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For you necrophiliac fans, which girls or women in anime and manga is your favourite for necro fantasies? It can be anyone and be any necro fantasy you desire.

For me, the girl/woman whose body we see that gets me aroused and deeply fantasizing the most would be Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed Destiny. She's as lovely dead as she is alive and the anime gives us lots of screentime of her dead body.

Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica also makes me deeply aroused when she's dead in episodes 6, 8 and 9. Seeing her dead in her school uniform with her cute set of legs is quite appealing to me.

How about you guys?


It isn't what you're talking about exactlydur to the specific media but I love "In my room" by ICP



Could you give me the link to that story? I can't seem to find it.




Stay focused on my question, ok?

What girls or women in anime/manga are your favourite for necro fantasies?


If you want specifically Japanese comics and animated cartoons...

I'm not much into necrophilia but Tenshi Muyo had a scene where a girl is eternally entombed and that left a mark.

I crushed on Witch Hunter Robin when I was 12. Simultaneously had necromantic fantasies.



Ah yes, Tenchi Muyo had a couple of girls and women in that situation. What did the girl that you're talking about look like? I Can help you find who she is if you want.

I can see why you'd have had a crush on Witch Hunter Robin, she's cute. As for Necromantic fantasies, that's interesting. What sort of necromantic fantasies did you have?


Npnsexual ones.

Listening tocint Eastwood by Gorillaz. Being a Ghost God and the like would be co, I'd always appear as the opposite od vanta black, the original cartoon ghosts. I'd look like a 2 dimensional cartoon ghost no matter the angle you look at me from. And armies of zombie gorillas.

Just ghost powers to the extreme ig

And iirc she had long white hair. It was a flashback battle about making friends and something... 2 youngest...

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