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What is so appealing to you people about vore? For me, seeing a dead woman, girl or child laying there and seemingly allowing animals /and sometimes people/ to eat them without crying out in pain and being in eternal slumber or staring off mindlessly into space is somewhat of a turn-on for me.

I even picture myself as the animal or other being doing the eating and having the opportunity to do limited sexual things to the woman/girl/child I'm eating while feasting on them.


Actually, I don't see vore it very appealing since merely thinking about food makes me feel bad especially when I am not hungry.
Seeing that done by someone else or just tasting something when I am hungry IRL looks pretty hot but I do not associate the taste with sex.

However, I have zero interest in dead unresponsive bodies and hardly can understand how other people can see anything sexy in that, as fucking the dead body is same as the fucking the hole in the wall or piece of ham taken from the fridge. It is not human it is not in eternal slumber it is just piece of meat which will soon turn into fertilizer.

An exception to that would be if something is done to the dead body to impress someone else.


I like to image I'm the one being eaten, so my perspective may or may not answer your question.

I can't quite put my finger on it. Part of it is the violence of being torn apart by carnivores, part of it is the invasion (their snouts digging around in a forced, impatient frenzy). Also, I like biting during sex so being torn apart is just, the height of that.


For most people it's a power thing. Being in ultimate control of their fate to the end is highly appealing and that mixed with the fact that raw meat is delicious to me makes it all the better.

I'm rare in that I only like hard vore, so rending of body and flesh is what gets me off.

How this started? I really have no idea. All of a sudden I just saw something that made me incredibly hard and went from there.

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