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How do you folks cope with the guilt that sometimes (or often) arises from enjoying Guro?

Like, I meet someone and they'll end up saying, "Yeah, I'm pretty kinky. I like to be lightly tied-up and spanked."

I am forced to laugh and act like I'm a nun or preacher. I could never tell someone that I get a nearly transcendent pleasure from drawings of stitches, cannibalism, zombies, necrophilia, and general violence against women.

Hell, I feel weird that my biggest kink is girls in wheelchairs and that is on the /f/ board. I nearly tore my face in half from smiling when my wife was in a wheelchair in the hospital.

How do you guys cope with any shame or guilt you feel? Do you worry about your self-perceptions causing others to misjudge you?

Hell, I once masturbated to a video called, "Fuck Her Corpse." I may have came with the force of a geyser, but I felt immeasurable guilt afterwards.

What about you?


I'm very pragmatic.

I don't feel guilty about any of this but I do about certain other things. Be good, not bad.


There's nothing to be ashamed of here. So long as you aren't harming anyone, what is there to feel bad about? Enjoying artwork doesn't make you a bad person. Others might find these things disturbing, but what you find interesting doesn't have to be public knowledge.


Purpose of shape is simply tracking of your social status, and if you live in the society where certain things are taboo, you inevitably will feel shame for breaking those taboos not because you do something wrong but because this is damaging your social status.

So if someone found out my interests I would be quite ashamed but if nobody knows there are no problems.

I do not see any reason to feel any guilt unless you hurt someone.
even if you are a bad person there no reason to feel guilty unless you harm someone by action or inaction.

Considering myself I simply reject social norms and rules and see those who support them as my enemies or inferior people.
My only rule is not to do permanent damage to anyone. Anyone who thinks different is not worth my sympathy and I do not care what happens to them.


Shame is simply fear of punishment. It has nothing to do with your pleasures, even if they harm or kill someone. People gleefully stone women to death without a hint of remorse when their own society allows it and cheers them on.

If your kinks were suddenly no longer taboo, and instead promoted by society as normal and accepted, your "shame" would disappear. It is simply internalizing the hatred society feels for you for being different.

For much of human history, social rejection was grounds for being tortured to death or deserted, so keeping secrets does serve an evolutionary purpose.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. In your widest dreams you could never reach the level of sadistic brutality that human society is responsible for on a daily basis.



>>In your widest dreams you could never reach the level of sadistic brutality that human society is responsible for on a daily basis.

Dude have you read the shit I write here?

Humanity hasn't yet created infinitely expanding dimensions built off fractal algorithms to create computer-gods that simply torture people with infinite pain receptors hooked up to I think I've made my point.


Those scenarios are not really that horrible as you think.
pain is not a problem you put too much value into something that is nothing more than the annoyance

far greater evil is depression or loneliness, people who have depression would be glad to trade it for your hell with endless torture.

If you want to write something really evil instead of creating hell which pointlessly stimulates pain receptors, make a world where the loving mother is forced to torture her child by her own free will, a world which has no meaning and no hope.

Sometimes it is less evil to torture someone than ignoring it.


I honestly have a hard time understanding where all the "I feel really guilty after cumming" mantra comes from. I see it everywhere in these circles, whether relating to guro or pedophilia or what have you. I don't feel guilt for this, or really much anyway. Personally, if I would feel guilty doing something, I just wouldn't do it. If I misjudge it and do it anyway, I won't do it in the future. I can't understand why someone would do something they feel guilty about if they already know that it's the way they will end up feeling.

Hell, right now as I type this, I'm watching a real rape video where a group of guys are drowning some poor Japanese chick (a series called Bakky) while she struggles for her life and begs them to stop. The fact that you like fictional and artistic depictions of kinky things is considerably very mild. Just don't kill someone and everything will be fine.


You clearly have never had a kidney stone.


Oh fuck me. Wrong field.


I had plenty of extremely painful experiences but they had no emotional effect on me at all besides provoking anger. like I said, even most extreme pain is just annoyance.

short-term pain may be even useful, as the motivator. I would not mind if some girl would hurt me a little just to provoke me to attack her
or if it were some game where you could actually feel pain from being hit.
the bad thing is that pain usually lasts long after its cause is eliminated.


I don't really feel guilty for fapping, but I am feeling the disconnect. In college, we were reading some edgy story, and in one chapter, a guy cuts off his daughter's tits because he's afraid he's gonna molest her because she looks like his sister. Everyone else was shocked after reading that, but I was kinda numb to it, since I've jerked off to plenty of ayaswan art showing the exact same thing, among much worse things like impalement and brainfucking.

I feel like I'm getting desensitized to this stuff, at least in fiction, and I'm afraid there's gonna be a time where I'll be with a friend or a GF, and I won't react the right way to a scene in a movie or an anime, and they'll just think I'm really weird or something.

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