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why don't we gore the boys more? what's up with that


Maybe because we are not gays and if we only count very young boys there is more or less same amount of guro as very young loli girls.


not all the guro lovers are guys.

i'm a girl hungry for a severed dick.


I think even girls are rarely interested in dicks or porn in general.
there are plenty of guys who want to show their dicks but not many girls who want to look.


Most guys on this site are straight. And oddly, a good portion of the girls who go to this site that I know of are lesbians. Whether that's because more girl gurofags are lesbians or because the straight ones get bored of the lack of guy guro I don't know, but this is just what I've noticed.



Yeah I've noticed that phenomenon as well. I definitely count myself lucky in that respect because if I was into dudes it'd be a LOT harder to find the really bizarre niche stuff we have here.



well i'm not lesbian but i like all guro, even on girls. well okay, i don't know what i am. bisexual maybe.

all girls are like 'pure and innocent'
and then there's me


I'm a bi and I prefer male guro over female guro.


I think we see a normal representation based on the usual supply and demand for porn in general. The lust for the female form tends to drown out lust for the male form. Whether it's TV, movies, magazines or the internet in general. It is what it is.

But I'm glad this site (and it's predecessors) welcomes all forms of the art. Even though I'm your typical straight guy, It's great that everyone can seek out their personal favorite guro fetish here without discrimination or bias.

At the end of the day, regardless of who wants to view it...someone has to want to draw it...


There's no way you're able to tell what this site's gender makeup is and there's bound to be at least one gay male that browses this imageboard.

You're not special.

That being said, I'm bi and I like both male and female guro equally. We should definitely make more male stuff since there's a demand for it. Maybe someday it won't be so hard to find.


As I am totally new to this site and I don't know how it all works here, I can only try to participate in this discussion... For those interested in male guro drawings - I can recommend also my works - just try "World of Sherwin" in you browser...
If I find out how, I could put my works here too... But I am not sure whether it would be ok.


Thank you, I will do that.


Even as a straight female, I prefer art involving females, because I look at the art from a "masochistic" self-insertion type of stance. For that very reason, I'm actually surprised not to see more art of males. I'd have thought there would be more wanting to imagine themselves as victims the way I do.


The old Gurochan had quite a few large threads on male/shota/yaio stuff ranging from cannibalism to vore and castration to general guro and literature. Sadly the trend has not carried over to this new Gurochan which is now only catering for female gore with few exeptions. I prefer the old chan because there was just more variety.


Is it though?

I like realistic guro just as much as drawn guro. Things like movie death scenes and stuff.

I'm pretty sure if you searched something like "arm cut off" or "tortured to death", a good majority chunk of those results will be male in the form of stories, clips or images and even what we would class as Guro

General people don't like to fuck women up, so they give the worst stuff to guys. Women are seen more as the damsel in distress, usually then to be saved buy a guy at the last moment, and if not, her death tends to be tame or censored somewhat.

But guys? Nope.

This is why I'm glad for Gurochan. It's the other way round in the sense of majority female deaths and Gore.



This sounds about right to me. Popular media tries to be particularly forgiving towards females and is less likely to "humiliate" them in gorific ways. I have sometimes wondered whether this is precisely why a board like this seems particularly given to supplementing for what's generally lacking elsewhere.



This is something I've been wondering about as well. The reason most probably is that even with the gender equality movement getting traction these days (which is a very very good thing, don't get me wrong, apart from those cases where it turns into gender INequality movement), the idea of females being "designed" for gentle care and males "designed" for rough stuff is still strong in the minds of many people - the majority of people, even.

Take slasher movies, for example. From the first classic examples to modern films, most of them do feature women, and many of them do feature female deaths. However, females are generally reserved for "eye candy" while males are reserved for gore. Now, of course there are notable exceptions... but that's it - they are exceptions, not a regular thing.

I'd take a careful guess at saying that in the last few years, it would probably be too risky to even dare to make a slasher movie where guys and girls get their equal share of torture and pain. Have you heard about the very recent scandal with GTA V? You are required to kill 1000+ males to complete the game, but holy shit you can (= have the capability of) kill a female prostitute! Outrageous! Like I said, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely up for the gender equality movement, but these last few years do seem the triumph years of the loud-mouthed attention whores who turn it into a movement of INequality.

To end this post (that probably brought nothing new to the discussion), I'd actually like to ask a question for someone who enjoys watching BDSM porn, if there are any here. What is more common, a man dominating a woman or the other way around? The reason I'm asking is because I'm seeing an interesting trend in my own very niche fetish. If you search for ballbusting, there are a lot of videos around and the majority of them don't look fake. Now, if you search for cuntbusting, there are not so many of them and most of them (like almost every single one!) looks so horribly fake that it's not even funny. It always seemed to me that the porn industry doesn't give a fuck about exploitation accusations and such... yet it seems that it's uber easy to find a male willing to have his balls busted than to find a female willing to get the same sort of treatment without faking the whole thing. Quite an interesting observation.



I believe the term is "Feminist". Its something that is rooted in popular culture that women cant be abused or treated badly but men have to suck it up and deal with it. Its also rooted in crime and punishment that if a women is raped by a man, there will be an investigation, huge expensive trial and a jail time of 20 years. However, if a man is raped or sexually abused by a women, no investigation, a small trial (if anything) and usually no punishment because he's a man. You cant kick a women between the legs because thats apparently wrong and horrible and yet, if someone kicks a man between the legs, everyone laughs at him. Its called feminism and to think women still complain about sexism against themselves.

And to answer you're question, the best place to go to if you're interested in REAL shit as in, not fake, visit Best Its basically GuroChan but its all real usually with video footage or photos though theres no furries or 3d, loli/shota or anything like that.


>And to answer you're question, the best place to go to if you're interested in REAL shit as in, not fake, visit Best Its basically GuroChan but its all real usually with video footage or photos though theres no furries or 3d, loli/shota or anything like that.
But bestgore has lolis (if you mean children, not lolicon art). And gorechan will probably allow lolis (when it is up).


Shit, dude, no need to go r/RedPill on us. I'm all for equal-opportunity evisceration but Gurochan is absolutely not the place to be spouting your off-brand political screed.


Firstly, I think you mean /pol/. Reddit stuff is exceedingly tame in comparison, so at least get your insults right.

Considering the majority of feminists in question would gladly have this website shut down, I have to agree with him. To disagree with some of the more extreme and toxic feminists who border on downright misandry and misanthropy (like the breed that grow out of Tumblr and Jezebel) is certainly not an off-brand political opinion, especially for here.


Really the whole reason I come here is because it's one of the few places where you can find female guru. Pretty much all gore everywhere else is against males.

Hell, there's even mainstream movies like Teeth, Hard Candy and I Spit on Your Grave which are all about sexually torturing and mutilating men in the name of comedy. Can you name a single film about laughting at men cutting up womens' genitals?


Actually no. There are a good chunk of feminists here and I'm one of them.

It's very easy to find a huge interest in female deaths. There are plenty of them in media and to say otherwise is just ridiculous. Female death is sexualized more often at that and females in media tend to last longer before death because the struggle to stay alive is often sexualized as well. Women more often die while naked and helpless in long and drawn out ways whereas men more often die fighting and fully clothed or in humorous ways.

We've somehow turned a "Why aren't there as much male guro out there" thread into "The majority of it is male because feminists!"

I can find and commission for myself a lot of female guro.

Let's keep the propaganda out of here please.


Speaking of propaganda, where can I find some of this sexualized death of naked women that's seemingly so common?


We've somehow turned a "Why aren't there as much male guro out there" thread into "The majority of it is male because feminists!"
I have no idea where you got THAT from...

As for you being a feminist, I am talking about sex-negative feminists, the kinds who cry oppression every time they see a reference to a sexualized female. I don't mean to bunch you together with the toxic group.


Most likely we're waiting for one of the people with stores of male guro to start a long thread and attract fellow collectors to post in it. After dying twice, the Gurochan community is still in the progress of picking up the pieces.


The answer is, find it, post it, and make the site more mixed. Because I want to see some cute boys torn apart in all the right ways too.


Me too. Maybe when I got some time I'll draw something, I need to get some practice in human forms anyway fpr artschool ;)
(Would be funny to submit THAT kind of stuff for grading :D )


you know i agree with everything thats been posted as it is ALL true.....What i would like to know why is they so little Male snuffed by Female hands? I know, men are supposed to be the more violent of the two, which i dont think is actually the case, just that women being violent gets less air time and is just brushed under the carpet. I love castration stuff, but to be honest NOT the gay, male cutting off male stuff but rather the all powerful sexy but phisically weaker of the two sexes, females cutting male parts off ( actually preferably lolis doing the cutting as it makes even more of a total power reversal ). So not to sure what that makes me....I am not gay, but love seeing females cut cocks off...Not a pedo as i dont like lollis being hurt or dominated but rather they did the dominating...Lol so i am a gay/straight male who is a pedo/complete and more opposite of pedo than anyone can get, thank god for gurochan where else on the planet could i go?????!!!!!!!!!!

Ps....Personally i think everyone should have what type or tastes of art they want. After all if i dont personally like it i can look at another thread instead! Peace and Love to everyone!!!! :)


Males snuffed by females falls into the femdom niche. Demand for femdom porn is driven mostly by male consumers. Not enough castration porn means there aren't enough men here who are into that sort of thing.

>I know, men are supposed to be the more violent of the two, which i dont think is actually the case, just that women being violent gets less air time and is just brushed under the carpet.

It's not so much that female violence is brushed under the rug. Rather, female violence is more subtle in the first place. You're just not going to see as many women running up and punching men in the face, or stabbing them, or shooting them. Women use different methods, and different targets. Poisonings, abusing children and the elderly and bed-ridden hospital patients and females lower in the social hierarchy than them. Females also engage in more psychological torture and fewer direct, dramatic assaults.

Also, women are much less likely to brag about violence they've committed than men are.


Am I the only one who skimmed the /lit/ directory and accidentally read this thread's title as "whale guro"?
*imagines guro of whales*



I'm sure you are.


Male guro = mainstream gore.


I'm just going to avoid all of the political ranting for both my own sanity and that of others.

I'm not exceptionally well-versed in guro but one of the most prominent facets is the massive female|bi/gay demographic relative to those in almost every other fetish grouping. I'm not sure women are the majority, but they sure as hell make up a disproportionate amount of users on here.
You'd think that male guro would be more popular, but alas.
Maybe it's something about desanctifying an ideal of beauty?
Maybe it's about going out of the way to initially appall people and register as 'taboo porn'?
Not true at all. This website is a testament against that.
Guro is not gore. There's definitely some fetish overlap, but it's necessary to make the distinction.


I'm not going to speak for anyone else, so I'll just tell you why I pretty much only write about women dying(I've an idea for a shota thing with a female police officer, a gun, and a "happy" ending, but I haven't bothered to write it).

I'm exclusively hetero sexual. I'm not sexually interested in men at all. At best, in my stories, they're dildos, an object that serves a purpose. The women are the focus, the drive, and the desire. I'm interested in women, what motivates them, what captivates them, and what causes them to get gooey in all the right places. I'm specifically interested in female lust and, for reasons I don't understand, death. Not solely women dying, you understand, but death in general. The two together excites me.

I wouldn't look at or really read male guro because that sort of humanizes or sexualizes what I've come to consider as nothing more than a prop. It's like looking at furniture gore or electronic gore. It doesn't excite me, because it has nothing to do with what I came for; the women folk.

It's not a political thing, I just don't find men sexy.



I know guro and gore are actually different, but for me male gore is so prevalent that male guro actually becomes uninteresting, because it loses a lot of that shocking and perverted aspect.

There is SOME male guro that does it still, but we have to be really fucking specific about what kind of male and what kind of situation.


I think it has more to do with how the male body is seen in society. It's no desired as much as the female body is. Hardly anyone values the male form, not women, not men, but for different reasons.
The female form, on the other hand, is valued by men and women - again, for different reasons.

Even some of the men on here have pointed out a reason why, "I'm not gay" and the like. That's all fine and good but what of the women? Far as I can tell, most women on here are pretty okay with, or even enjoy, looking at female guro. As one person said, for her it's in a masochistic way. I don't know about every single woman and what their sexuality is, but far as I can tell regardless of her sexuality women will look at female guro while men won't. Of course I'm only generalizing for the sake of argument here, you'll find exceptions. And I ain't saying there's anything wrong with men not wanting to look at male guro either. You like what you like and don't like what you don't like. All there is to it.

As for myself, I'm female, asexual and androromantic (or heteroromantic if you prefer). Either way, I like men and only men. Yet I'll look at female guro when the mood hits me right. I simply enjoy male guro tho. Adore it. And I'm upset that more women out there, who can art well, are not as lecherous and perverted as I am.

As for what appeals to me, I more like to see guys beaten up and raped (preferably by another male, but I'll accept a female doing it too). I wanna see them broken down not just physically but emotionally as well, crying and giving up because they can't take whatever torture they're being put through. I love it. Of course I also like gory torture as well.

That said, I find the male form beautiful. So beautiful that I want to see it bent, broken, beaten, bruised, and bloody. It's like when you see something so impossibly cute, that you wanna hug it to death. And with me it's hardly even about the penis, it's the pelvis. I've had a sick fascination with the male pelvis ever since I held a male pelvic bone (among other bones belong to a male) as a teenager. Of course I also held a female pelvic bone but it wasn't as appealing to look at.
I can't really begin to describe just what it is about men I find so beautiful, because I certainly don't find all men beautiful. Although I guess it would be more accurate to say there's a plethora of things about men I find beautiful, but not all men have all the things I consider beautiful. Like curves, I love a man with a curvy body and big badonkadonk.

I also like more peaceful things, like just dead guys who didn't die in a violent way. But rather peacefully, to where it almost looks like they're asleep. In that sense it's beautiful because he's still, there's no fun in ruining beauty like that.

Of course I don't always feel the desire to ruin beauty like that. More often I want to tell a guy I find beautiful that he should "sit there and look pretty" for me and never do anything that could hurt that pretty face of his.

But long story short, I guess I just saw way too much of the female form growing up. Saw how it was idealized, valued, and adored. It bored me. I rarely ever saw female gore tho, most violence regarding women involved cut scenes. On that note tho, even when that was the case, their deaths or the violence they suffered was treated as more important. There was usually more of a build up, it was drawn out, treated as a big deal. Male deaths or violence they suffered doesn't usually have as much build up, it's not as important, men were just treated as expendable. Which is why I like rape and torture, since it tends to be drawn out more. There is more male gore out there, but not male guro, yes. But guro is something that must be created for a niche audience who isn't looking for a story - or to empathize at all with the victim(s). In horror films and such, cliche as they can be, there is supposed to be a story and you are supposed to connect a little with the characters.

So now, who would you think horror films are more catered to? Men. People, even those not interested in guro, go to horror films to be horrified. Men get the quick and gruesome deaths for the violence factor, women get more drawn-out and implied deaths for the psychological factor. Because for whatever reason, people find female deaths more disturbing than male deaths. So men get more dehumanized in their deaths, their deaths are given more of an over the top cool factor. When men die, it's not special, it's funny, or cool, or gross yet awesome. When women die violently, on screen, it's tragic and if you think it's cool then you must hate women.

So in short, female deaths mean more, while male death is cheap.

Sorry this was so long winded, but that's what I think at least.


This is not that much about what you look at but what you produce.
As straight male i also sometimes can enjoy male guro if those characters are not too masculine (do not look like monsters)
but I would newer draw male guro unless it is somehow associated with women on same scene and if I have to chose I will definitely select females.

so what you want to see does not matter that much. It all depends on what fantasies are in the heads of creators.
and artists are predominantly male. females seem to lack graphics sexual fantasies entirely, they focus on other stuff.

You confirm it by saying that you focus on suffering of those fictional characters, while for a man it is mostly about looks (emotions are less important)


Simple. Fem porn has a far bigger market percentage then male porn. Pure market factors and economics.


I pretty much agree with you, plus there's like this weird double standard with girls in media that I see. In public media like television and movies, they rarely get the bloody, serious action/deaths guys get, or it's offscreen. In more private media, stuff like rape porn and girl guro is a huge market.
I don't really know why, though. Maybe because guys can just do whatever and it's expected for them to be involved with blood and guts and action, but it's more taboo when it's girls? The more taboo something is, the less it appears in public media and the more it appears in private media, maybe?
So, social norms, probably.


I want to be able to kill too


I want to be able to kill too


I want to be able to kill too


I can't find any good girl stories with boys being snuffed. Does anyone know of any? I can't even find one



I'm a straight male and I'd love more than anything to see more male victims being used as human toilets, tortured and snuffed by sadistic & dominant women.



My guess is that a lot of the Stuff involved is sexual in peoples minds and so they like to see it done to women more than men....

me personally I make drowning animations, and it really gets me going to see a cute girl thrashing around in fear but if it's a guy I actually feel guilty and sad... Unless it's a cute femboy of course!


I guess the simplest answer to this question would be:
Because the majority of people who are into guro are turned on by women more than they are turned on by men.

As a bi who enjoys boys in guro quite a lot, I have to sadly say, that's just how it is. Most people like to watch porn focused on girls rather than boys.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that general male guro it's hard to find, it's harder to find, but there's still a decent amount of it.

>>There is more male gore out there, but not male guro, yes.

That's true, looking at plain gore, there's plenty of male gore in pc games of all sorts.
>>But guro is something that must be created for a niche audience who isn't looking for a story - or to empathize at all with the victim(s).
For me to enjoy guro, I always need to empathize with the victim. If I don't care about the victim, I don't care about the guro/gore either. If I can't empathize with the victim then it doesn't interest me.

One explanation why there is less guro with males, from the perspective on art, could be that the female form is perceived as more aesthetic. Females (and children) have softer shapes than males who have hard, shapes, edges and less pretty skin etc. (mostly genetic). In turn, a male makes less of a contrast in a guro scene, it is therefore a less interesting subject.
Certain forms of guro, especially like the stuff in freakshow, have a higher impact when performed on a subject like a woman or a child.
In cases of pure gore, likewise, I would say we are more used to the idea of men fighting, getting beaten up, drafted to war, etc, because it is so normalized in the perception of most people, it is a less interesting subject for sexual gore art.


I want to disprove the claims that male guro is rare.

because we even have male guro animated series called Superjail. which is nothing but almost plain guro as men get slaughtered just for pointless full all time


regarding your point: i'm male and also watch guro form a masochistic stance, but still prefer images of females, as i find women / feminin males more pleasant to look at


Because you won't get off your lazy ass and go draw some.



I enjoy both and find that it's not that difficult to find male guro if your search is specific enough. It's certainly easier to find female guro, but there's plenty of both out there.

The problem, for me, is that a lot of the male guro I can find is paired with humiliation fetishism. I like gory porn of all genders, but I find humiliation a bit of a turn off. There's far more porn of women who want to die, or who are in a death situation due to chance... While a lot of the male guro I can find has narratives that are all about the guy being worthless. Female guro does this occasionally too, but it's easier to skip over those because it's a smaller percentage.

Also, I find that male guro concentrates almost entirely on the cock & balls. Female guro certainly has its share of focusing on pussies and boobs, but there's plenty of female guro that's focused on the full body as well. Legs, back, eyes, neck, face, arms...


I'm in the interesting position of being gay, but love seeing pics of women getting destroyed. Guess it's that damn gay misogyny.


If you get off on seeing female guro you might just have a thing for it. Fetishes and sexuality aren't always the same. Fetishes are typically deviant of normal standard.

I am a gay male and I like female guro only actually. While the male form is sexually attractive to me and gorgeous, and... you know... has a dick; the female form presents life, human flesh's excitable fragility in so many ways that there is a strong tension in the air for me when a woman's body is placed in power of that which wishes to harm her.

At the same time I am an ardent supporter of feminism.

OTOH: If you only "Like" seeing women suffer because you actually do hate women, then that's a problem all of its own and I would like to hope that for most of us here, our fantasies aren't politically motivated because that reaally is fucked up. lol



I think we are in the same position. I love seeing female guro, and even speaking of normal sexual atraction although i dont get it up, I really enjoy it. Almost has a superior liking to it. It surpasses sexual desire... Its weird beeing gay and liking women but not getting turned on by them...


>>Its weird beeing gay and liking women but not getting turned on by them...
Not that unusual.
I am not gay and I do not have any sexual interest in men, but I don't mind male guro. If female is present in the scene it is all great



Yeah but do you enjoy the male physic?
When I look at a woman and see her curves her Breasts her long hair her smooth skin and the light smell the female gender has. It's so... I don't know. It's arousing almost. But I like men and don't get hard with females....

My sadomasochist side tells me that I only get hard by a male torturing me or me torturing him. But if I could torture a female I wouldn't mind either... bit it simply doesn't work...


Wow, I know this comment was a while back, but it's rare for me to see something I can so completely identify with. The artistry of death... perfect


I think the reason that there is not a lot of male guro-related content is because the online community for such fantasies tend to be sadistic men and masochistic women. So, it's mostly men with fantasies about women and women with fantasies centered around themselves. I have noticed this from The Dark Spot, Dolcettish, and MANY other related websites that it's mostly dominant men and submissive women. The submissive "men" tend to be sissies or transgendered women, so the female-identified masochism remains in play.

The dominant women that do exist on such websites have their own little cabal of male and female submissives, but they are still few and far between. Most male submissives into this kink are gay and stick to homosexual-exclusive communities - or, at least, that's been my experience.

At the end of the day, though, the hardest hit to these sub-kinks within guro/death fetish communities has been attacks on the communities themselves. 10 years ago, there were countless Yahoo groups and websites dedicated to that kind of content. They've all been taken down for objectionable content and most people either give it up or flock to surviving communities like The Dark Spot.


im a bi female and I really wish there was more guro of adult looking males rather than lolis. Its just my preference. Ive been sketching some male guro but its not nearly good enough to post on here haha. maybe once i have gotten better I will contribute


Personally, I'm a guy who likes death of young females.

An interesting fact, and quite starkly secret: I was masochistic when I was very young. I can barely remember thinking of myself as either--say, a pokemon trainer who was saddened by the pain and suffering his pokemon were experiencing. Or a sidekick of some kind, injured and needing care.

But when I would play games, people would go "Why do the bad things always happen to you?!" "Why do they always start like this?!"

So I stopped, and eventually I ended up here somehow. My bloodlust grew up ten notches and externalized to the opposite sex.

Anyway if you wanna know why we don't gore the boys more, in my case, it doesn't matter that at some point when I was young I might've been able to see it happening to me. Goring up boys in my stories or art would be nothing short of a favor. It wouldn't kill me to do it, it could even be fun especially if I could make the boy quite cute. But it wouldn't excite me in the same way that an identical picture or story featuring a female lead could.

I wish I was bi and a switch so that I could make artwork to accommodate everyone, but I am not sure I'm altruistic enough to push my boundries when there's a chance I might end up doing art that bores me and just ends up unexciting to people with my interests and uninteresting to the people I'm making it for because I don't really share or understand their interests.





alguien tiene fotos o informacion sobre el arca de gabriel????


Thanks for confirming my observations. I noticed same trends.
Also i noticed that dominant women are just assholes in general.



For the sake of filtering, we have to be. There are LOTS of subs. There are some pointlessly demanding doms (in general) out there who approach and challenge people out of nowhere, but us naturals are just careful about who we take in. Being a femdom, we are more rare and have a little more wiggle room to use an abrasive veil, if called for. It's especially important towards those subs you don't want who can't take "no" for an answer.

ON TOPIC: I'm really into guro and getting around to drawing it again with more male involvement. I like femdom with a cannibalistic, taxidermy, or human sacrifice theme.

I also like necrophilia, too, and the idea of treating a guy like a dead doll while mourning his fleeting beauty before decay sets in.

Male victims aren't that rare; it's just that it doesn't get posted much here. I'd recommend checking out the "Guide to R18-G" thread and signing up for Pixiv to grab search terms. Maybe I'll get off my ass and post my own finds when I go on one of my browsing sprees.


there are artists who draw alotta male guro like sincfrac and


there are artists who draw alotta male guro like sincfrac and


It's that the majority of imageboard users are straight men and a lot of the more prominent guro/scat artists are straight men--or else pretending to be. Frankly, the internet is not a kind place for women or gay men, particularly not the chans. (I mean, using "fag" as a synonym for "person" is pretty offputting.) Female hardcore artists are much more likely to be shamed for it (and definitely more likely to face negative consequences if anyone in RL finds out), and women are more likely to avoid imageboards out of fear (or just not wanting to see so many lolis). So it's kind of self-perpetuating. If they have kids, they're less likely to find time to draw, or even write--but writing is easier to do in bits and pieces than art. If they're actually old enough to be any good at what they do, they're way more likely to have been discouraged from using computers growing up--or simply not encouraged; it's only in about the last decade that computers stopped being major pains in the ass or that having more than one per family was common--and so more likely to not know how to use digital art programs. Demographically, women and gay men are less likely to be able to afford either traditional art supplies or a good art tablet. (Say what you will about the "real" causes behind the pay gap; an "average net worth" gap certainly does exist. And while it's possible to make decent art with a mouse and free programs--I've done it, it's on my f-list profile, same name as here--it takes twice as long and it's really frustrating.) And then, if they do draw guys, they get a lot of being ignored or "ew no one wants that gay shit."

So that's why there's relatively little male guro *art* on imageboards and Pixiv; it's higher risk and a higher time and (proportional) money commitment for women and gay men to do it, and then the people who collect it into imageboards and themed threads tend to pass over male art. If you go to places where artists themselves post, such as DeviantArt and Pixiv, you will find a lot more male art, though still a lot less than female art.

Meanwhile, writing stories is accessible to anyone with Microsoft Word and a computer capable of running it (which is literally anything made in the last 15 years--compare that to the system requirements for making digital art without prohibitive lag) and a high school degree. It's easy to do even when you only have a few minutes at a time to work on things, and it doesn't require specialized fine-motor skills beyond what most US adults already have. So you see a lot more diversity in stories, both in subjects and authors.


This thread is overcomplicating things.

The male and female sex drive is different. Men are much more drawn to visual stimuli for arousal. This is why porn is so much more effective on and commonly consumed by men. The amount of women who seek out porn for arousal is just a lot lower on average.

That also means that the vast majority of people who would seek out male guro would have to be gay men and you get left with very little male guro...because the vast majority of men are not gay. A wide demand just isn't really there. This applies to all porn in general, not just guro, but there are at least enough gay men(and some women) to support a normal gay industry, not so much a niche community like male guro.


Who is shaming female artists online and how is anyone going to find out their IRL info unless they are posting it themselves? That's a bunch of straight up bologna. Female hentai artists are everywhere in the doujin industry and make up a huge portion of patreon and indie funded artists. The only time I see people posting about the gender of the artist, specifically when it's female, is how hot it is that she draws porn. A very large portion of some of the most popular hentai doujin circles have female artists. No one cares about the gender of the artist when looking at porn.

Can't you just accept that it has nothing to do with sexism and that men and women are just inherently different sexually? There just isn't the same level of demand for hentai between men and women, period, and there's nothing wrong with that. With the vast majority of gay porn/hentai/guro etc, with the exception of BL and a subset of yaoi, being consumed by gay men it is obvious why there is a lot less male guro than female guro....there aren't as many gay men as straight men.


Just for the heck of it, I did a comparison on exhentai

Showing 1-25 of 5,418 = female:guro$
Showing 1-25 of 881 = male:guro$


this is nothing else than feminist propaganda which has no validity at all.

Women do not like guro, sex or anything else like that. They are pretty down to earth and rarely get interested in anything unusual.
Even if we look at this site it has very few women here and even fewer content creators who are women.



"Apparently, women need to feel loved to have sex, and men need to have sex to feel loved, so the basic act of continuing the species requires a lie from one of you."

-Billy Conolly,_1994


This isn't even an accurate representation, either, because of how many galleries get guro and snuff tags for males simply because there's a random guy getting shot or dying in a fight without any emphasis on the gore.

It would be a much smaller fraction of that if you could somehow limit the tags to eroticized guro with the male as the focus.


For some women this is true but I think there is a lot more variety in female sexuality than male sexuality.

Plenty of women have a spontaneous kind of sex drive similar to men who don't need any kind of emotional investment to get aroused or want sex but most need to feel a connection to want to have sex with someone. And quite a few women for that matter have little or no interest in physical sex even if they are capable of attraction. Asexuality and anorgasmia is a lot more common in women than men. Some women can achieve orgasm very easily from a young age but as much as 10-15% of women will never achieve orgasm in their entire lives. As a man that number is kind of scary and sad.

In contrast men are pretty universal. Some are hornier than others but virtually all want sex and quite a bit of it. Doesn't matter if they're straight or gay or whatever. I think this is why men are often so confused by women in relationships even when they have lots of experience. Women can be so drastically different in their sexual drive and preferences that a man has a hard time using past experiences with women to understand a new girlfriend.


I would say that women do not necessarily need love, they want to be objectified and treated as some super valuable or important thing without any agency.

Even when women don't mind spontaneous sex most often they are only willing to pay submissive roles when something is done to them
women are extremely unwilling to take an active role and do anything to someone else so this is why they have no guro fantasies towards men
if they happen to have some fantasy it is about being victims themselves (or maybe queens who are served by their slaves) but they will be always at the center of attention.
Sometimes you can force them to take an active role but you will really regret that as you see that she has no pleasure in doing that at all and also does it all wrong. if you ask any woman to tell her fantasies what she wants to do to a man she will either say nothing at all or it will be something very primitive
When she gets back into the submissive role you see how she becomes much happier. Her fantasy will be always something being done to her.


>>7924 >>7928

I think you may be confusing your fantasies with reality. Plenty of women are dominant and into guro, they're just likely to post here (compared to lurking, even!) because guys like you seem to legitimately think that women are aliens with no sex drives and similar things that are just not even close to reality. Mostly because of cultural stuff, women are more likely to read/write erotica than men are, and if you go on fanfiction sites, you'll find a lot of M/M guro and other kinky things and much of it is written by women. (The numbers aren't going to exactly match, but that would be the format difference, not the gender difference. Someone could look at several dozen pictures in the time it would take them to read 2000 words, a fairly average length for a "PWP" fic.) I'd say you're missing out if you're not reading that stuff, but I'm aware that not everyone is bi.

It's entirely possible that you, personally, are striking out a lot and/or tend to find partners that don't want to dominate you, or simply get off on the idea of fucking women who don't want you, but it's ridiculous to act like that's universal. Just logic, for a second. Even just within our culture--and there's like, 8 billion people in the world, about 2.5 billion of which are grown women? It would be really weird if there weren't some variety.

I mean, seriously, what site are we on? It's proof that what people get off to varies really widely, and the fact is, humans as a species just don't have the level of sexual dimorphism that could cause one sex to have the ability to be turned on by literally anything and the other to pretty much be entirely asexual. There might be some difference between the curves, but there's going to be a lot more overlap.

>>7927 I think it's less that there's actually more variety in female sexuality compared to men's as that women are slightly less discouraged from questioning their sexuality. Gender roles for men's sexual behavior are pretty strict and there can be lots of violence for not doing gender right (such as not being straight or seeming uninterested in women, wearing "girly" clothing, being sexually submissive, having a smaller penis or cumming "too quickly"), so guys that don't fit those roles are more likely to just bottle up their anxiety and not talk about it. Gender roles for women are a little more flexible in some ways, which is actually because there's this subliminal cultural perception that femininity is inferior--it's "understandable" and "practical" if a woman behaves or dresses in "masculine" ways (and, in fact, a lot of "feminine" behavior and clothing is deliberately impractical, like high heels or pants with tiny pockets), but it's just fucking baffling to a lot of people if someone who "naturally" has masculinity wants to "give it up." So there's just a little more wiggle room for women to question things. Only a little--people do flip out at women who actually look dykey--but enough that it's a little easier to ask those questions in the first place, especially when even a heterosexual woman is likely to be looked down on for having any sexuality at all.

And anyway, at this point in history, at least half the reason defined gender roles still exist is so companies can sell things and often mark up the price on the things for "women" while making them lower quality, and to distract people from how rich people are hoarding money and underpaying workers and ruining the planet. (And also something about trying to get middle-class women to leave the workforce after WWII so there wouldn't be a veteran unemployment crisis.) With current levels of technology, most evolutionary reasons for gender roles have ceased to exist, and they're mostly just artifacts. You still have people being raised in what's basically two intermeshed cultures, and that's gender, but apart from relatively minor phenotypic differences (that are admittedly given extremely major cultural significance), people are people.

Like, I actually don't want to get into a fight, it's just completely counter to reality to say women don't want sex or aren't kinky or dominant or whatever, or for that matter to act like men always want sex or particular kinds of sex, and also sex/gender differences are really considerably less of a biological thing than most people think.


Again this is just bologna. Sex is a need that has urges that must be satiated for most people, men and women. One easy way to tell how sexual someone is in their frequency of sexual fantasy/arousal and masturbation(the release of sexual tension).

Studies vary slightly but the percentage of single men who masturbate is always in the high 90s and for married men in the 80s. The average frequency for masturbation in men is 3-5x a week when single but it is very common to masturbate once or multiple times per day.

Only 2/3 of women masturbate regularly with the average for women who masturbate regularly being once a week and this is pretty much across the board. 10-15% of all women will never even achieve orgasm.

You are really trying to say culture is the reason why 1/3 of women don't feel the need for regular sexual release? Remember how in the early 1900s they had videos trying to say masturbation for men would give them warts etc. but that didn't stop anyone.

The fact that you are trying to argue that the inherent differences between men and women are cultural when you see the same differences throughout virtually every single culture in modern or past history is ridiculous.


I think you are confusing absolute with relative numbers.

because nobody will argue that in the world with 3.5 billion women you will find pretty much anything in quite high numbers, but what we care is not how many you can find on earth but proportion between men and women of the same type.
It is of little benefit for the man if there are 1000 000 women on earth who could be suitable partners for him if there are 100 000 000 men seeking for that type of woman.

you can just come to the roleplay board here and make a quick assessment on the proportion of interests for men and women. I hope you will not start making claims that roleplay preferences are also controlled by evil patriarchy. Good luck finding any dominant women there.

It has nothing to do with encouraging or discouraging anyone because this site is anonymous and nobody cares about that stuff here. while also women even get lots of encouragement and support as well.
Maybe in the general world, perverted women are belittled and hated but on the internet, they are extremely valued in all situations so your claims are completely out of touch with reality. In fact, women are valued so much on the internet that even men are pretending to be women and most of those women are actually men.
There are *very* few works made by women on the internet in comparison to the number of works made by men.
It is even hard to understand how anyone can try to claim the opposite if this is so totally obvious.
if you say I am wrong please give at least some references to the female artist on pixiv or anywhere else I am sure you can count them using one hand fingers only and the rest will be men

it is pretty well known that women have a very low sex drive in comparison to men as while in absolute numbers you can find lots of nymphomaniac in the world but this is not even close to the number of the men with the same level of sex drive.

the general situation is that all women are very similar to each other as they have a very weak deviation from each other on the bell curve, however, men are very widely spread on that curve.
You can find much more men who are geniuses but you will find just as many men who are idiots. while women will be all pretty close to average neither too smart neither too stupid


I'm straight and I want more penis guro.



You're looking too hard. lol
Male Guro is so common it's not even niche. Mainstream movies, anime, games, etc. kill males off in gruesome ways all the time.
There are tons of movies of guys getting their dicks sliced off, bitten off, shot off, etc. Girls on the otherhand? Not so much.



Yeah, this is the issue- it's not that there's not male GORE, it's that there's so little sexualized guro, and what there is, is for some reason, made mostly by women. You can find cute little steriotype "crazy" yaoi boys cutting each other up all day long. You can find movies about Big Bad Villains being ripped to shreds so often that it's cliche.

Having said that, I think that if we want more male guro, we have to make it. Sometimes you have to do shit yourself. Now who knows how to draw?

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