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Who ever is reading this , i need your help . Please. Ive never been on something like this before but i just really have no one to turn to. I got myself stuck in this situation where i messaged someone i should have. And i really need to get there email password so i can change there password and keep them from seeing this message. Please. I just need help.


Calm down. Juat hold up a moment.

Lol ok I got popcorn, continue.


It is hard to understand whast exactly is your problem but If I understood it correctly you cant do anything about that.

However, I could give you an idea to flood that email address with similar spam messages from various fake senders in hope that This "someone" will just throw away everyintihg without reading.
You will not be able to get email password in any way.


Well uh... You fucked up. You could probably learn how to break into email in a few months of regular studying and practice, but doing it on the spot without any knowledge of hacking? Good luck with that. I've been studying computer security for nearly 10 years. It takes time. You can't learn everything whenever you want.

>>6108 has a good point though. Flood the inbox and you may be able to nuke your email.

What kind of thing did you message? Just something embarrassing?


Yeah, that's not really an option. Can you ask them to delete it without reading it?

What you can do is calm down. Obviously I don't know what you sent and under what circumstances, but this is probably less important than it feels like.


If you studied computer security
You should have learned that hacking email does not take the time it is plain impossible to do on demand.
You can hack into some random server if you get lucky but there is little chance to hack into the specific server on specific time.


No, guys! I can see it already!

He sent the coordinates for where he buried the dude's mom. Now there's going to be a 7 Psychopaths with 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag situation over the next week as he drives to Mexico.


No, it can be done on demand, but it still can take time. You can either social engineer the victim or a sysadmin for the email service (probably not very easy for something big like gmail), or compromise the victim's computer in another way so you get their email credentials (browser exploit, media exploit, or even just malware sent via spear phishing). Punycode abuse works wonders, too.

A particularly sophisticated attacker (pretty much anyone who has information resources on par with Raytheon SI like a state actor or another defense contractor) can hack into the actual server on demand through IPMI, poorly secured routers, stuff like that. Just look at all the Yahoo email hacks. For an "average joe hacker", the most effective method would be targeting the individual, not the email server.


Sure you can do that as well as you can take kids of sysadmin as hostages and demand him to reveal all passwords.
But this does not count as hacking, neither it requires any computer knowledge.

The problem of social engineering is that you are at the mercy of luck
and it is very unlikely that you will succeed if your target is not a complete idiot. So this is not on demand hacking you just do spam approach with the minuscule success rate.


You'd be surprised how well social engineering can work. In fact, it's easiest to do against big companies, less so against individuals (with a few exceptions), but of course it requires experience, not just reading some online guide. It does count as hacking, too, since hackers tend to have a rather strange definition of hacking. Lock picking and dumpster diving are hacking! After all, DEF CON does have a social engineering village, and it's one of the most useful techniques in any professional pentester's arsenal.


The guys at may have some aditional info, there is a dedicated email hack thread there....


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