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Which scene involving a dead body was your favourite and aroused you the most in anime/manga?

For me, I've got quite a few but here's a few examples......

Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica laying dead in episodes 6, 8 and 9 deeply aroused me as seeing her laying dead with her eyes open like she's hypnotized and later like she's sleeping was quite erotic for me......

Asuna from the first Negima anime being dead deeply aroused me and made me like her a lot.

How about you guys?


The death of Sera`s mother and the rape of her dead body in the Hellsing manga/OVA.



That was certainly an arousing scene to say the least.

Another scene or set of scenes was the episode of Gundam Seed Destiny when Meer Campbell was a corpse, she was quite arousing as a dead body and made me want her a lot.......


Years ago I found a manga. It was an adaptation of the 1001 Arabian nights. There's a scene where a man is looking for his beloved who had been sent to the sultan, but she had displeased him and he had her decapitated. The man finds her body in a funeral procession and in agony, he pulls out her head and holds it to his chest, mourning his lost love. I haven't seen the manga since, but it's a scene I keep in my mind filed away. She was dressed beautifully too. I wonder if I could find it again...

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