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Anyone notice the clear gurotic elements in Neuromancer? I've noticed guro in a number of cyberpunk novels but this was more blatant. Public holograms of lethal, grotesque sex acts that are considered totally standard. And even a character who begs to be strangled to death as a sex act.


NICE. I'll look into this book.
You might want to check out a web novel - The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.
The premise is that humanity and the whole universe get 'changed' and they are now in some kind of morphed reality controlled by an AI which serves humanity. Basically humans are almost immortal and they die, get dismembered and actually run contests to see who could design the best death.


Must say I didn't notice either of those when I read Neuromancer. There's some dark stuff here and there but nothing outside of the mainstream. The worst being a girl who seems to be stuck inside a dreamlike world in cyberspace that's rather like some weird form of purgatory.

ISTR some passing mention of e.g. snuff SimStim recordings being available if you knew where to ask? And a deliberate switching off of the life support on a bunch of cryogenically frozen members of an oligarchic family, but the latter is essentially a minor plot point in 2001 and maybe one of the Aliens films...


I now have something new to add to my reading list ^^




Yeah it's all in there. Just very subtle/down-played. Jane subtly asks Molly to strangle her, the founder of TA slits his wife's throat in bed, (implied,) and Peter does the hologram of Molly dismembering her sexual partner too.

Neuromancer is the Tolkien of Cyberpunk; I wish it contained more gurotic elements but it's really downplayed. Definitely worth reading though.
Just a trend I've observed with a lot of cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk, such as Accelerando, is that erotic violence always gets a nod. It's nice ^_^


Just throwing in my two cents, this is an incredible book.


Most of the violence in Neuromancer isn't erotic so don't get excited if you haven't read it, although when I read it at 14 the female main character gave me a lot of ideas..

It was a mindblowing book at the time and I'm sure even more when it came out back in the 80s but there are some amusing things now like the end sequence being really obviously inspired by ketamine

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