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Once my wife let me put a large pane of glass on her back and I used her like a table while I fucked her and teased her. What she didn't know is that I was looking at snuff porn here on Gurochan at the time.

Now, years later, she knows all about my dark fetishes and I currently have her on my dick, once again being used as a table.

I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this would let her know she's a good girl. I know I'm probably going to get some hateful trolls commenting here, but please be nice. :-D


good girl


Thank you! She was very happy to hear someone responded.


It's always good to see a woman taking care of her husbands desire.



So by "confession", you mean "brag"?


I meant "confession". She didn't know I had been visiting Gurochan in the past, nor did she know what I was doing when I made my post. My post was meant to embarrass, surprise, and compliment her.


One time I injected gasoline into a drug addict, I missed his vein tho so sadly he dident die.


since my wife was dead, I raped my daughter she was 10 but she like it so its not a rape, me and my daughter been fucking for 10 years now, she loves me so much and i love her so much, now she's joining a porno studio and idgaf. now shes 20 and being a porno star in los angeles, i still fucking her too in daily basis even on her MFC cam shit, life's good when u got a daughter that is useful for you sex life, comfort and utility! She loves me so much she wants me to not have a job and just enjoy life, she brings her pornstar friends to fuck me orgy, fuck life is so good, sex is part of her and my life, i never thought that my life would be this great, i thought id just be living typical white man's life, get a job, getting married, raising kids and die, me? haa get a job getting married, raising a sex slave, have fun with pornstar, premature retirement, life's good, living in a condo in LA, with my sexy daughter and her pornstar friends, fuck yeah, i dont need to be rich as billgates, if there's a condo, no job but money keeps coming, sexy girls and slave daughter, thats all i need


well that escalated quickly :P


That sounded like a 4chan greentext. Believable.jpeg
I guess that's a good life ... as long as you don't want anything out of life, besides satisfying your most base desire.

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