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How do you feel about idealism? Politics in general? Does it matter?


I feel strongly about politics. People who say they don't care about politics or consider themselves apolitical annoy me. Politics affects all of us, whether you like it or not. You don't have to be an idealist or someone who follows everything, but do vote, and educate yourself enough to make an informed decision before doing so. I consider a basic level of democratic participation like that a moral obligation.

That is, ofc, assuming you live in a democracy :-/


I find politics to be fascinating and fun to think about. I like the moral puzzles it presents, the ideas and concepts it provides me to play with.

Unfortunately, I no longer really have a home in politics. I don't know precisely where I stand. On issues, I can tell you my opinions, but I don't know what label that leaves me with.

The obvious rejoinder would be, "why bother with a label"? Because labels are an extremely useful short hand for conversation. If someone says "I'm an X" you know, generally what they believe and can find out specific distinctions for that person. Me not having a label means that short hand is unusable for me as I'm unable to adequately convey my opinions on a broad swath of subjects with a single word. I already have enough problems with social situations as it is and removing generalities from my self-descriptions makes things more complicated and frustrating.

Lucky for me, I don't talk to people, so it never really comes up.


Politics clearly matters, but your personal impact on it pretty much does not. People have ceded their power to the point where most people don't get a say in almost any aspect of their lives. Most people work for someone else, pay taxes to someone else, and are governed by someone else. You get to vote, but you can't outvote the vast uninformed masses so the masses end up deciding that for you too.

The biggest mistake people make these day is being to quick to discount violence as a viable and effective means of political discourse. We've become docile, sheep-like people who hold ourselves "to a higher" standard than our masters hold themselves to, and this is why we have become so enslaved.


Term politic is misleading as it is not really about what most people think because what really matters is power and ways to achieve and manage that power. The real politic is what is usually labeled as corruption or in other words "corporative ethic".
And yes politic does matter even in the daily life you will have to deals with it almost every time when you have some kind of interest.

Considering idealism I wonder what is that? Maybe naivete, delusion lie?
all that we have is different interests and power required to achieve our goals.


Ideals fail to give a correct portrait of reality, so I do not like them and try not to follow any preset guidelines.

My country is just a voted aristocracy. As soon as someone is in power he/she/it no longer cares about given promises and even ignores the law, if its displeased with its content.
It is a save bet that one of two parties gets ellected, so companys and media can make their deals with them.
A real opposition just recently formed, and gets bashed by any established media-source accordingly.

I think with Merkel and terrorism politics in western countrys do matter quite a lot.
While selfpreservation and wellbeeing of citizens is the highest objective in most countrys around the world, here we have morally good, self-hating dickheads in politics, who push against their own country and its traditions (outright declaring that is has no traditions of its own in my case) All just to combat their imaginary friend: the omnipresent fashism.
It has become racist to worry about relatives and friends first.


Are you talking about the US?




>>All just to combat their imaginary friend: the omnipresent fashism.
>>It has become racist to worry about relatives and friends first.

I think that's not what's racist... nor is fascism imaginary



I agree with what you've said, almost verbatim. But I must say that democracy, although it is a better system from the perspective of the common people, is just utterly ineffective without the proper political education and implication of all classes of citizens.

I'm 20, living in Romania - a so-called democracy. The currently elected party is of 'Social-Democrats', a communist regime follow-up party that is interested only in plundering the country's resources and selling out for personal gain.

Democracy, in my opinion, is just dictatorship enforced by propaganda. There is a well established ruling class and, although we can "vote" and apparently influence the outcome of the election, which puppet gets the mandate OFTEN, but not always, has no influence on the overall way the country will be ruled.
That being said, I do consider democracy to be better than a straight dictatorship/monarchy because it allows for higher upwards mobility and more freedom of choice.


Idealism, I believe, is something that is inspired and cultivated in people by society and religion. What I mean here by society is: the educational system, our parents, movies, media, comic books... It acts as the mortar of a cohesive society. Idealism provides hope and stability for the common folk.

Take, for example, patriotism. It is a collectivist ideal that works to the benefit of the state and the detriment of the individual. Patriotism is used to to fuel wars and support local industry, therefore making that slice of society grouped as a state more prosperous/healthy - but at the cost of economical value for the individual and even his/her life.

From my perspective, the whole concept of ideals stems from the need for certainty in the human psyche. The need for an upper power that establishes what's wrong and right - morals - and therefore ideals as the 'right' ideas/mindsets through the moralistic mindset.

Whether one chooses to pursue ideals in itself an amoral thing, because I believe it can't be good or bad. Pursuing ideals, though, is predominantly an act of selflessness, and therefore I can't endorse it on a personal scale.
That being said, there are ideals that center on the individual, rather than the society at large, and pursuing these type of ideals is what I as a human entity, would choose.


If you talk about that kind of idealism I guess is must be a lie told to the children by adults similar to that lie about Santa.
It does not provide stability but just brings very big disappointment when you find you that all your life was based on the lie.

The problem is market size because you cannot just focus on your own country, To have good living standards you need big market preferably global.
If Germany decided to close its borders and live on its own it would turn into the same shit hole as Syria without any industry or other advanced stuff.
I think this is going to happen to the UK if it will finally decide to leave.

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