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I am actually in a position where in I could get meat, which I'd like her to eat unknowingly or not.

Anyone else find this cool?

I have kik too, Lukesixx6


I do not think that it is such a big deal to even care about LOL

But you could try it if it is not hard as I would like someone to tell me how does it taste.
I wonder how your wife would react to such proposal. I doubt if she will be happy with the idea to reduce family expenses that way. But then you could feed her unknowingly or even let her cook it. :)


Wow, I'm jealous! Definitely update us on this. Some advice I got from someone once though, don't use sauces or strong spices or you won't get to enjoy the true flavor.
Let us know what it tastes like for sure!


You guys only think about the taste. Does it have a good nutritional value ? do you think it's good for her ?


Who cares about the nutritional value? it is not like you are feeding pigs or chicken with that meat to make them grow faster.
There is no reason why it could be bad, it is just meat after all and most likely most likely even taste will be same as pork.


I like the idea too.

But if you'd make her eat unknowingly and she finds out or thinks it's an odd taste, what would you answer?

Also wouldn't you like it more if she'd eat it willingly? Have you spoken to her about it or do you know her position on this or do you have any hints at all? Did you try to bring up the subject?

(sorry, no kik, everything's spied on today)


>>she finds out or thinks it's an odd taste,

Do you expect something like this?
"This tastes strange. Kinda reminds me human, meat which I ate yesterday are you trying to save on food again and feed me medical waste?"


haha, more likely "anon come on we all know it's not pork, now you insisted cooking/bringing me this meat to cook whereas it isn't in you habits doing so, so what's all the fuss about?"

Would you say it's something exotic and lie?


There is no need to lie much. My response would be
"huh... what's wrong with this meat? I don't see anything extraordinary. I bought it in the supermarket because they had a big discount. Maybe it is expired or something" And later tell her explanation here :)

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