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How about you?


I read many years ago that women live their lives like a soap opera. I certainly don't know any that don't lol. This thread into a perfect example. Upset with something else completely, she wastes space here, wondering if it might get her banned.

Yeah, I like, into weather. But it has to be weather that I like. Too much humidity, no. Rain: after two/three days is enough. After that I start to think of Oasis songs (about weather) and then end up depressed. Nice weather leaves me wanting something to happen...

Checks: all seasons (including their weather) happen Now. But only one comes into Focus at a time. Multiparametrical choices lol. ^v^


Is it not allowed? I like everything you said about weather but I'm 2 intoxicated to know if you're being sarcastic I guess. Happy 4th assholess


I hate the weather right now. too damn fucking hot.


I love depictions of it being too hot or cold.



I apologize for the troll DP. I honestly thought you were just fucking with us. You and I into both intoxicated. ^v^


Drunk, high, and sleep deprived. Also horny.



Thinks anyone would (eventually) become horny surrounded by all these guro pics lol. Now I'm horny reading you were horny yesterday. tehfaq. How about I come over and we settle this right now? ^v


Well I'm a straight dude



Good Lord Holmes, all this time I've been figuring you for a bisexual female! Straight dude here too lol.


... y tho


Figured you for a dude on your Guro Music thread here on /dis/ back in January. But somehow, over time, when I'd see a reply you'd made on other threads, it struck me you might be female at some point. Keep in mind that I go through a lot of alcohol every night with headphones on for six hours listening to all sorts of crazy stuff. Sorry! ^v^


I'm glib in a way men usually aren't, no worries.

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