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I've been thinking about all my enemies. Do you have any? Many?

Some have told me I chose them but I know I only call them what they are, for it was they that chose me to be their enemy.

I was walking down a a bike path and it was narrow, between a fence and some trees, and there were fat white country cops standing and looking down on some lack urbanites. As I approached, I slowed, and their heads all turned to me and stared into me. I'm no enemies of those black urbanites, but of many like them, and those cops have since been horrible to me many times over.

Many feminists want me dead or to suffer for being a man. Many antifeminists are much the same.

I'm an antitheist, but because my priorities don't align entirely with another, I get slandered. Okay, par for the course, people cuss each other out, call each other things, blame each other. But calling me "a radical Islamic terrorist" for not being in agreement on every level (despite already clarifying that I think Islam is bad), a POS calling me a thing that can get me LOCKED UP AND TORTURED??

Now I want that "person" who has so endangered me to face what he has put me to. I truly intend this. And all those cops, that have done such things to me.

There's ISIs and the KKK and both leftists and rightists that are cultists for the CIA and FBI and they're obviously a horrific terror upon this world.


I'm sure you lot can argue on who's a trillion turds and who is only a few thousand. I'm not saying it's all equal, nor that any particular thing is any worse than any other. Not right ow anyway. My only point here is I'm hurt and besieged on every front and I just wanted to be okay, but now to be okay, I must have justice, and justice isn't true if they're not facing wrath.

But for now, just an intellectual conversation to soak pleasant experience from this world, for which a life is so costly.


I am in the Kool Kidz Klub, see the z?, myself and I got really mad when I read the news that the KKK had started the Kool Kids Klub but overall I have no enemys.

I had one guy that told the police I started a fire in his appartment but they already knew they couldent prove it and no I dident start a fire in a drug addicts appartment





bad boi what ya gonna do when they come4jew



I think you should not mention ISIs word here or some fools may assume that you are recruiting members.

But generally having enemies is probably better than being ignored. At least that prevents you from falling into depression. Some people are so desperate they even invent huge conspiracy ploys against then run by the government. :)

I have only one enemy: it is the world itself It is trying to kill me and everyone else who exists at all time so I would like to team up with other like-minded people and defeat it.

Unfortunately, most are too busy fighting each other and ignoring the biggest threat.


bad goy* xD


I'm an American.
I'll not give into this fear. That would only further the problem itself.
Fuck my government and the tyrants in my country who would willfully obfuscate me stating the existence of a and thing and referencing how horrible it is with endorsing them.


I meant that this site is hosted in Russia and there are laws that forbid even mentioning word isis. So you should fear not about yourself but about admin or your post being deleted.

The only agency we have reason to be afraid is copyright protection related agencies because those fuckers pose far more threats to the freedom than everything else combined
we are all pirating something without exception we are all criminals and anyone can be caught and legally prosecuted if only they decide to do so.

Police itself is quite harmless except those who patrol on the roads and hunt whom they can rip off. for some nonsensical traffic violation which you do not even know that you commited.


Lol point taken.



im not sure if the site is hosted in communism russia but i will mention ISIS anyway. Last thing I read was that russia totally blocked the acress to the domain.


Laws are pretty selective, there are cases when people were arrested form writing sex stories in US while most of the time nothing like that happens
Youtube demonetized half of its videos because one youtube made a joke about Nazis

But this is not the main issue government monitors word use to identify possible suspects. if you talk about something forbidden you will simply get more attention and more monitoring.


the requirement is that russian mass media make a note that isis is a terrorist organization outlawed in russia whenever mentioning them


ISIS is also cunts.

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