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Tomorrow, you awaken with the ability to slow and stop time at will. What would you do with this power?


Well then I become God
time stop ability essentially gives you infinite strength and you practically become omnipotent.

But if we talk more reasonably, I would use that ability to find friends who like guro but otherwise hide it very well. maybe I would be able even to find a good girlfriend.


Does it only stop people, or does it stop everythings! Like you cant even move, but you still can think. lol


What, no one remembered the story of Berty's Watch?


Realistically, stopping time would also stop photons from traveling and you wouldn't be able to see shit... but then again I don't see how that could happen in reality anyways (if we were to live in a simulation, it might be possible though);

If it were to work like most fantasy scenarios treat it, then I'd use it to find out everything there is to find out (that we as humans already know). Stuff governments and rich people don't want the commonfolk to know anything about.

I'd use this power to indulge in all experiences that a human currently can be subjected to (nothing that would injure me though). Then I'd probably just kill myself...


Realistically? I immediatly die because oxygen can't reach my lungs. Also I get shred to death by the billions of particles in suspension in the air that won't move at all when I do.


I would slow down time to the point that it's rewinding, undo every bad thing, and observe what I didn't know happened so I can better understand what I have witnessed.


We can assume, because of the reason for this question, that you can affect the time of some objects and not others.

That's just what makes sense to me, given the relativity of space and time.


I am a GOD! What do you think of me?


Assuming the usual "time stop semantics" (i can still modify stuff and move and shit):

I'd mess up people who piss me of with little things (changing the world a bit so they fail with what they want to do)

Also i'd be voyeuring most of the time


Can cameras and the like still see me?


With that power i woud first heavily troll police
I woud destroy all parking meters in proximity and
next I woud destroy all speed limit cameras.

then i woud get all secret police files and other secret documents that are available. and infect their computers with Trojans

then I woud know all what is going on in the world and be aware is someone may be looking for me.

If there is nothing better to do I woud launch one or two nukes from USA into some relatively safe place just too cause horrors for government and army that they lost all control.

I guess later I would mostly use that power to strip people on the street and leave them naked in public


Oh Onix I fucking love you

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