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I´m looking for a link of a tit torture homepage.
Does anybody have such a link?


What is that supposed to be


There is no one singular place for tit torture content. Although I myself possess an incredibly large library of tit torture material. Not all guro, mind you.


OK, my English is not very good. I´ve learnd it at school.
XIO, do you show us these picture?
Or,... I know a forum for these kind of pictures.


There is not dedicated tit torture homepage, this content is available everywhere.
I also have a large amount of tit torture along with other stuff. But this is too much to share and this site does not allow real pictures.


I only know a forum: dolcettgirls....


Question about the Dolcettgirls forum... I believe I tried registering an account about 2 or so years ago and STILL have not heard anything about the account being activated so I can actually browse ANYTHING from the forum. To me, it seems completely locked off which is a huge disappointment. Anyone else able to use the forums because I haven't ever even seen them no matter how I try to login.

On the topic of tit torture content, I've gathered an incredible wealth of videos, pictures, and even some writing ranging from simple torture to outright breast destruction, guro, cannibalism, vore, debreasting, etc. I would maybe be interested in creating a massive dumping grounds for people of similar interests in this fetish but I'm not sure what kind of site that would be good for. Ideas?


where did you manage to find debreastig or destruction? You could simply create torrent and share your stuff directly as full directory.

I have Dolcettgirls account but this site is not entirely free as you cant access all stuff without paying.


Real breast guro? :O



There's SO much film depictions of breast torture, guro, cannibalism, debreasting which is a lot of great stuff. SO much that's undocumented and kind of unorganized since I'm sure those who also share my interest in this subject would love to have. Again, if anyone knows of a good database where others could also pitch-in add to a mass collection of breast torture / guro content where we can organize them by media (real, drawings, movies, photos, etc) would be greatly appreciated.


There are indeed quite a few depictions in movies, but most of them are of low quality (Death Scort Service for example).

I found that Mega is quite useful as a repository and I haven't had any problems with it (my collection wasn't ever taken down).


Always FANTASTIC to see debreastings in film. You all should check out 'Fantacide' 2007 for another lovely debreasting from a large woman with fat tits.

As for Mega, I'm aware of them and they would be my go-to, but I suppose the idea was to have an open-source content dumping site where others could also share what they've found / what they want to contribute.


Do you think you'll do a Mega dump? I'm 100% interested in what you've got, that's been my main interest lately


You could always do a search for tit torture. I too am a fan. The motherless site is a good one, as is heavy R. Do a search and the URLs will show up.


I've been collecting so much extreme tit torture / debreasting content from a young age, actually. Though I really don't know how I would go about sharing. I'm sure there are resources online but the problem I face is that I also, in turn, wish to find new things myself.


I don't suppose you have discord or email or anything?


I can do emails. What email should I reach you at?


I was hoping you might leave your own. hmmm.
Well. I might get a temporarily disposable one?


I'm not sure if it worked until after I post, but you can reach me at the email included in this message.


XIO, did you ever figure out a way to host any of your stuff?

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