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I assume some of you know about Puchimas, the spin-off series of Idolmaster.
As we all know it, everything can be a subject to Rule 34.
What are your views on the rare hentai doujin and images about the puchidols?


Same as about loli in general.
(or more as about toddlercon)


Of course, they are not sacred just because they look so cute and adorable.


How can it be considered loli/toddlercon since puchidols are just the chibi counterparts of their idols?


Because what matters is how they look like not who they are.

chibi and loli is essentially same thing because the goal is to make characters look cute.


Do you think that even puchidols should receive their own guro materials like doujins and games?


I find the art style ugly.


Which one?


The super deformed one.


Yeah, do you think the designs of those puchidols are far from cute?

And have you seen hentai doujins and image gallery depicting them?


They can be considered a comi sketch at best, no matter what they do, normaly they can't be considered pron, or hentai or anithing, however you can call them loli, but sine they have no real bodies, they are doing porn.They are just playing! :P


I prefer my lolis realistic and naughty! ;)


of course


Best source to look for hentai images about Puchimas?

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