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I bought a new laptop and I still remember the basics of laptop security: Tape over the webcam.

I dont really get why every laptop come with a webcam but the first thing I always do is tape it over.... guess thats it.


It shpld be law that all webcams have a lid.



so true, my friend also told me to block my laptops mic but im OK to them listening in on me.


Are you shy about "THEM" seeing you jerk off to the dead lolis?

Usually, cameras have some LED to indicate when it is on and there is no point to bother unless this laptop is a gift from your boyfriend.


The activation of that LED can by bypassed.


When I do a handstand and masturbate, they should pay me and get my consent first.



If the laptop is a gift, I would be more concerned that there's a keylogger. :P



I agree, as im kawaii as fuck I deserv an extra amounth of money tho :3

I was taken to a mental hospital when I first taped my webcam as I suspected the goverment might watch me... then #Snowden happend and it all became clear xDD



And im kinda sure my laptop dont have a LED, its just so annoying you cant find a laptop without a webcam as I never use it anyway.


Usually no, led is hardwired to activate when the camera is powered on. sure there can be exceptions to some models but that's unlikely.

If someone has physical access to your computer and has decent knowledge in that area while you are clueless about them, you pretty much cannot escape being observed if only they want that.
same if you give your computer to someone for repairs they know everything about you since the computer will contain all web history passwords and other stuff.

The government cannot watch us not because it has no access but because it physically cant process that amount of information. At most it can monitor certain word use. it is same as if you were watching a big crowd of people.
Surveillance is only useful for gathering evidence if you already have suspect.


Onic, you must not know ahout the PRISM program.

They're getting very good at organizing massive amounts of information.

They could probably search people by tags. "Search by weakness, strength, asset, liability, belief" etc. Then a list comes up. There's a million ways it could be done.


Yes, of course, that glorious program failed do prevent single terrorist act so far all it good for is to collect compromising material against businessmen and politicians
Its highest achievement so far was ruined multi-billion deal between Arabs and Airbus

Neither police neither government cares about crime or anything besides getting more money. They are all sellouts with no exceptions.
Police only care to fill the quotas for caught criminals so they will just catch someone at random to show that they are not slacking off them do nothing again.

They will not use PRISM data for lowly criminals as it will blow their cover they may know everything you do but they will not touch you even if you are some serial killer or terrorist. Only when you commit the crime they will catch you using that data and show how good they are.


Ha. Point taken. It's still a horrible thing relates to this thread.

But aside from them, there are reasons to be sure random hackers, even aside from government terrorists, cannot easily compramise your life.


They do use it for lowly criminals. They feed it to e.g. the FBI, who use it for parallel construction, since that way it doesn't "blow their cover".


If you aren't using an encrypted VPN or Tor than you are a fucking idiot. Also, if you log into anything personal (like email, facebook) over your VPN, you are a double-fucked idiot. You get bonus points if you steal a dumb neighbors wifi as well.


That would be a bad idea since if you go after someone you must have evidence and that evidence has to be public
At the moment when you will reveal some method, you will render it useless.


Onix, it's called Parallel Construction.

Have no trust in our legal system.


You definitely can trust in their desire to be in control and have effective ways of surveillance.
this is why nobody will use top-secret exploits to track someone illegally downloading anime or even CP


If by "top-secret exploits" you mean 0days, then yes they do use that for things like CP, although not often. There have been several cases of this in practice. If on the other hand you mean NOBUS 0days, then I imagine those are not used for things like that, though they may still be used to screw over lesser folk. Take for example Tor. Tor uses a few layers of encryption, as well as outer TLS for encryption. This outer TLS used to use dynamically generated DH parameters, but now use static DH parameters (I think originally based on the Apache params). Due to the fact that, if a DH key modulus is attacked and broken, all recorded key exchanges can then be broken, despite forward secrecy. An example of NOBUS might be the ability to precompute a 1024 bit DH modulus attack and use it against something like Tor, breaking the outer TLS layer and being able to mount much more effective traffic correlation attacks. Information gained from that can then be given as a tip to the FBI (it happens), and the end result is that the little guys get screwed over by an extremely powerful attack like DH precomputation that is otherwise impossible to achieve, without FVEY/SSEUR revealing their capabilities in any way.

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