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There are different ideas.
Some say person(no matter male or female)piss herself/himself during hanging.
But a woman into erotic_hang wrote"men have their best erection,we(women)only pee ourselves."
She reported her brother and husband didn't urinate when self_hang ,but her 2 sisters both did .
Another witnessed 4 hanging suicides,3 men and 1 woman.He reported none of the men pee himself,while the woman peed herself a lot.
These people think females pissing themselves is just as males erect during hanging.Males don't piss themselves.
So I wonder it(as title) or whether females have far more possibilities to lose bladder control during hanging.Or there is no difference between genders.
What's your opinion?Please describe it in detail,it's better to show female hanging cases showing the answer this question.Thank you for your comments!


Logically thinking, both men and women should pee when they faint or die because of how this thing works.
It is not the loss of bladder control but just the muscle which closes urine channel gets relaxed and everything flows freely.
The amount of how much they pee depends only on the contents of the bladder so if someone did not pee he was just empty.

I doubt about erection because. if the heart stops there is no blood pressure., but maybe when the brain has not enough blood it gives a command to raise blood pressure and it can cause a short lived erection before death. Or it can be that this kind of stress, in general, can cause an erection even before execution.
However, the erection will end when the heart stops.


>Another witnessed 4 hanging suicides,3 men and 1 woman.He reported none of the men pee himself

Such a wonderful person: just sit there observing bladder control mechanics instead of preventing suicide.


I doubt if anyone could be that lucky to actually see 4 suicides in process.
Most likely he just got to see the dead bodies only

But it is really interesting what kind of the family it was where pretty much everyone hanged themselves



Moralfags gonna moralfag


My father told me he went to see a public hanging. They got there late, he just saw a dead body.

But that was a thing in the 50's there. Maybe Onix, you speak of a medic or 1st responder. My initial impression was someone who attends executions.


Really, did he see the victim losing control of his/her bladder/bowels?


Here's the thing about us guys: we can't pee with a hard-on. If "Angel Lust" is real, and a man does get hard while hanging, it would probably prevent urine from flowing, at least for a while.

Another thing is about how an erection works. Blood flows to the penis all the time. The difference is that some valves close, preventing the blood from flowing back out as efficiently. That's why cock rings work (though I've never been interested in choking my chicken so literally). If hanging triggers the erection, but death prevents the valves from re-opening, your penis would remain hard even as the rest of you goes limp.

Whether any of this results in pleasure is debatable. But then, autoerotic asphyxia is a thing, so there ya go.


I think I heard a theory that autoerotic asphyxiation came about because of angel lust


Thank you



The thing about all of this is-

There are some major differences when it comes to Bladder Evacuation with men and women. The major difference comes in the length of the urinary tract. A male's urinary tract is around 8 inches long, where as a female's urinary tract is around 3 or so inches long. The urine has far less distance to travel in a female case than a male.

There is also the fact that males require muscle movement and contraction to urinate. Female urination uses a great deal of gravity and the relaxation of muscles by contrast. This means, when the muscles relax after death, women are more likely to release the contents of their bladder than men are.

The type of death also plays a big part. Normal passing or dying typically doesn't bring out any type of evacuation. Violent deaths, like murders, accidents, the number is higher. However, it's the highest for both sexes in hanging. Females almost always lose bladder control during asphyxiation related deaths. Sometimes it happens just before the victim passes, or right after. But statistics have shown that it is extremely common in these types of deaths for females.

So, to answer your question, women are more likely to urinate after passing, but it mainly relies on the type of death.

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