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What powers would you want? What house would you haunt? What monster would you be? How and who would you haunt? Attic or basement? Maybe the foyer or perhaps the bedroom?

Zombie hordes or some vampire counts? you could be the lord with massive numbers of spawn, perhaps necromancer or vampire king, or even a corpse god of some sort, maybe the ghost ghouls race will grant glory to your grace?

Pumpkin patches taken sentience and possessed by spirits, they tendril their green tentacles outwards and nab mousey psychic girls mmmmmmmmm.


I would like to be a demon who can possess people and things. If that is not too much power.
Most likely this would be best superpower monster can have LOL

If I had that I would process some little girl and do striptease on the street while when police or someone comes to stop her I would swap bodies and have sex with that girl when someone comes to stop that I would swap bodies again and do something similar until everything turns into orgy LOL

Besides that, it could be the perfect way to take revenge on society. as I could easily destroy all social norms and rules.


Ooh. I like the way you think, Onix.

I've had a very frequent and favorite fantasy of possessing attractive ladies amd making them do humiliating and evil things then setting them in traps as they're aware the whole time and then leaving.

Particularly something like drenching the floor and their legs and back with gasoline, handcuffing one wrist, lighting a giant torch they hold in the other hand, and finally they handcuff themselves to a wall (but the key is in another room). So they hold the fire as lo as possible hoping for rescue.

Or they tie themselves down after inserting sonething in their ass that they need to clench as long as possible.

Or hung from a noose, then tie their hands behind their back, and maybe their ankles or thighs or knees are ties together, and they're standing there until they starve or give up.


Hehe, i like how you both think, especialy the ass ideea!
Add, hanging, with feet on a block of ice, to the list! ;)


You are quite evil. I do not like to hurt innocent people So I would be satisfied with something relatively harmless unless I know that it is some nasty person in which case even murdering it is not a problem.

However, if I am going to do physical harm I would not bother with traps but would do that directly preferably in public.
As it is lots of fun to see the reaction of other people while if you do it somewhere in secret it is kind of the waste as you can't share your work with everyone. LOL


Hey now! I never said they'd be innocent! I said they'd be hawtness.

Yeah I was thinking about that but it seemed impractical. Using one hand to handcuff itself to a wall was complex enough (though with a decent chain connecting the 2 cuffs, it should actually be simple).

idk guys, maybe traps aren't the best way to go about it. Just pour gasoline on your ass and set the ground on fire, then jump in the air and dip just before you land on your ass (or maybe you don't feel pain even if you can feel it...).


I'd probably enjoy being a predator (from the movie franchise) and scaring people by taking my mask off and screaming at them for the lolz.

Being a predator would also mean I get all the nice high tech toys with which I could stalk beautiful ladies and pounce on them when least expected. The claws, the spear, the decapitating shuriken kinda disk...excellent tools for mauling young nubile flesh.


Ooh I love the predator! That's a good one. Technology is a big winner, and having horrorface on top of that, with lots of lean muscles.


how r u?


i want some gores


For a supernatural option, I'd like to haunt people through their dreams like Freddy Kreuger. I wouldn't do the same type of shit as in the movies, but the idea of haunting someone through their dreams is satisfying. They can't avoid going to sleep forever. They would dread going to sleep, and probably develop insomnia. Not sleeping right can seriously fuck up your mental well-being, so they would be affected by me even when they're awake. I'd be inescapable.

>>6128 The mind-swapping possession idea is very nice.

As far as the traps idea, I am particularly fond of the torture/death traps from the Saw movies. Though I wouldn't bother with setting up elaborate "games" connecting multiple people. That just seems like too much work, and I'm not the type to come up with some elaborate plot. I would enjoy setting people in traps that could only be escaped by self-mutilation.

>>6137 I've always been a big fan of the Predator. That would be dope.

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