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The thread in /g/ called "GIRLS SLASHED TO PIECES" is driving me insane!

A slash is a flesh cut, most of the time, can't cut anything to a pieces!

A slice could, but a chop is best to turn somethin' into pieces.

Cut - Generic, to make an opening into something with a sharp object

Slash - Tip cut, to inflict a cut with a linear motion with your wrist

Chop - Cut with a wide movement, often downwards, can dismember

Slice - A somewhat fluid cut, follows through and can dismember

Has to get that out lmao


It is not so incorrect because

Slash - random cut usually without any purpose besides destruction

Slice - cut where you care about getting desired pieces from bigger object so you do it carefully.

Chop - cut which splits something performed in one blow.


My axe is my buddy, I bring him when I walk.



Careful with That Axe. A CD by John 5 dedicated to serial killers. Epic! ^v^


Yes, although the issues covered in the OP here are not among those that bother me. Rather I'm just constantly dying inside from people spelling "definitely" with an A, ending statements with question marks, and using commas where they shouldn't because they forgot that semicolons exist. x_x


I dafanatalay know what you mean Aiko? I hate spelling errors, that's why I have a fear of unqualified language tutors.


I sure as hell would rather be sliced to pieces than slashed to pieces. Being slashed to pieces would be a much longer, more painful death!

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