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I have an idea for a little story where two superheroines fight to settle a rivalry about their places in their superhero team. The story itself is fine for what it is, but it seems that it's impossible to find two good superhero names when you need them. There must be hundreds of thousands of published superheroes, and they must have taken almost all the good names by now, along with a big chunk of the bad names.

I was hoping to create two original superheroes for the story so I'm trying to not get them confused with existing superheroes by sharing the same name. Unfortunately that is surprisingly difficult.

Circumstances may force me to turn the story into fan fiction about existing superheroes, simply due to shortage of original names. To stay true to my original idea, they should both be female. One of them should be a young fresh recruit to the team who impresses the team with her enormous powers, friendly attitude, and very large breasts. The other one should be a team leader who is significantly older, more mature, less powerful, and feels insecure about her position on the team with the arrival of the newcomer.

Does it make any sense to try to find existing superheroes to fit those roles? Or would it be easier to come up with original names and just invent the characters for the story?


You're probably not going to find many completely original games. Single-word names like Raven and Punisher are practically all gone. If I were you, I'd aim for one of two things:
A) Mashed-up Names - That is to say mashing words together to make a name that sounds good. For example, Metroid originally came from mashing the words Android and Metro (as in a subway) together to evoke the idea of sci-fi technology in an underground environment.
B) Plays on Existing Names - Sure, the name you want is taken. But that doesn't stop you from using them as a starting point to make your own. Whether directly using synonyms (NovaFlame from Starfire, Alicia Snow from Emma Frost, etc.) or using the name as a stepping-stone to something else (Songbird from Black Canary, Arachnid from Black Widow, etc.)
In the end, even with those methods, chances are painfully high that you'll end up with some D-lister that nobody knows. If that's the case, simply come to terms with it. Even the official comics give multiple characters the same name (For example, there are four different Flashes). Simply distinguish yours by making them a unique character. Don't let your idea go unmade just because somebody beat you to a character name.


Superhero or villain names usually represent their essence so you can't just make up something.
And if you want some good ideas you should tell whast kind of superheroes they are.

If they are just any generic superhero in the place where everyone is the superhero, you can just use some random good sounding words.

I think in your story, good names would be Bunny (to refer to her big breasts and friendly character) and Fox (as someone who is clever and probably will resort to dishonest tactic later)


Sally Cannonhands.

The White Whip.

Scythe Girl.

Chain Blang Kang.

Rape Goddess.

Guro Goddess.

Pain Drug.


Queen of the Crypt.

Titty Woman.


Mistress of Forgiveness

Red Empress.

The Laugh Lesbian.

Sinister Sinner.

Soft Sufferer.

Crying Queen.

The Sorrow Witch.




Barb'E'Q Girl.

Anna Android.

Dry Mouth.

Cotton Mouth.

Cotton Queen.

The Better Debtor.

Strange Lady.

Palace Alice.

Malice Alice.

Jessy Rainbow.

Samantha Sun.

Pained Pervert.

Pain Puss.


PLurpla (not an accidental capital "L" for the record (well it was...)).

The Bitch Witch.

Lip Witch,

Death Waitress.

Ok I got to go now...



Black Coffee.

Miss Stress.

Krazy Kisser.


Deadly Daisy.

Kween Kwai.


Crazed Clam.



Lemon Lady.

The Poltergasm.



Jizz Jewel.

Gore Gamer.

The Alternators.

Bratty Berzerker.


You could just provide link to random noun generator LOL


well ig that's just how easy it is to come up with hero and villain names.

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