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Hello, I feel this is the right place and group of people to share with (ridiculously involved lurker here). I'm a sexologist (recent grad), and I specialize in fetishes and unusual 'philias' including guro and rape fantasy. It helps that those are my OWN turn-ons and I've been lucky enough to meet some brave and/or equally sadistic partners to fulfill these, BUT, I'd like to quid pro quo some of the advice I'd like to give to those with unusual fetishes, in exchange for my help.

If anyone's willing to toss their hat in the ring, here's the circumstance: my new lover (man) is really interested in impregnation fantasy, and my expertise falls pretty short here. Any suggestions? I.E., if YOU have (or did have) an impreg fetish, what kinds of things would you like an IRL young female to do to you/with you/for you? As a starting point I think dirty talk about how much I want his cum and to have his babies, that seems to work.

In exchange for any opinions, personal stories/fantasies or tips, here's some things I regularly work with people on (not to 'FIX' my clients, but often to help them integrate their fetishes with everyday life in a healthy and safe way, and find others who share their interests) and love discussing or giving advice for: rape/non-consensual fantasy, incest role play, other uniformed/'scene' roleplay (i.e. doctors and nurses, historical, fictional characters, etc), ageplay, asphyx, guro and straight violence/gore, torture and extreme BDSM.

...Oh, and if you're feeling *terribly* generous, now that I've waited a while and finally found a man who seems genuinely interested in raping me (obligatory it's-only-roleplay-and-real-rape-is-different disclaimer here), has anybody pulled a hard stunt like that before? It's impractical, but I'd love to be suddenly accosted in, say, a parking garage or a locker room, and not (initially) know it was him.

Things I've studied and would love to


***Things I've studies and would love to discuss also include where extreme fetishes come from, rape fetishes in women, loli fetishes (especially in women, but men too) and anything revolving medical fetishes or medical/anatomy-based sex. Cheers!


>If anyone's willing to toss their hat in the ring

Sorry, not my kink.

>if YOU have (or did have) an impreg fetish, what kinds of things would you like an IRL young female to do to you/with you/for you?

Not my kink either, but you could put a pillow under your clothes to fake pregnancy.
Makes me wonder, are there actually any producers of fake pregnant bellies made from silicone or other material?

>living out a rape fetish

Oh look - also not my kink. But I've also got some advice for this one.

You could give him a detailed shedule of places you'll go to over the week.
You could maybe rent a small gym or similar place for an evening so you'd have the changing rooms all for yourself.

Just make sure it's rather remote or private so no random passerby walks in on you and calls the police (or, worse, plays an hero and pulls out a weapon or something).


Real sexologist? People actually listen to what you say and even pay you for that LOL
This also interests me in some degree as I like to know how things work. and I would like to discuss my theories with someone as well so wee how accurate I got everything and what needs some adjustment.

I think impregnation (if this is "impregnation" and not "pregnancy" ) is a pretty destructive thing. I am not much interested in that myself but from what I read on manga and other fantasies you can talk about your fertility as you forgot to take a pill, you are on your dangerous day, you will definitely get pregnant if he cums inside.
Also you can talk complete nonsense as how you can get pregnant from anal oral/sex or any body fluid getting anywhere on you. describe how his sperm is traveling in your belly into your ovaries

Talking about how much you want his cum and babies do not seem to be that much related to this fetish since you have to show your fertility and not your desire to have babies
I think it may be even better to do opposite as complain about how dangerous it is and how easily you can get pregnant and then you will have his baby. In this situation, you may ask him "to take responsibility and be a father". Or you can alternate your atitude from being scared to willing. as you complain at first and then say how much you want his baby. Maybe you can even be more dominant and tell that now that he made you pregnant he all belongs to you.

Considering that "consensual rape" thing I think it is logically impossible and quite ridiculous. Sure you can play some fantasy scenario with your boyfriend pretending to be a rapist and you pretending to be scared or something but it is all obviously fake and you both will know that.
While if you will get assaulted without knowing that it is fake it will be real rape and I wonder how you would react to the real thing if you will get raped by some stranger.

Logically valid "consensual rape" is actually known as tsundere personality. just like in one hentai movie one character said:
"if you force me to have sex I will object and fight back but I will not get angry"


Nicely put folks! Onix, I would say you're pretty correct about the impregnation- it seems to be a dual power-play fantasy judging from the power that an impregnator (presumably a man unless there's some gender/sex flip thing going on) SEEMINGLY has a lot of power in that they are creating life as well as altering the life of the woman they've impregnated.

However- I swear I won't wax philosophical for a long ass time about this- one could argue that the real position of power (as you mentioned) is for the impregnated (or possibly impregnated, if it's a 'pregnancy scare' unknown circumstance) woman, because she does essentially keep a part of the man- if only his semen. But, of course, if she becomes pregnant she know has power over the pregnancy, the resultant child, and the man at LEAST to the degree that she may control him now, and/or require him to take responsibility and get things done. I'm sure a sociologist would have plenty to say on it, but I think this is a- fairly common- sexual arousal mechanism for males because of this twist on traditional power.

I'd actually make the same argument about 'rape fantasy' which, correct, is a delicate situation AT BEST when two partners (or more, I suppose) attempt to execute it. For the record, NO PERSON OR PEOPLE should be ANYwhere- at home, or in public or something- and enact a non-consensual fantasy without at least SOME knowledge on the part of both parties. Or, to put it simply, assuming you know what's going to happen on your end, you cannot accost your sex partner with NO prior discussion and perform sex acts with them. It bears repeating, as Onix said, that this is LITERALLY the definition of a sex crime, and there's nothing sexy about it in the least.

Again, I'll try not to be a teachy teacherson, but I actually think the power play issue is another major factor in the sexual excitement surrounding a 'rape fantasy,' because if things are done PROPERLY then both partners generally agree on the do's and don'ts beforehand, i.e. a safe word, some sex acts they would be comfortable with, etc. Interestingly, like many females who harbor a strong 'rape fantasy,' I was the victim of a sex crime, and for me- for many of us- it's a way to 'take back control' of that otherwise heinous and terrible situation.

TL;DR version: real rape isn't sexy; it's about power, control, and hurting the victim. RAPE FANTASY is a common interest (1 in 3 women and about 60% of men report this sex fantasy) that allows us to role play a scenario that would otherwise be dangerous and upsetting, but in this context, we are doing it with someone who HAS respect for consent, who likes us (maybe loves us) and who has guidelines to ensure that the 'victim' doesn't become uncomfortable in a way they don't like.

And yes, just as a person, thanks for the great suggestions! As always, fake-rape safely. (For the record, whenever I do, I set up rules and a time/place WAY in advance- enough to make sure my sex partner knows what I'd like, and they get to give their own input, but long enough from the 'event' itself that it still feels like a surprise to me. So if you read this and you're interested, that's my best recommendations thus far.)


Don't hav a lot of help to offer but more power to ya/good luck w/ur work.

I can also comment on the loli fetish—when I was younger I was prematurely sexually active but felt un-masculine/weak...I think my interest in petite/loli partners stems from the reversal of power dynamic.


I would disagree with all those evolutionary theories because it seems that sexual fetishes and sexuality itself are far more random things that we can acquire anytime. It seems to be something similar to drug addiction when you actually get addicted not to the drug itself but to the context in which you are taking that drug and when you get into that context you carve for the drug.

Considering rape fantasy I would prefer to take it from another angle.
Again, it is quite well explained in fiction. Where rape is essentially competition/battle between man and woman where man is supposed to make woman orgasm before he does, if rapist cums first he just lost it.
When man orgasms he normally loses all interest and all motivation in whatever he was doing.
So if some woman is pissing me off, It is tempting to settle this with rape and prove who is the boss here.(while if she was a man it would be settled with the fist hitting his face)
Women seem to behave complementary to this as they are trying to provoke a man to rape them and get quite upset if a man doesn't do that.
Girls start doing that in the chidhood as they tease and provoke boys to attack them but unfortunately instead of doing right thing boys respond with real violence.
Also, rape is quite convenient for women because it takes away all responsibility you get all pleasure while the man takes all responsibilities.

As a man, I hardly can understand rape problem because If any adequate looking woman decided to rape me anytime I would be more than pleased if she does not hurt me or put me in the bad situation. I may even take the initiative and invite her to do it again.


>TL;DR version: real rape isn't sexy; it's about power, control, and hurting the victim.

That's not what real rape is about but ok


Onix, holy shit.


I guess as far as fantaay goes, that makes sense for a woman having a desire to not hold responsiblity.


Hummm, maybe you can Play on both kinks at the same time. It seems like a good combination.

For the impregnation kink I think you're right about the power-play side. My gf loved to be handled like if she did not have a choice from time to time. She also enjoyed some breath-play. Of course she knew I would not choke her, but the feeling of air restriction and of being "powerless" would still excite her a lot.

As such, a good idea might be to pretend having forgotten your pills, and that you will not fuck him unless forced to. Of course with him knowing in advance that you might do that kind of pretend at some point and a code to let him know if this is for real and not some kind of play. Then it's up to him to choose when and where to hit you (probably without a condom for his fantasy to work, so be sure to have actually taken you pills ...), within the rules agreed upon, and up to you to pretend that you're not willing, that it's not safe and that you might get pregnant !
Maybe sharing your position with him on google maps so that he can track you might help. Also "inadvertently" sharing your planning in advance with him and planning a lot of places to be/activities/routes that would give him opportunities seems like a good ides.

Also, I'm curious, how do you meet somebody with such kinks in real life. This isn't something you're usually open about. At least I know I'm not about to share such interests with anyone unless I know for a fact they will accept that.


A large part of rape is a tribal warfare thing. You not only kill/castrate the male lineage, you impregnate their women.



Hello. Let's see if what I have to offer is what you want.

Before we were married (married now five years) we role played rape because my wife asked it of me. I enjoyed it and after a few times for her birthday I asked if she wanted to include a guest star to rape her. Someone from her past I knew she was attracted to but she'd never gone out with. She said yes so I got to watch and this caused us to have a conversation about what turned us each on about it. Very different interests and IMO sort of interesting.

The other thing which would feel your more clinical side are notes taken from a counseling session where a woman described a rape where she had a sexual response during her rape and what caused this and how she was taunted about it happening to her.

Do either of these things fit into your interest?


Law & Order SVU had a show about girl, who had never been able to climax via sex with her fiance, repeated climaxed while being gang raped by a bunch of thugs.

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