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Recently I was reading some CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead and I realized that my biggest issue with those stories is that they do one hero at a time, so there's almost never any dialog. Dialog is by far the best way to give a character personality. That quickly lead me to an irresistible urge to write Lara Croft and Samus Aran teaming up to kick ass against a hoard of xenomorphs in some South American jungle ruins.

I've already written most of the story, but the pace of my writing is starting to slow down as I run out of ideas. I can't honestly claim I have a good idea for what should happen to Lara Croft in the end. I was anticipating some sort of snuff, but I'm at a loss for a good way to have it happen. She's already been mauled a few times, so she wouldn't be walking away unscathed, but if I can't think of a good death for her then maybe it means some sort of victory would be better.

As for Samus Aran, I think it would be very appropriate to have her killed by a xenomorph hiding in her gunship when she goes to leave the planet. Before that happens, I want her to be running around without her powersuit for a while. That almost certainly means she gets overwhelmed by xenomorphs until her energy runs out and they tear her suit to pieces. On the other hand, that's too simple. It would be a shame to defeat Samus Aran by just throwing enormous numbers of xenomorphs at her. There should be some trick to it, some plausible way she makes a mistake that leads to her defeat. Anyone have any ideas?


I dunno if this would be able to be done with the story you currently have, but maybe samus and lara go tet a tet, due to sone sort if contract that wasnt told to the other, or just plain greed on the part of one of the characters?


That's a fun idea. It would be a great way to end the story for Lara if she were killed by Samus. Unfortunately they are both such heroic characters. Neither one of them has ever shown signs of being that greedy. I love the idea, but I can't figure out the motivation.


Well, samus is a bounty hunter. Maybe she has intel that points to lara colaborating with ridley. Mind you, that intel could just be totally wrong, but that wouldnt be known to samus. And then, lara wouldnt just get taken without a fight.


I vote you have Samus win. There's no end of fanart, etc. about Samus getting raped and snuffed, but it's antithetical to her clearly dominant and resilient nature.


That's an interesting point of view. I thought that having a xenomorph hide in her gunship was a delightful reference to the movies. Maybe an even better reference to the movies would be to have Samus win in spite of being ambushed in her own ship without her powersuit.

In fact, for Samus to properly win, all the xenomorphs need to die. Perhaps even after Samus loses her powersuit, she and Lara could make a heroic final push to wipe out the aliens. Lara goes out in a blaze of glory, Samus kicks one final xenomorph out of her ship, vaporizes the monster with air-to-ground fire, then flies away and we end with "The operation was completed successfully."

I like it. Compared to that, the ending I was planning where Samus is killed by a xenomorph would have been quite anticlimactic.


You know how you sometimes have great ideas for a story, but the ideas are just missing some critical pieces? For example, you've got ideas A, B, C, E, and you think they are great fun but when you put them together you realize that it's not really a story. You're missing a D, but you can't think of a good D to go with your other good ideas.

So I've got about 4000 words of Lara and Samus having adventures in xenomorph infested ruins and the tunnels beneath an ancient pyramid in the Amazon. They argue, they kill some xenomorphs, they get injured, they show how tough they are. Finally a wounded Samus says she has a plan to kill the xenomorphs but she needs Lara's help. Something happens; I don't know what. Probably Lara dies. Samus get ambushed in her gunship and kills one last xenomorph in a fun final scene.

I don't know if it's any good or not, but it's been a blast to write. I wish I could share it, but there's this big, important missing piece. For the story to be finished, Samus needs a clever plan to kill the xenomorphs, but I don't have a clever plan. So frustrating.

Perhaps the reason Samus needs Lara's help is that with two of them, one of them can act as bait for some kind of trap while the other one springs the trap. But what kind of trap could kill countless xenomorphs?


bombs. Flamethrowers. Plasma.


Have you played the Metroid series? You could use some of the elements of Phazon or the X parasites.

metroid.wikia. com/wiki/Phazon
metroid.wikia. com/wiki/X_Parasite

Off the top of my head, you could Include Phazon in the story as Samus’s plan to take out the aliens. After the events of Metroid prime 3, she is able to access a final remainder of it for a situation like this and can use it to take out the Xenomorphs, either using it on herself for a massive power up (at the cost of maybe dying or being corrupted), or to poison and take out a large horde of them at once (but at the cost of it either mutating them into a more vicious form if they are able to resist it).

Lara could be used as bait to lure them to a location in which Samus takes them out with a Phazon bomb or her going into “Hypermode” to go ham on all of them.

The climax could be that the plan generally works but something goes horribly wrong like…

1. Samus takes them ALL out with hypermode but gets corrupted. Goes insane and turns on Lara. Thus the climax is Samus vs Lara. One of them dies.
2. Samus takes them out with the bomb but Lara gets caught up and gets corrupted. Same thing happens, Samus vs Lara.
3. Samus takes them out with the bomb, but one of the Aliens resists is and gets corrupted. It goes gains a new power and basically becomes the final boss for Samus and Lara. It wrecks one of them and the other manages to succeed with he sacrifice of the other.
4. The plan goes perfectly…but the alien queen appears and is the true final boss. Samus is Drained, Lara is fucked up from being bait, they both go out in one final effort to defeat the queen.

If one of them manages to make it out alive, then you totally at the end must have her think its all over…only to suddenly be victim to a chest burster or something.

Not sure about the X parasite however, but with it being able to clone a fucked up but more powerful version of stuff like the SA-X, you could think of something pretty cool.



Nuke um' from orbit. Only way to be sure


Thinking about the whole nuke from orbit thing, what about a mad dash back to samus's ship, xenomorphs hot on their tail. Does it gotta be a trap?


I've certainly considered having Samus just run away from the problem, but lately I've been thinking it would be more satisfying if Samus won this encounter. Running away is still an option until I've got a solid way for her to win.

As for nuking from orbit, Samus never does that sort of thing. It's probably because most of her targets are deep underground. Lara also tends to deal with things that are underground, so really this story needs an underground solution for an underground problem.

Bringing in things from Samus's universe is an interesting possibility, but it also complicates things. Phazon on Earth might be an even bigger problem than xenomorphs. She also only had her PED for one game, so including it is not a big priority.

I'm beginning to think that a Tomb Raider solution would be better than a Metroid solution. Perhaps Lara could find some hidden mechanism or secret that somehow leads to destroying the xenomorphs.


Swarms of flesh eatters, small beetles in a giant pit. Lara swings over them, Aliens rush towards her just as the finer and more numerous swarm descends.

Twist: the beetles mutate. The planet is covered in such bugs.


> Swarms of flesh eaters, small beetles in a giant pit.

I really like that idea. There was something like that in The Last Revelation, wasn't there? At least there were little insects that could swarm and kill you, though I guess it wasn't much of a swarm due to hardware limitations.

I must admit that I've played more Metroid games than Tomb Raider games, so I don't have full access to all the references I might use from the Tomb Raider games that I never played. I would have missed this one if you hadn't mentioned it.


I actually have never really played either except a bit of both at friends places and the like.

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