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I know here we all emphasise a difference between fantasy and reality, but I have a hard time really setting it apart like that and it makes me feel like a terrible human being.

Maybe you want to be raped or tortured, maybe you want to be the one raping and torturing, maybe you just wanna kidnap a little girl, tie her down and take a dump on her while she screams and cries. Either way to some degree we're all aware of the separation between fantasy and reality, myself included, but... I can't help but feel a pang of envy hearing about real guro things people have experienced that are the things I'm into. I hate it. I hate that I live for imagining these things and pretending they're real.

And it's disgusting because I know those things would be terrible or traumatic in real life but it makes me so angry!

For me I feel like part of my problem is that my guro interests tie into my self esteem a bit. Does anybody else feel this way?


Yeah, well, kind of. I'm jealous of Armin Miewes, he got to cut off a mans genitals, that's one of my biggest fantasies, along with eating them, or destroying them. Hng...

apart from that, yeah, most of the stuff on gurochan would be traumatic irl, but some stuff wouldnt be.



I don't want to actually hurt or kill women and children as I care about them. That's what roleplaying with them is for but even with that, you can only do it with women of legal age.

I'll admit though that I'm envious of coroners and others at morgue that get to handle the dead bodies of women and children and strip them nude, it's what I want to do but I of course don't want to cut them open and disfigure them. I'm also envious of funeral workers who get to prepare dead women and children for their funerals and burials. I picture myself getting aroused at handling their dead bodies in either job.


This world is incredible. You want it? Work for it. You want to not want it? Work towards that.

There's a number who intend and even succeed at such amazing things, the people you speak of, and inquire if we're jealous.

Well, I intend to be one for a certain number.

Metalheads at a concert, having gotten half off their tickets in echange for donating blood. It poors into buckets from their arms. All on stage, surrounded by fire. And lightning.

The procedure is as safe as ever, or at least follows protocol, except that it's being done also as theatrics, but the blood is real and revered and will help mend lives.


I am jealous of Anne Boleyn.


Probably I will be only one who does not agree with the idea of separation between fantasy and relaity.
But I agree with this.

If you really want something realistic you usually can achieve so there is no reason to envy people who got something as they had to pay the price for what they got.

What I do envy is the people who accidentally got in the right place at the right time to have some experience or meet certain people it is even more disappointing that those people managed to screw up that or did not even enjoy it and often they even ruin everything.


Let me clarify I believe it's pnly healthy to seperate fantasy from reality, just that you can in fact pursue your fantasies if you so choose.



As much as I want to, part of the issue is i'm experiencing some cognitive dissonance - experiencing my fantasies irl would, as some part of me can understand and accept, be incredibly damaging and traumatic. However I still yearn for it.


This is completely normal , because we all have desires that could result in bad consequences if enacted in reality.

In fact this is the difference between fantasy and reality that in the fantasy you do not have consequences while in the reality you have them.
Living out your fantasy usually will result in appropriate consequences so there is no need to envy those who had chance to experience that.

Your thinking and behavior is entirely rational.


I wonder what it will take to make mine real. I have intentions of making some desires happen.

It's only a matter of power and price. Know the difference between what happens and what dark material you fap to. But the 2 can overlap.


I'm still a giant moralfag so people who let their own sick minds ruin the lives of others disgust me.
Every intelligent life form has an inalienable right to live how they see fit to the extent that it doesn't infringe on another's right to the same and obviously raping and murdering people infringes on that right HARD.


What if the people you murder are them selves murderers? What if you rape unrepentant child rapists who continue to make a living stripping kids against their will that are sent there for not believing in any gods or for looking at porn?


Oh, yes. This Japanese girl who got tortured for more than a month, got raped hundreds of times, who was begging them to let her die at the end? Damn, I wish I was the one who did that to her.

I wouldn't do it though.


Not the same moralfag but... Nope. ALL humans have an inalienable right to be treated with dignity and respect. Even if they have committed horrible crimes themselves (that's the inalienable part ;) ). There is no justification, ever, for acting out your non-con fantasies on another person, no matter what atrocities they themselves might have committed. A clean, humane execution can be justified in a few extraordinary circumstances (Crimes against humanity) but not for ordinary criminals, even if they're serial child rapists and murderers


Jealous of the ones we haven't heard of (b/c they actually got away w/ it).


There is no morality, do what you want. Or don't. It does not matter.


I have to admit that I'm kinda jealous of Sada Abe, but then again, I'm not at the same time. That woman went through a lot of shit in her younger years & even as an adult, still couldn't get herself together until the very end.


I'm feeling pretty jealous today. I wish I could find someone to end me right. I know there are people out there who have succeeded, and I envy them their perfect end.


Nobody lives out my fantasies. My fantasies are exclusively visual and auditory in nature. I don't care at all what my fingernails digging into the inside of a vagina would feel like. I don't want to know what it smells like to torture a woman to death. The taste of her tears doesn't really interest me. I just want to see her face and body and hear her scream and beg. The rest is not only superfluous, it's an unwanted distraction.

I guess in theory, there could be people out there with very well-shot snuff films, or videos taken by serial sex killers, or something like that. On occasion, I've experienced a bit of envy for the FBI(or whatever agency) agents who get to see things like this. But realistically, that's sure to be only a small part of what is otherwise a tedious, difficult job. That's how real life is in general. Most things are more trouble than they're worth.


I sometimes feel jealous watching BDSM videos, there are plenty of things always I've wanted to try but finding a partner I could actually share them with sometimes feels impossible. Things like being tied up and forced to cum - actually finding a partner who you'd trust to do to you that isn't easy.

With my guro fantasies it's a little different. My bondage side is always there, that's a concrete and constant part of my sexuality. Every time I start to feel warm, every time I let my imagination and my hand drift, there's always some element of that.

But my guro fantasies come and go. I'll have a night where I fantasize about getting choked or drowning or having my throat cut, but as my orgasm fades so does that fantasy. And it's often days or weeks or even months before I feel it again.

And that's all they are, fantasy. Something I think about as I touch myself off, and which vanish like fog after. I would never want to try them IRL, even the more violent forms of BDSM.

I've never had an issue dividing fantasy from reality. As somebody who's been writing since childhood, I have a close familiarity with and tight control over my own imagination. I know where the limits are.


I personally want there to be a strict line between reality and my fantasies and I wouldn't want anyone to suffer just so I could get my jollies so even if I was in a position where it would be legal to enact these fantasies irl I definitely wouldn't. I have thought about my fantasies happening irl in a bunch of different scenarios and I find those fantasies very arousing but I would only want to see them done with staging, as part of bondage between consenting partners or virtual reality so that people don't actually get hurt. Things like gallows hangings are pretty hard to replicate especially if you want the drop aspect to be involved so when it comes to irl I'm content with jerking it to movies / tv shows or videogames aside from the fetish material when it comes to enjoying said fantasies.


I've thought about this subject a great deal. I ache and hunger to make the fantasies I do have a reality. Although I don't have highly specific scenarios I would want to play out... More like I want to capture a women, torture her for hours / days (though holding someone captive for days on end is infinitely harder than one would think and I'd be too paranoid), and eventually ripping and tearing shreds from her fat tits through my own teeth then using a blade to cut chunks of flesh from them. It would be overwhelmingly incredible.

The reality of this is either you do or you don't. The middle way is by attempting to live out fantasies through RP or roleplaying with a partner in person (though you would need to build a strong level of trust with them, first since consent is important when it comes to that shit). I've had the fortune of having partners that understood what I enjoy though we've never actually done anything disfiguring.


Yeah sort of. I don't feel disgusted or hate myself for it, and frankly don't really get why someone would enjoy something in fantasy but not IRL (unless it's something like masochism where it could turn out to hurt more than you expected). I'm envious of all the guys who get to torture or kill young children and girls, but I'm not too envious of twelve life sentences. If I could live out Norris and Bittaker's actions without actually getting v&, my life would be complete.


I'm jealous of people who don't have guro fantasies, Must be nice to have fetishes that don't leave them feeling like they should just end it for everyone else's safety most of the time


I guess sooner or later this topic had to appear.I'm verry happy with myself, i like guro and i like living in society, so coming here and seeing guro-hentai is, for me, above actually living the fantasy.If you acctualy do it, you will acquire a state of fear/worry of being caught wich consumes your time and energy and prevents you from achieving your life goals and enjoying life.
To become a serial killer is to leave social life on a second plane as a cover-up and live for the kill.
In other thoughts my favorite serial killer is Tsutomu Miyazaki, but i wouldn't call him an otaku, he had gore films and other things besides hentai, and I don't think his hobby or the rat-man made him do it, he simply chose to step on the other side because society didn't offer much for him, or some other reason, maybe just for fun! :)
Btw i agree with DisgustingP 100%!


And btw the answer is no!
Well 99% of the time that is! >evil grin<


Im so jealous. Wish I could find real cannibals who could eat my flesh. I am a male taking hormones to get breasts and a female body. Once my breasts are fully developed I don't think ill be able to resist wanting to take a bite. I want to take a bite out of my breasts and I want to eat my belly button and maybe a piece of bubble butt. Anyone else want a bite?


both of you are, unfortunately, psychopaths. Most of us prefer fantasy over reality because the portions of our brains responsible for theory-of-mind and empathy work normally, so the suffering of others affects us.

I think most of us make fantasies to push specific emotional buttons. The fantasy is abstracted, it's a cartoon, sanitized of the horror that would normally come with these kinds of scenarios. Fantasy is a different state of mind.


Fantasy is your true self while reality is just a mask which you use to hide your true personality. If someone gave you an unlimited power you would pretty soon turn into your fantasy personality and this always happens to everyone almost with no exceptions.

The idea that psychopaths do not feel empathy is totally wrong. they sometimes have even stronger empathy than normal people. The difference is that psychopath do not see people who are worthy of empathy. People who have no empathy are autists. Without empathy, you cannot enjoy torture and pain of other people or animals

You are totally aware that those police idiots have practically zero chance to catch you. The reason why you don't do it is that you are either too lazy (you don't think the pleasure is worth of all that wok) or you do not want to do that after all (at least under current conditions.)


I am jealous. But I feel like I did my share of harming others. Torturing (physically or emotionally) and killing are really shitty things to do IMO.

So I reshape my jealousy into hate towards the bad guy. Part of me may like what he did, but I don't fantasise about the poor victim, but rather about tearing him to pieces.

I guess in this sense I would love to live out my guro fantasies, but not the sexual ones.
It's just guilt probably.


No, not really. It all ends in fiction and roleplaying, as it should be.


Fuck no. Call me a moralfag or a hypocrite or whatever, but I draw a hard fucking line when it comes to fantasy and reality.

Like, I'm a huge sadist when it comes to my sex life. I love making my partners suffers and squirm, but I would never, NEVER want to truly hurt them, or do anything that went past their comfort zone.

Porn aside, what gets me off the most is knowing I satisfied my sub while being in complete control, and I could never really get that from actual murder or necrophilia.
I'd have as much hateful contempt for a gurofag that actually went out and killed a person to fuck them as I would for a furry that actually forced themselves onto an unwilling animal.


Psychopaths who do this to real people do not belong on this planet.


It seems this is exactly the planet they belong on, as horrifying as it can be.


Mmmm..No not really.

I'm a victim in my fantasies. I don't want to actually be a victim. How would I continue to get off to the thought of being destroyed if I were already dead? It kind of, well literally, it kills the whole fetish.

If someone wants to go through with it, power to them. I'm happy in my fantasy world. :)


This is a really healthy attitude about things and one I share.

I really enjoy hurting the ever-loving shit out of people.

I also like making my partners cum, and cum, and come back for more.

There's also a huge line between pain & damage/injury. Pain can be fun. Injury can be crippling.

And then there's the discussion about Consent. That's HUGE.

I really recommend looking into the BDSM community. There are people in it who are into raping people or being raped, cutting and being cut, blood play of various levels and, of course, being beaten black & blue with a range of implements.

Fetlife DOT com

Go there. It's the leading, but imperfect, social media site for BDSM and a good way to find local people/events so you can check things out.

Best of luck.



Some of us were born with minds made for an older, crueler world. Hard to not be jealous of those who lived in a time when there was no accountability, no justice, only violent competition and raw force in nature.


Don't be jealous of coroners. A buddy of mine got a job at a morgue for the same reasons, to handle the bodies of attractive women but all he got was mostly old people of natural causes or in one case, a body so decomposed it was literally shoveled into a box. He lamented about how he never had a stripper or attractive woman die when he worked there, so even if you had that job, there may be the chance that you never get to experience it anyways (depending on your region).

I'm a little jealous of those that are boring and vanilla. It's those people who have a normal life where their "bad dream" is just endlessly falling, and not having their throat slashed open, shot and waking up in pain. My mind it terrifying and I would be in prison if I didn't have an iron will. I would love to do the things I think about and fantasize but I realize that it is something that will ruin my life and put me behind bars. I don't like the idea of imprisonment or something preventing me from living any semblance of a "normal" life. Having knee jerk reactions of suicide and murder to the most mundane events is tiring and I'm envious of those whose only worries are what they will eat for breakfast in the morning. Although there will always be a part of me that's like "ah... I wish I was the one that slashed her open", it's the normalcy that I truly envy.

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