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What sort of video game would you want to create if you had the manpower of a big studio (like Rockstar or EA) ?

A game concept that I've been thinking of and fapping to would be a game that plays like this:

You control a ship that's shaped like a buzzard saw and you move through an enclosed tunnel. There are obstacles in your way that you have to avoid, but also women that you can slice through in a myriad ways and combos - and by doing so you gain points for unlockables, such us ship upgrades, new babe models to snuff etc.
The game would have a sort of carmageddon vibe to it, but way more twisted. Perhaps the babes would start out fully dressed and mediocre looking and by farming points they could become hotter and less clothed.

I think it would be nice if the game classified babes into customizable point categories such as hair colour ( i.e brunettes 1 point, blondes 5 points, redheads 10 points, painted unicorns 20 and so on) or by chest size (increasing cup sizes=more points or the opposite).

This sort of game would be a feasible 3-4 year hobby undertaking for a single programmer, but it would take quite a bit of dedication.
The idea of a perfect mutilation system has been bugging me for quite a while now. It would have to support any potential way the body could be sliced, support body morphing so that the bodies are customizable, simulate internal injuries and the slicef sides should look realistic enough. Afro Samurai offered a glimpse of this idea, but it is far from perfect. If anyone with programming experience knows how the Afro Samurai system works, I'd really like to know too.

Now, on to other features that may be completely unrealistic( maybe ) for a one man army, but are still stuff I fantasize about.

-a fully implemented physics system for the bodies, so the ass or tits jiggle while you slice through the point babes

-ability to customize the types of babes and the clothes they wear

-a myriad ship upgrades and power ups that allow for maximum cunt splattering fun

-a dungeon expansion where you could convert your accrued babe slaughter points back into babes so you can use them at you leisure; this could be easily clonsidered a different game, that allows for fucking, fucking and killing, killing and fucking or just plain old slaughter - all doable with the ideal mutilable body, physics complete.

-ability to save the point babes instead of killing them, so you get slightly more points and can fuck them in your lair between levels, or kill them more intimately than in that carmagedon like setting

Alright, to to come down to reality, such a game might not happen :( still good fap ideas though.
What's your idea for a fantasy game, fellow Gurochanners?


For me the dream game is basically 1st person GTA where you can go up to any woman in the game, rip off their clothing, rape them however you want, cut off limbs, slice open their belly and watch their guts slide out, slit their throats, gouge their eyes out, remove their breasts, throw them from a building and watch them splat, choke them to death and blow their brains out. None of this draws the attention of the cops or causes a stir with pedestrians because it's just a stupid woman dying and nobody cares. The story wouldn't even be Dolcett related, it would just be a normal GTA story.


The game you described is not that something what coud qualify for triple A release from comparable to GTA V

If I was given chance to release game I woud try to make something like yandere simulator, but with more complexity. It could be something like "narcissist simulator"
where your goal is to get narcissistic supply and if you fail you will lose control of yourself and do stupid things that will reveal you.

Just like in the yandere simulator you work to eliminate your competitors and manipulate people to gain status. You can occasionally kill some random people like serial killer or set them into accidents, or rape them what will boost you self esteem when mysterious death is reported on TV depending on the complexity of the crime.
Also you will be able to save people and help them.

Since it is impossible to make open world like that, this game will have to stick to the somewhat loose story mode where you can identify possible opportunities and use them.

To make everything more interesting there will be "multiplayer" mode which is essentially game editor where you can construct different scenarios for other people to solve.


That ideal body that I'd like tohave in my game would support everything that KittyKunt described. That's what would pose the most difficulty imo - creating an incredibly realistic body would be pretty computationally intensive. I'm talking about bloodflow simulation, nervous system bodypart control, needs simulation and... perhaps procedurally generated animations to make for the myriad ways a body could be mutilated.

That, paired with a good AI that simulates a realistic human daily routine for everyday life would probably make the most fun man hunting simulator.


A cross between Eldar Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto. I'm not trying to type every thought I've had on the subject but keeping it related to guro...

Well, the Saints Row when the main character goes to Hell... that's something interesting. An open world rpg where you can hire allies or command an army and you have ao many powers.

It could even start realistically and you have to be careful to not die but eventually you get godhood and can just torture infinite numbers of people or even create creatures as tools or playthings. It should allow every sort of torture and everybother sort of real world activity. Like lowering someone into lava or cutting them...

Getting to see HQ realistic guro of artillery strikes and people falling from tall buildings while naked on fire... mmmmmm


That game is close to what I'd want. Basically, a game where you control a team of girls and have them engage another group in combat. With the power of a studio, however, the graphics, physics, and gore would be much more realistic.

The action would take place with an overhead view of the battlefield, but the girls will be fully-rendered HD models. Combat, gore, and injuries would be realistic. You can opt to have each shot/kill replayed from multiple angles and distances.

The game would come with a handful of pre-made character models, but there would be a character-building feature to add more. With new characters, you can determine their facial features, breasts size, weight, height, hair length/color/type, and even their voice. Perhaps personality as well.

Weapons would be determined by the setting you select; it could range from guns and knives with a modern setting, to swords, battle axes, and arrows in a Medieval setting. Futuristic/Sci-fi, and even fantasy settings are also possible.

Clothes will, by default, be based on their time period and location. You can change the settings for each girl to wear specific clothing, regardless of location. The types of clothes will range from extremely modest to skimpy, and nude is also a possibility; of course, the girls can always be undressed at some point after a battle starts.

After a battle, if your team won, you can either take full control of one of your girls, or have a male character come for you to control instead. Either way, you enter a first person view and walk around the battlefield, with the option to examine, undress, and fuck the dead girls.

Going back to combat, you could have it so that you don't have to kill the enemy girls for victory; simply rendering them unable to fight works just as well. After the battle, as you're walking around the area, you can either finish them execution-style, or leave them to die slowly.


I'm not much of a gamer nowadays, if at all; I used to be one in the '00s. Most of my inspiration comes from that time.

I think the main requirement I have is that it would be a legit game, just with lots of "perversion potential" to it. Something that you can actually play seriously if you want to. Saints Row probably comes close - you can either play it as a goofier GTA, or you can run around in sexy clothes and kick strippers in the groin.

The core concept of my "ideal game", described below, is heavily inspired by Severance: Blade Of Darkness from 2001, a 3rd person slasher / fighting game with swords and other such weapons. I doubt that many people here heard of it, but it's considered to be one of the early cornerstones of the genre and has aged very well. It has a fantastic combat system where every slash and blow feels heavy and the momentum is clearly seen in animations, and you can't just click spam your enemies or jump around the room. Block, parry, dodge to the side, block again, slice across. You need to actually master the mechanics to survive. It's quite hard, but not outrageously so. Lots of blood and dismemberment too, but it feels very appropriate in-game.

Back to the topic: the game I'm thinking of would similarly feature a detailed combat system where you can't just mindlessly click everyone to death. Weapons naturally include swords, spears, axes of all sorts. Like I wrote above, it probably would have a coherent storyline, characters of all genders and adequate armor, but you can also optionally turn it into a fetish fuel full of half-naked girls. Like Severance, it wouldn't be about huge battles, it would be about tense skirmishes, like 1 on 3 at most. 1st person or 3rd person, you could probably switch between the two, although 3rd would be my personal preference. Doesn't have to be open-world, I'd take detailed medium-sized locations over huge fields any day. Think of something like a fortress that you're sneaking into, that sort of stuff. And perhaps a Coliseum-like arena or some small enclosed rooms for the arcade mode.

It's an unpopular opinion, but the graphics don't matter that much, imo. Instead, the animations, the randomness, the sounds is where it's at. Sure, I wouldn't mind incredibly high poly models and all that, but honestly your mind fills in the blanks anyway. What about making each encounter unique instead? Not just tons of possible animations, but introducing a fair amount of randomness to them. Even your character won't be surgically precise and might mess up an attack here and there. And, of course, each reaction would be essentially unpredictable. If that girl's stomach is sliced open, does she fall to her knees, shivering? Does she keep fighting? Does she stumble back away from you? Of course, it would be composed of pre-programmed animations, but the randomness should take care of obvious repetitions. Reactions are a very important part of the experience, probably even more so than the actual possibility to inflict a particular injury.

The latter is also an example of how most popular game mechanics collide with real life. Think of shooter games - do you honestly think a person can take several bullets and keep running around as long as their health is above 0? And the more "realistic" the game is in its depictions, the more jarring this dissonance will be. So most likely the damage received directly impacts how the character fights, and the wounds need to be treated asap - think of stuff like tearing the arrows out, cauterizing the wounds, etc. Perhaps this could be implemented as a separate screen where you can examine your character's body in full HD detail, read the suitably clinical descriptions of injuries, and apply fixes (which would be shown, of course). Some things can be fixed fairly "easily", while others are more like "bandage that shit up and hope that you can get to a doctor within 2 hours, the clock is ticking".

Oh, and armor actually directly affects the sustained injuries and their nature, instead of making specific body areas immune to damage or being just abstract hitpoints.

I briefly mentioned sounds above, and they are also important. Grunts, moans, screams, wet sounds of metal slicing through flesh, all this stuff complements the visuals. Characters making a reference to what has actually happened to them ("Argh!.. not... in... the... gut... FUCK!.."), all these subtle things. Lots of different voices, very little repetition, if any. I think it's an aspect that's often overlooked, proper sounds can be as sexy as the visuals.

Replays: the last minute of gameplay can be replayed from any angle. Perhaps a "cinematic mode" where you can make high quality cinematic renders, as opposed to just "regular" graphics settings (like I mentioned above, it's not that important during gameplay itself). You don't notice much when you're playing anyway, but these replay frames can be rendered in full detail, complete with subtle motion blur, color grading, droplets of sweat on the skin, blood flowing out of wounds and everything else.

Detailed character creation screen, and maybe an option to use reference images (although we all know how "well" it usually works...). Perhaps some general sliders for other characters; i.e. do you like athletic girls or skinny girls as your opponents? The game will try to keep this in mind. For example, I personally would prefer a fit amazon who wears little to no armor just because she feels badass and confident, instead of a bimbo in what looks like bad cosplay, but to each their own. And this is also where that aforementioned "serious game vs. fetish fuel" slider is located.

And speaking of enemies, while most of them would be human, you'd have to find unique approaches to them. Maybe the forest amazons are very offensive while the "knights" are very defensive; or those Asian girls have shields that leave their left side more vulnerable, this kind of stuff.

Lastly, and it's a very specific personal preference, but all sorts of groin attacks of varying gruesomeness.


I want Robin's game. Except open world.


I had considered, a fairly long time ago, to write a "Walkthrough guide" for a non-existing game like this. A very experimental story format, you know. Very "detached and technical" in its descriptions on purpose, describing the mechanics and the general "plot".

I don't know if such a thing would be interesting to anyone, though.


I'm with you on the realism of damage, reaction and also the randomness part.
On the flip-side, I would't find game mechanics that are too strict to be 'fun'. Perhaps a different game mode where you can bypass normal human limitations would enhance your core concept.


Add in emotion mechanics to allow effects based on humiliation, shame, and regret. Like making a woman think she's why her daughter got murdered.


Sure. It's just that inconsistencies are more prominent when there's a meticulous attention to detail. Take the latest Mortal Kombat installments - they're definitely enjoyable violence-wise, no question about it, but... There's an X-Ray of someone being stabbed in both eyes and their spine literally broken, how do they continue to fight with the same efficiency (or at all)? Suspension of disbelief and all that.

... I'm fun at parties, I know.

But more seriously, yeah, there could be a switch between original hardcore mode and arcade mode where all of this is handwaved. And even the "hardcore mode" probably needs to have things like magic healing potions and such, because let's face it, if you're sliced with a sword, you can't simply walk it off.

By the way, MK's X-Ray could work nicely with this genre. It would probably be optional, but you could watch what happens inside the opponent's body (or your character's, for that matter).

I'm not big on these things (especially the example with the mother), but yes, in most the enemies are hell-bent on killing you. How about those that panic after they see you slaughter their friends? Maybe some would flee away or try to surrender. Same with the wounded enemies who beg you to spare their life.

Here's a fairly good video showing off the combat in Severance: Blade Of Darkness that I mentioned as a reference. . There's also an amazon character (not shown in this video) and in general more variety in the game, but it should you give a decent idea.


Damn, that game has better sparring mechanics than 90% of today's games. Even 95% perhaps.


the problem which you will encounter if you make combat system realistic is that your injuries will exponentially diminish your fighting capability so you will have no room for mistake, one who scores first hit wins.
If you want to avoid that you have to use some more forgiving combat system which will not decrease your capabilities.
Probably most realistic idea would be single hit, kill but making it harder to score that single hit.

I think panicking enemies are not new idea many games have them but those enemies usually run to call reinforcements.
Duke 3d even had enemies that pretend to be dead then attack you.

simulation emotions woud be interesting idea, but i wonder how one could to that effectively.

One way could be to take away control from the player when characters starts doing something by itself what is causing you problems or it can be like giving some advantages penalties in various physiological aspects like strength, health regeneration.


"in most the enemies are hell-bent on killing you"
"it should you give a decent idea"
How the fuck did I even manage that...

These are all valid points, of course.

Apropos of the panicking / surrendering enemies, sure, it wouldn't be a groundbreaking concept. I'm mostly thinking of situations like when a group of 2-3 enemies jumps you, a badly wounded one would be less likely to actively fight you. They might still swing at you occasionally, but mostly they would be concerned with their injuries, since you'd be busy with the remaining ones.

Fair point about how realistic combat reduces the available room for mistake. I'm mostly concerned about things like a sword's movement that looks like it basically cut someone in half. Perhaps the middle ground could be found in a more nuanced system of injuries that result from the same attack, depending on the context:

Spin around with a sword, swinging at your opponent horizontally:
* If they have armor around their midsection, it results in a bruised rib which is unpleasant but that's it (visually, the sword stops there upon impact, unlike in that video from Severance that I linked above where it goes all the way through)
* If they don't and the sword slams into their side, it would be a nasty cut, but not a literal slice in haif (similarly, the sword stops upon impact)
* If the distance is just right, then you can succeed in slicing all the way across their stomach (with the sword actually going all the way and exiting the body).

Kick the opponent in the groin:
* Really close distance: knee them
* Close: a kick upwards, hitting them in the crotch with the instep
* When the distance is just right: a kick upwards, hitting with the toe instead (perhaps with a blade mounted on the boot)
* Too far: a forward kick (think Leonidas) in the general groin / lower stomach area

This would make it fairly easy to influct bad-but-recoverable injuries, but you'd have to time things right to obliterate the enemy with just a couple hits. Similarly, the enemies would have a hard time destroying you within a couple seconds unless you fuck up. I still think, however, that injuries should impact how a character fights; i.e. you can't run if your leg is hit, or you can't use a shield efficiently if your left arm is.

It absolutely does. I even wanted to write a list of the features of the combat system that this game does very right, but it ended up looking like fanboyism. But I'll say this: it feels even better than it looks on video, so give it a try if you can. It's abandonware by now and runs on modern Windows without many issues (you'll need something called OpenGL Raster, most likely, and FogFix - or a GOG version that has both bundled, iirc).


some more points considering realism:
if we talk about real sword fight it has no such things as cutting your opponent in half or massive slashing.

Real combat is essentially 99% defense where your main concern is avoid to get hit while you only do tiny stabs and cuts to your opponent until those tiny injuries deteriorate his functionality enuogh to give up or lose ability to defend himself or just wait until he will get tired enuogh.
If your opponent is at least moderately armored your sword becomes almost useless in terms of cutting and you need to rely on stabbing only

So if you create game with spectacular slashes where you can chop body parts and make bodies fly around this is extremely unrealistic by itself and other issues do not matter anymore.

Other problem is that so far nobody even gave any attention to the fighting scenes in any game so they all looks quite terrible and dumb.
It woud be nice if someone implemented something like you imagine but this probably woud require separate system which consumes big chunk of computer resources.
So main concern here is how to manage those resources.

I woud guess that when you start fighting all environment graphic could be severely simplified while character polygon counts increased o to the maximum and all remaining cpu functionality diverted to the physic simulation.
Maybe if that was done there could be some possibility to see decent fights in the game


I'd subscribe to that, please?

On topic: Play as a sentient zombie. Quarter your friends, put them back together, eat them, or go hunt some more fresh flesh. As you progress from town to town, you can gain abilities like using firearms, regenerate humane appearance, silence your moans, manage lesser fellows, use magic, and more. However, the humans also gets progressively stronger over time as they hammer out better and better military tech for the civilians faster with each town demolished.

Meaning you can torture them (or your friends ) more with more inventive ways. Oh, did I say you can control lesser zombies?

While I dream for that, sometimes I host a CSS server called Healthy Testy where you get a thousand health instead of a hundred. Come join if you see it.


Honestly, Mortal Kombat comes pretty close to my ideal guro game and just game in general. I love fighting games and guro too so yeah.

However if I was in full control, I would make something similar in concept, but instead it would be all 90% female fighters with different abilities and powers. Throw in some monster like characters for varied and different attacks/fatalaites/and plot stuff too I dunno.

But the difference is that my game would be REALLY detailed in terms of character models, physics and animations. Every character would have a unique body made for them so no drag and drop one head onto a generic body a variation in skin tone, height and build, and clothing would be realistically represented too with correct material types and fit. They would have everything you would expect to see in the human body too (bones, organs, a working real time blood system ect) and it all reacts as accurate as possible as it would in real life.

One character might have a smaller and slower beating heart. One characters lungs might be bigger and thicker as they are canonically fitter then another who’s are a bit ruined due to smoking, One character would have a completely different set of teeth and a smaller tongue ect. Everything internally about each character is unique ever so slightly to just so there is enough variation. I would probably have to limit the roster to like 10 people if thats the case, but i would much rather have 10 INCREDIBLY individual characters than 40 drag and drop template characters.

Weapons would be useable but they can be disabled if you loose/break your arm or hand/limbs, thus limiting your ability to use them so your moves then changes to punches and kicks and then even worse, desperate shitty moves like headbuting and biting. I suppose there would be 3 tiers that you go through if you get fucked up enough, so you want to stay in your weapon tier for the best amount of moves and range ect.

Therefore in these fights to the death, no two matches should ever would look the same as nothing is predetermined apart from the basic general animations and movesets.

A few examples

If character 1 slashes character 2 across the chest with a katana, then blood would spray realistically and land/cover whatever it hits, her clothing nd skin would rip and tear accurately based on the models positioning at the time, and depending on how deep it was, the cut could be shallow or DEEP to the point where I can see the innards of her breast tissues and glands ect.

Again if Character 1 cuts across character 2’s stomach and guts her, then they will react in real time. Moving a flopping around, draging on the ground and with more movement and exertion, more will be inevitably spilled. And if character 1 attacks again, they could even slice that rope of dangling intestines off completely.

Of course, this won’t really effect gameplay. But I’m a very visual person, I like seeing women get wounded and sliced up in battle and still fight on, even with deadly wounds and missing body parts.

Then the fatales or finishing moves could be incredibly detailed too, as the body reacts realistically to the trauma being applied. And again it would be unique each time depending on how wounded the victim is, where they are on the stage and who it is.

I could spend forever just testing out the games physics system in training mode and seeing how fucked up I can get the opponent, until they are pretty much unrecognisable, hit restart and do it all again on another stage with another character


-If I really wanted to, I should technically be able to stand at a certain distance and slash a few times at opponent, but it JUST misses them and instead cuts their thin cotton top and reveal their tits. (Of course, no damage)
-If I really wanted to, I could grab your hair and throw you by it, ripping a chunk out for the rest of the game…or if I’m accurate enough, cut it with a bladed weapon.
-If I really wanted to, I should be able to do a stab attack and see that it leaves a wound for the rest of the match. If i did it again and again it would leave another and another.
-If I really wanted to, I should be able to have moves react with other moves. If I knock you to the ground and stomp on your belly then yeah cool it will leave a bruise and the opponent will probably throw up over themselves, but if I slice your belly open and your guts are about to spill, then I do my stomp move, I want to your characters guts forcefully shoot out of the wound I made across her stomach earlier.
-If i throw a throwing knife at your neck, but you try to dodge it by ducking and you are too late, It should hit your eye and be embedded in it for the rest of the match rather than hitting you and being a predetermined hit stun animation with the knife dissapearing. Then I could punch or kick your head and it comes flying out WITH the eye attached to the end of it, leaving a hole where your eye once was.

Everything reacts to everything in this game.

Fuck it throw in a character creation tool too. Based on how the developers make the characters but more UI friendly but with INSANE things to tweek and choose from with lots of clothing and weapons and move sets too. If I wanted to make my sexy teacher from my high school memories in this game they I can…would probably be on there for hours but it would be worth it.


You are the dean of a school for young women. Life is incredibly cheap, standards are high, and only the best get the honor of graduating. You make the rules, handle punishments, and provide motivation. Volleyball team didn't make the playoffs? Make an example of them. Lots of mini games you can play. You have to fundraise, and what better way than holding a big festival. Archery contests with live targets. A dunk tank, where the girls don't come back up, a slave auction, prostitution, and more! You have to balance getting your rocks off with actually turning out exceptional graduates, so your college doesn't get shut down.

Basically a combination management sim and porn game. A brothel rpg with more fantasy snuff/guro


Okay, speaking of schools, I had a vague idea for a story where the protagonist would be a teacher or a principal or an owner of a private school and could do anything they want with it. But I guess it would also work well or maybe even better as a concept for a game.

So, you're in a position of power in school, probably an owner of a private school and you can do whatever you want with it in sandbox mode, then maybe there's also a career mode where you have to take care of your budget as well. Maybe even start as a teacher controlling only one class with lots of limitations then get promoted to a principal controlling all of the school (or maybe being a teacher can be a tutorial level).
Basically the gameplay consists of setting up all kind of rules for the school and then running the simulation to see how it plays out. The idea is to have many many possible rules and have emergent gameplay from how you combine them in your particular case (we have Rockstar's budget, right? So it should be possible). The rules come in all sorts of flavors from pretty regular like if you enforce uniforms to more quirky like having those uniforms include collars and cat ears to erotic like having those unifroms be bottomless and to involving outrigth sex and to involving guro (actually, guro isn't really necessary for this game, but since we're on gurochan...) You can also set each rule to apply to everyone or only a particular category of students (boys, girls, A students, D students, first year students, students in sport clubs, etc) You can also have rules for enrollment, which can be as simple as being an only girls', only boys' or co-ed school, to combinations like: have only reach girls and only boys bought from slave market; or have only straight A boys and only most cute girls. You can also decide punishments for each rule if it is broken, which can range from no punishment to cruel execution in front of the whole school. In career mode you unlock more quirky rules and more severe punishments as you go, either as your school's ratings grow and so you can afford being more special, or as your students get more used to quirky stuff. Yeah, actually that sounds good: if you just outright oblige the girls to have sex with male teachers in an otherwise normal school, there will be protests, but if you have them go to the school in the nude for some months before that, then they'll show more acceptance. Of course, in sanbox mode you can tweak their acceptance as well and start with a school that already sees nothing wrong with executing random students at teacher's whim and as the teacher walks by and starts killing on of the student, the others they were chatting with won't even flinch. Ah, and you can also have rules for your teachers, and unlike students you can hire each teacher personally (but in sandbox mode you can design individual students too, you just probably don't want to do it for every student). Speaking of which, you can probably choose the size of your school as well (or maybe actually design the whole building like in sims or something).

So, let's think of some rules and how they can effect the gameplay.

For example, you can have a rule for all female students to be naked.
It will make female students feel embarrassed at first until they get used to it, so their academic success will lower in a short term. Some might even catch a cold, especially if you introduce this rule in winter (btw maybe you can also choose climate at the start of the game). But eventually they will acclimatize and actually improve their health in the longer term. Which will both help them with studies (less absence -> better studying) and sports, which in turn will benefit the school's ratings and through that your budget and options.
On the other hand male students will react too, being aroused by the constant presence of naked girls, which will distract them from studying and also lead to lesser grades. They will probably also get used eventually, but you can help them by allowing masturbation in school, or maybe even let them freely use the girls for sex (each of which should have complex consequences of their own). Or, if you're feeling dictatorial, you might set a harsh punishment for masturbation and/or sex in school instead. If you have such a punishment be executed by the girls, you will raise the girls' self-confidence and they won't even see their own nudity as humiliating, but empowering instead, further bettering their grades at the cost of those of poorly treated boys. On the other hand it will also teach the boys humility which might also be beneficial in the long run.
Anyway, the game should let you exploit benefit from being benevolent or violent or favoring some categories of students more then others, as long as you do it wisely. Maybe if you're being all violent with children, you can get budget from selling them to slave market instead of from having good rating, and then buy the rating by money instead?
Also, there's a trick to this rule: if you start installing it from youngest classes (smth like "forced nudity for (female) and (enrollment year > 20XX)") when the children are still innocent, they won't react to it as much and then will already be used to it by the time they're interested in sex. So they won't be distracted by seeing each other naked any more then students in a normal school by seeing clothed students of opposite gender.

If you're a boarding school, you can decide how your dorms work too.
For example, you can have an elite one-person apartment for each of your students (if you can afford it or play in sandbox) or just for the best ones.
Or you can have barracks where the whole class sleeps in one room (divide boys from girls or not at your wish... speaking of which, you can probably also have individual classes consist only of boys or only of girls if you wish) to make them feel like they're all one big family.
Or you can have two-person rooms and have each room be assigned to a pair of a boy and a girl. Or you can just allow boys and girls to share a room, but not assign them specifically, leaving in to chance which room will get populated with two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl.
Or you can have four-person rooms and assign 1 girl and 3 boys in each, given you have such a distribution of genders, and see what happens.

You can declare that being absent from classroom for toilet hurts the studies and have a toiler installed right in the classroom, so that the students can use it without missing parts of the lesson. You can choose to install it in the back of the classroom or in the front so that they do it in front of everyone's eyes. And then see how in the long run (after everyone is used to it) it not only helps the studies, but by students having seen every side of each other will make them more empathetic to each other, reinforcing the feeling that they're all one big family. These rules apply separately for number one and number two of course, in case you don't have the number two in your classroom.
Or you can make the boys use girls as urinals, but unless you play in sandbox, that'll require some preparations before such a rule can be accepted.
Or you can make them all just pee wherever they happened to be when they felt the urge, be it on their seat in the middle of the class, at the blackboard or right in their bed at the dorms. Or in the corridor as they just walk through it.

Serve cum-covered food and pee-based drinks in the cafeteria. Or serve shit if you're into it.
Let the boys in each class vote for a girl who will become a cumdumpster for them, or appoint one by yourself.
Introduce lessons on having sex.
Introduce sex while having lessons.
Accept rich girls and boys bought from the slave market to your school, and then make the girls be slaves to the boys.
Or just have boys wear girls' uniforms.
Or go the guro way and make the anatomy lessons have vivisection of the wort studying female student. Or best studying male student. Or a green-eyed student with the reddest hair. Or just someone of your pick.
Or introduce fighting to death to your P.E. lessons.
Or have a sex'n'snuff festival, that's always fun.
Whatever the school of your dreams is, you should be able to make one in this game. Or mod it in.

Basically the game should have a very complex character system where characters can have all kinds of traits and parameters, a super robust AI behaving on those traits and parameters, including those you can mod in, and then you should be able to set up rules based on those (so a big and adjustable list of rules, which you can also add with mods). "Apply rule (Wear cat-tail butt-plugs) for (gender = female) and ((hair = dark) or (hair = purple)) and (boobs < B) when (in_school)" kind of stuff. And then the characters will react to it via simulation, so you don't know how a particular rule will play out combined with all the other rules you set up for this playthrough, and that's where the fun is.


Let's go for a permadeath RPG. You're given a world to explore and a randomly generated character with which to explore it. The world would be a fantastic post-apocalyptic mishmash of magic, aliens, demons, pockets of advanced technology, and so on, so there's a very wide range of things your character might encounter, and each encounter runs the risk of permanently changing your character.

At the most basic level, any battle runs the risk of wounding your character, and wounds wouldn't be a simple matter of a number of hit points. The game would keep track of the bodies of all the people in the game, so any injury would be an injury to a particular body part, and different injuries would have different effects. Limbs could be severed, or they could be infected by a wide variety of things. Amputations would be an option to deal with certain problems.

On the other side, some encounters might provide new limbs, such as electronic prosthetics to replace lost limbs, or provide extra limbs. Magical encounters might also cause new limbs to grow, or change the character's body in even more drastic ways, such as becoming a centaur, or a giant, or a cyclops.

Whatever happens, the game would encourage the players to always continue forward, never reloading a previous save, because undoing negative results would destroy the challenge and thrill of exploration. When your character dies you would continue with a new character, though each new character will start in a random part of the world. Even when you start fresh with a new character, you still gain progress by remembering the things you found while playing previous characters in the same world, making it easier to find positive things and avoid negative things.

The goal of the game would be to gain skills, abilities, and magic powers through exploration and encountering the wild people and places of the world, and then use those powers to reshape the political situation in the world to your liking, most likely by killing some sort of evil tyrant who is threatening the world's peace.

In addition to going on adventures, there would also be tools provided for designing and sharing custom worlds by drawing maps and populating those maps. By sharing worlds, a player need never run out of crazy places to explore.


>>Whatever happens, the game would encourage the players to always continue forward, never reloading a previous save, because undoing negative results would destroy the challenge and thrill of exploration.

Games do not work that way as they are not about experience but about achieving the goal in most effective way

I think it could be solved in this way:
if you lose some limbs or get severely injured and manage to survive when you get mechanic replacements you become permanently stronger than before. however, for that extra strength, you have to pay with temporary weakness.

so if you don't get injured you don't get stronger (somewhat similar idea to dragonballs anime)

this could be the best done in the online RPG where you may actually need someone to help you to survive when you are injured.

But random dying is not really good idea. unless it is executed as the something where if you get into an inescapable situation death liberates you and moves to another location. keeping all your experience and stats.

Also, death could be a good mechanism to play different characters, as you may encounter situation whereas warrior you cannot win and you need to die and get a mage character or you encounter monster which deos not touch women but will kill any man.


That's an interesting way of viewing death in games. I'd like to see a game that does it. There is of course Battlefield 1's campaign, but it only happens in the first chapter.


My ideal game would be having to go through a bunch of rooms to get to the other side with no harm done. each room is for one part of the body breast, ass cheeks, dick, leg(s), and arm(s) last room is for the head. any kind of slicing can be used lasers, swords, saws, razor wire if you don't make it you get cooked and eaten same with the parts that you lose, male and female age 8 and up.


it's based on the exscape room idea you have a time limit to each part of the body if you don't figure out how to get out of the room you lose your parts


I want in truly demented game, where every.

Mechanics: Like Elder Scrolls Online, I guess, but with elements of COD's RTS bird's eye view mode.

You control either

- A faction of Illuminati trying to control "G.O.D." which is essentially the last (to be built) and first (creature in and perhaps creator of existence) technological invention.

- A hivemind of abominations, mostly cyborgs, that insectoid demons who might live in the 4th dimension

- A mercenary Mad Scientist.

You could farm people in barns and drink their blood and craft soul based siege weapons, there would be one craft skill but perk trees of different sciences like making a time machine. One such perk for Abominable Crafting would allow sever new tree that are each tied to a nornal one, like crafting furniture from people or using them as stationary shit cannons. Like on can swing on a fan as a trap, and someone walks in to rescue them, and when they open the door, a plug ia pulled from their ass and they spray their rescuer with shit as the spin around. You could use an Abominable Chemistry perk to make the shit deal damage.

And like demon gargoyles could be commanded to fly up to a stronghold made of souls hardened into steel, and use humans twisted into ass cannons as they're getting head. They pilot them using their tails, wings, arms, and cockss and maybe tongues, or they spit acid at a different rate of fire from their own mouths as they use the rest of their demon bodies to pilot these damned contorted humans. Mmmmmm. You could give them technologically enchanted machines that increase their aim skills.


It could have an extra faction and other dimebsions where people are forced to live through infinite timelines simultaneously in either pleasure or pain Matrixes. One could be H.E.L.L. and another H.E.A.V.E.N. Each is a separant multiverse filled with pain-sensory and give infinite pain (many times over).


It would definitely not be an AAA or even AA game but I'd love a good hanging (fantasy) simulator. As in, you'd be able to control all the minute details of each hanging when you are brought prisoners for execution. What the victims wear, the length of the drop, the placement and the style of the noose and gallows being used, whether it's public, private, for a closed audience, televised etc. The hangings could also fail (rope snaps in which case the girl is saved or in an extreme misjudged weight / drop case, the head pops off) and these would also have various effects on the effect of deterrence.

I would especially love if it was coupled with a school institution management like >>5657 describes and the hangings wouldn't just be snuff for the sake of snuff, but something done to a character for a reason and they would have different effects on the school populace based on how they were carried out in both detail, publicity and success. And you could also try to reform instead of executing and use less severe punishments instead. Or in the case the hanging ends in a non-fatal outcome, you could spare the victim from having to go through it again


I'd want a game where you're a gangster roaming japan, and you get to kill people but also you get to do interactive dating and sex with any girls in the game. Any crimes can be commited, even rape.


For me, it would be a hybrid between a conventional CRPG and a Ryona. Modern AAA production quality, with the cold-sweat and trembling knees of a Ryona experience. And a first-person camera view, to lend a whole new level of self insertion and impact.

As a girl with victim fantasies, Ryona games should be a gold mine. And I do love some aspects of them. Their reliance of reflexes and their punishment of mistakes with rape or a brutal death is catnip to somebody like me. But their 2D design means I can't really self-insert or particularly empathise with my character. And that's the whole draw.

First person RPGs should be a solution, along with vastly better production values, but frustratingly they all cut to third-person at the moment you die. Breaking the immersion right at the point I most want to immerse and self-insert. I don't want to see my character take a finisher from behind, I want to look through her eyes as she fades out.

So ideally you'd combine the two. The core mechanics would draw on a modern CRPG, with a locked first-person perspective(think Skyrim). And yet you'd also have the fast pace and punishment of a Ryona game; fail and you would watch yourself be violated or torn apart in first person.

Another idea I want to play with is level difference. Getting defeated by a high level character should leave you totally helpless, while getting defeated AS a high level character should let you turn the tables.

For an example, say I'm a top level character confronted by two Rogues. I'm fighting one while a second slinks up behind me and throws a garrot around my neck. The other drops me with a punch to the belly, and I fall into the arms of the girl behind me, who's now sitting.

The first Rogue kneels behind me, smiling sadistically as she gazes into my eyes. She playfully lifts my shirt, kissing my belly and slowly working down. She reaches my belt and undoes it, opening my pants. At this point I'm in control; I could snap her neck with my legs and then shank her friend with the rogue's own knife. Or I can watch her pleasure me, then drop her once she's gotten me off.

Now what if the roles reversed; I'm a very low level player facing two top level rogues.

And I'm helpless. All I can do is watch as the Rogue caresses my belly, then undoes my top exposing my breasts. She caresses my breasts, my nipples becoming erect. She grins coldly, seeing how she's effecting me.

I'm helpless as she unlaces my pants, and gently caresses my mound. Laughing as she feels my wetness. My character moans, first reluctantly and then like a slut as the Rogue rubs my clit and finger-fucks my vag, the girl behind me rolling and pinching my nipples. After a few moments I'm trembling, my character's legs visibly shaking and her breath ragged.

The Rogue glances over my shoulder and says "I think she's going to cum" Suddenly the garrot tightens, my slut's moans are choked off and my legs and writhing. The Rogue murmurs(ASMR?) to me to be a good girl and cum for her, and I do, shaking uncontrollably as I squirt all over her. I lay shaking, as she gazes into my eyes, watching me die. My kicking, trembling legs slow as white spots dance on the screen. I slump back into my killer's arms, a golden shower trickling down my legs as everything goes white.


Have you tried skyrim or fallout with mods from loverslab?
You can do an entire playthrough where once you fuck up in combat, the your character surrenders and gets raped, potentially killed afterwards. I think it's called sexlab defeat or something like that. It's pretty neat, but it's no way near as detailed as you described that scenario.


Hmm, thanks for the tip. I'll remember that.


Hi another idea is to remake the torture doll in 3d all parts can be used with a number of tools to harm or dismember


So a RTS with these armies and the lore is far future millions of years ago and in the future. Or maybe it's reality a week from now who knows.

Material Centered Cyborgs - Ice/Water Demons/Angels {''}. Strong, reslient and tanky. Become Diamon Titans.

Energy Centered Cyborgs - Fire/Bright/Star Demons/Angels{'}. Initially basic but fast and very versatile troops that evolve into raging infernos who eat or farm solar systems.

Earth Angels - Elves, Fairies, Bright Angels. Humans and their technologically augmented descendents and cousins on the evolutionary tree. They are high in number, due to clones and other strange inventions. Physically fit by default, they live in nature have superpowers. Technology is mostly imbued within them and their genetic code, though they've lost the bulk of their technology before escaping The Eternal Catastrophe. They do have access and the ability to create some impressive technological assets, however.

Dark Matter Based - Night Angels/Shadow Demons. Descendents of a civil war after a war with Angels. The 2 Factions reached a complex territorial truce, which seems to be based on photons.

Necrotic Fleshed Blood-Powered-Technology Parasitic Aliens - Vampires, Zombies, and Blood Demons.

Mutants - Werewolves, Orcs, Ogers, Giants. Crazy other shit. Many subfactions.

Technologocially Advanced Humans - Cults and Guildes of Ninjas, Knights, Magicians, Priests Priestesses, Sorcerors Sorceresses, Warlocks, Witches, Wizards. Certain puritanical factions disallow one gender or the other, or specifying magic or combat styles.

What stats should they have tho? How would you fuck with this?


Gore and the ability to torture and rape every type of person in masses. See demons portals open up and send them to eat people and build long term items for your troops using souls or send angels to defeat them or have certain guards. Crazy cults torture angels. HQ detail... maybe control a cult and use it to torture beautiful babes.

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