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From teleportation to pyrotechnics, science has much to offer and endleas potential.

What do you think the future will be like? What cybernetic enhancements would/will you want? How will you use them? Might you join kabals? Err on the side of spying or hiding? Speed or toughness?


I believe that cybernetics would be awesome.

Teleportation is suicide, and plain silly.
Being able to fly somehow would be awesome-sauce.
Internet-Brain connections are going to be a thing almost certainly, and could improve life substantially, but at very high risks.

Enhanced body strength and speef through superior to flesh prosthetics ala Deus Ex ? Yes please, with extra sugar on top.

I, personally, would probably only find the above mentioned improvements to be worthwhile, yet still at a very thin distance from being too risky to use.

What sort of kabal are you talking about?


Real teleportation is impossible and if we talk about mind transfer then it is more reasonable so be in several places at once and just synchronize data betwern different instances so that you can be like god one being in unlimited number of persons (God only has 3 LOL)

other idea is remote controlled body since it is much safer to be in some well protected dungeon and only interface worth though internet. so that you can control selected bodies anywhere on earth. those bodies can be robotic or organic humans or even moderately sized animals.

I think this kind of technology will become real pretty soon because it is actually very simple. It is big puzzle why is is not implemented yet as it is so extremely easy.
Maybe some rich guys are using it already?

This kind of technology will allow to realize pretty much any fantasy because you can become anything you want anytime it can greatly extend lifespan making it close to immortality however it makes you dependent on internet connection.

However regardless on how advanced technology can become we are still restrained by the laws of physic on earth so you cannot improve our abilities significantly you can make yourself a bit stronger but you wont survive if you just from skyscraper even if you are made of titanium and carbon nano fiber and you wont be able to fly or jump on the roof.

Because of this, it will be much more rational to move into virtual world entirely which is free of any restrictions. then forget about the real wolrd entirely, because it is just too boring.



Any sort of kabal. Perhaps one where nobody is allowed to hurt any pther member except the archon can do as he pleases. No other rules.


We don't really know whay is or isn't possible. But why do you say remote controlled bodies are already feasible tools? If you mean like drones and the sort, then yes the U.S.A. has declassified that tens of thousands of drones are over their own skies and they use them to bomb babies in the middle east... and they probably watch children masturbate throughout the world.

As for actualy bodies being almost ttelepathically controlled... I doubt thay humanity has yet invented such a thing.


Afaik, brain-machine and machine-brain interfaces exist and are facilitated by machine learning, but they only have around 100 pins pr so (what I read last week) and have to be implanted through surgery, which is risky if just for our whimsical desire to control some remote stuff.

Also, the necessary bandwidth is a clear limitation that we have yet to overcome. I doubt we could control other bodirs yet, but that day may be only a decade away.


Unfortunately we know almost everything in the universe with only small exceptions because we have basic idea on how everything works according to the quantum physic. you can expect some new discoveries but pretty much anything significant woud break entire physic understanding and make you omnipotent.

Consider teleportation if you manage to teleport object from 1 floor to the 6th floor you can generate energy by dropping it down so you will make perpetual motion engine.

remote controlled bodies are possible because you can pretty easily connect to peripheral nervous system all our bodies are controlled by nerve fibers just like plain copper wires all you need to do is connect to them and this is not even too hard because those neurons grow into any holes you present then in their path.
All you need is to cut some nerve, place the edge in front of interface chip and it will grow into it properly and connect.

Unfortunately this technology does not work on central nervous system in both directions. You an get data from CNS but you cant send it back

current brain computer interfaces are plain nonsense, they are as if you take bunch of wires and jam then into your computer motherboard. then try to analyze what data you are getting or try to inject something.

This is not how things are done properly, if you want to connect to the brain you have to use proper interfaces that already exist in the brain. like for example optic nerve, but of course you will have to remove already existing device to replace it with something new.
this is why this technology is not to desirable unless you already lost something of your own like if you lost your hand it can be replaced with robotic device which can be controlled over any distance.


>>5330 Unfortunately we know almost everything in the universe with only small exceptions because we have basic idea on how everything works according to the quantum physic. 

Um. Not quite.


You are overly optimistic.
unfortunately we really know almost everything and we can tell with almost 100% accuracy what is possible and what is not. (At some degree we can even approximately tell how it is possible)
Sure there is still some fundamental stuff we don't know it but unfortunately we cannot even theoretically access it so it is irrelevant.

I am not talking about knowledge on how to build quantum computer or fusion reactor.
I am talking about fundamental knowledge which explains how all existence operates.
This is like knowing how computer CPU works, not how all software using that cpu works.


It isn't optimism.

Mybonly point wasn't that we'll have good things but rather that we definitely don't understand the majority of the universe aimply for our understanding of quantum physics.

That being said I get that we cannot rely on what we don't know anyway.


Understanding does not work that way you can not only understand part of the universe. You have to understand everything and only difference is acuracy of your understanding.

If we think about earlier times all universe was described in Newtonian laws were we had several fundamental particles and forces as building blocks of the universe.
That model was wrong because later we found out that unexpectedly universe has a wave nature, as described in quantum physic and those building blocks do not exist.

We may still not know some small details, but general model is more or less complete and we can only slightly improve its accuracy, but we cannot expect significant changes without declaring everything wrong again. And that would be extremely optimistic idea because pretty much any significant change would result in omnipotence.

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