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I was thinking the other day:
• Succubi who fed on people's life force through sex — they might come from hell, from a parallel world, or be artificially created bioweapons
• In the modern world, there are (if you believe some) unprecedented millions of males who have no hope for their lives and are desperate for female affection — ready and willing to trade the former for the latter. Rich feeding ground?
• Good succubi reluctantly feeding on the willing (especially the old, sick and others with the least prospects) to gain the power to fight evil succubi and other threats?
• Morally grey succubi who consider feeding on desperate males to be a favor and have no reservations about enjoying it?

Are there any stories set in that kind of world? Throw in a male protagonist who's immune to feeding, or who has a good succubus in love with him protecting him, and it almost seems like it could be a mainstream manga.

Admittedly, one potential issue is that depending on the population of succubi and how often they can feed, the easy prey might be burned through pretty quickly.


That does sound like a pretty decent manga premise. Go for it!


Sorry; I don't draw (or write).

I guess that's a "no"? I'm a little surprised; it seemed pretty obvious once I started thinking about it. I think the "reformed succubus" threads on 4/tg/ were at least in related territory.


Some "sporty girls" apply to join Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. He accepts. Food runs low, and the *dogs*? What kind of monsters do they look like?

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