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Are there any rules against linking to or uploading images of real people (such as models, porn stars, celebrities, etc) for a character description in the RP and Literature boards?

(Sorry if this is the wrong area, but I can't see anywhere else to post questions about the rules.)


>General Rules

Do not upload, post, or link to anything that does not comply with the laws of the United States of America;
Do not post imagery of real life gore, scat, etc; artistic depictions of real life events are allowed, however;
Overly simplistic “toons” are not welcome here;
Do not request artwork on boards other than /req/; refer to the FAQ for more details;
Threads must be given sensible and descriptive topics; topics may be edited by mods if it’s necessary.



So, if the picture of a real person isn't gore, it would be fine?


As long as they're over 18, and you link, not post it, it should be. (And if you really have to, there's always the workaround of mentioning the site and ID where the image is located like "imgur and hgELRDJ jpg" without ever linking anything directly).


Uploading real images is not allowed (gore or not), but there's nothing against linking them. I'd recommend clearly marking it as such, though.

Age doesn't matter, unless it's pornographic.

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