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So I’ve been trying to run some Guro games on my laptop but have had no luck. They are all in rar. file form but I can’t play them on my computer. It runs on windows so I’m not sure what issue I might be facing. Anyone have some advice or tips?


.rar is a compression format, like .zip.
Have you unpacked them?



I guess you are trying to run them on Linux?


I’ve unpacked them but have found a program that has can run them. Maybe because there Japanese I have to change what region it thinks I’m in or something I’m in
I’m running them on a Lenovo laptop


What does "Guro games" mean exactly? The idea of guro-based games is fascinating and it would be great to see more of it, or at least to get some ideas for how such games might be designed.

Is it just a visual novel?


It’s games like splatter school and hunter’s H. I got them but can’t play them which sucks

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