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Who here fantasizes about sneaking into a morgue or funeral home and enjoying the dead bodies there?

I for example have fantasies /which I'd never do in real life as I've got morals/ where I slip into a morgue or funeral home and have "fun" with the dead bodies of women, teen girls and children of both genders. Before I have the obvious sex session with them, I'd feel them up, pose their bodies, strip them nude, etc and not in any specific order.

How about you guys?



Same Here I Fanatize About It Too ofcourse I will Not Do it IRL Because of morals and fear of their spirits

I fanatize That I just wanna have sex with dead women (middle age and new adult age)

By my emotional Needs by through sex ofcourse as long the body is still fresh and warm(recently killed) before it turned cold,stiff and stinky.



In my fantasies, I too only do it with fresh/preserved and intact corpses. Decomposition is a big turn off for me and makes me sick.



This thread made me think of an excellent short story about this very thing. I've re-read it many times over the years. It can be found in the paperback The Loved Dead and Other Revisions, by H.P. Lovecraft. The story is The Loved Dead, and was written by C.M. Eddy, Jr, with Lovecraft collaborating.

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