing, and nobody is going to remember anything you do in a thousand years anyways. Just give up on purpose, it's as intellectually dishonest as believing in god or magic. Instead, just do whatever you want.


"'productive' life" by definition requires meaning, how else you will measure its productivity? so the moment when you start thinking how productive you are you kinda invent the meaning of life.

When you actually have a strong meaning of life it paradoxically provides you with more liberty because now you do not care that much about what will happen to you, but focus on your goal. Instead of preserving your own existence you actually do something that gives more fun and satisfaction. even if this also comes at the cost.

But of course, in reality, existence is meaningless and beings whose existence is meaningless are usually known as gods so if you are Christian this gives you easy way to understand how God feels.



I disagree, having a strong "meaning" to your life does not give you more liberty "because you don't care what other people think of you". Caring about what other people think of you is it's own separate thing. You can care about nothing and do anything you want and not care about what other people think of you as well. The amount of "liberty" you have doesn't change.

Liberty is not real. We all operate according to the same laws of physics. You can do whatever you want but only if it is physically possible. There is no morality, there is no purpose, there is just strange universe we inhabit for a brief moment.

Trying to find meaning in it is dumber then jacking off to gore.


That's the kind of liberty I long for I guess. The liberty that comes from a certainty of will.

I believe that "free will" and by extension any will or wish/want is something that is out of our control. There is however control, laws that govern this world.
The second part of my belief system is that our own reality is but a layer of the whole existence - be it an infinity of parallel universes or nested realities based on simulations, perhaps a bit of both. Considering this structure of existence, then free will within a level of reality becomes possible, but it also gets conflated with Omniscience.

If I were such an entity as to know everything about a universe, I could act with maximum efficiency towards accomplishing any goal within that universe. That would mean, for me, to have IDEAL free will. Based on this definition of free will (seeing it as efficiency), it becomes a spectrum on which each conscious system resides. Alas... this still wouldn't provide meaning, but it would provide the liberty necessary for pursuing your goals / directives , which are generated for you by the most basic levels of existence's frame.


That belief system seems to violate effectus sequitir causam of causality, most of quantum field theory, the standard model of particle physics, and integrated information theory, but ok.


This is not about other people it is about your own beliefs. what I meant is that when you have some goals greater than yourself you are willing to do actions that may harm you. And if you are the greatest thing that exists, you can't do anything else than take care of your own existence.

Laws of physic do not contradict liberty because they are actually required. this was explained in the Evangelion last episode as imagine if you were living in the empty space with absolute freedom to move any way you like and do anything you want. and compare it to the world which actually has some restrictions. Restrictions do not contradict your liberty as long as there is a way to overcome then, in fact, they increase your options as you actually can now choose to fight certain restriction while if it was not there you would not be able not chose to do that. It only reduces our liberty is it is impossible to overcome.


It depends on if by liberty you mean free will (in which case it's bullshit), or agency (in which case sure, we have it).


Man just find the things that give you pleasure and strive to achieve and maintain that status quo.Getting out of the religios mind-matrix is the first step.


Whether free will is bullshit or not depends you your attitude because if you see yourself as product and part of society/universe then yes you are not really free but you can also declare yourself independent, as anytime you can say that I don't care whatever is my origin. I am my own god and I will do whatever I want. If what I do matches someone's interests good for them.

In that situation, you do have free will because you erased all your history rejected your given purpose of life and now you make your own decisions.



I would like a more in depth explanation.

I can definitely see why my belief might seem moronic, from the perspective of information. I would have to be an entity that entirely encompasses this whole level of reality in order to gain that ideal free will, but as I said ... it's a spectrum, free will within our level of reality can be asymptotical to that ideal, and be very close in the ability to formulate a maximum efficiency plan to accomplish a goal. A goal that, of course, isn't really 'chosen' by me, but is the result of lower levels of causality going all the way to the base level.

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