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Hello Gurochan

These days I've been on the wacky (and as I read and read and watched I didn't really find it wacky anymore) side of the internet. More specifically, I've been browsing /r/Conspiracy. I wanted to get a better picture of what is happening in the world right now (the migrant crisis, see how the strings are being pulled.

I've also stumbled across a few videos that at first seemed outright ridiculous, videos that detailed how a secret order - Ordo Templi Orientis (very high tier elites, like Rothschild bankers and US presidents) perform rituals in a place called the Bohemian Grove.
The predominant religion of the elites, from what I've gathered is luciferianianism. I don't really want to go into depth about who they worship , but their core belief is that they gain power and free themselves of the weakness of humanity / inhibition by doing acts of 'transgression' such as sodomy of young boys, gay sex, sacrificing children and eating them; also organizing actual manhunts in that 2700 square miles forest.

At first I thought that it's all bullshit, these videos are way too insane. Then I stumbled upon these two videos of an ex banker that details his experience with the elite and why he quit (when he was asked in a ritual to murder an infant) - his experience - details about how the world is being ruled

I've looked at those videos and looked a bit into it, and as far as sincerity goes, he does seem sincere. These videos got me convinced that most of the conspiracies regarding shadowy cabals are actually true. Also, here's a post regarding a Wikileaks publication about the Bohemian Grove
The fact that I found wikileaks materials regarding these orders and rituals enforced my belief that this shit is actually taking place, and there isn't just one group, there are multiple groups of elites that murder people for 'empowerment' or probably just to feel powerful.
I've also read that they've been filming some of these rituals where they snuff people. Suddenly, movies like Hostel or The Purge (where elites kill ordinary people for entertainment) seem closer to reality than I'd like to think...

Another reason for me to believe these are actually taking place is the fact that they are in control of basically EVERYTHING, the level of financial power that these people have actually allows them to indulge in whatever they want, including murder, without any repercussions. They are above governments and ordinary law.

I've also stumbled across this channel, 'End Times News Report' and more specifically, this playlist, which details more about the psychopaths that rule us
The guy is an investigative journalist and from what I've seen, he's really unto something about the Hollywood pedophilia rings right now, but alas, that's another can of worms.

So, how do you feel, to know that there are people who actually put some taboo fetishes that are explored on this site, into practice?
I was really disgusted to wake up to this reality, but also kinda allured by the fact that if you actually want to, you can fulfill your darkest desires without facing repercussions - as long as you can enter these shadowy circles.


> as long as you can enter these shadowy circles.

Like any of us can, ha


There's aloways that 1.e-16% chance


He said that at the very top, there are like ~8000-8500
So that brings it closer to 1.06e-4 to 1.13e-4. Fabulous odds.


Slow your roll.

Conspiracies are true, but not most of them, certainly not almost all.

And we should definitely hang back on assuming their religion. I think it's more likely the most dangerous illuminati squads are Christians. Crazy old white male Christians ordering drone strikes on weddings and schools to eradicate nonwhites in the long run, get rid of women and children so the men can just grow old and die out, being out-maneuvered.

What's more is that though I do believe in the notion of a power elite, that soesn't mean that every squad within the highest tier is on the same page or in agreement. Fpr that matter, we're all human, and the richest, most skilled and knowledgeable monarch can die at the hands of a blade or plague. Maybe just takes a wrong turn. You never know.

The Russians have at least 1 powerful Illuminati, the Americans have several. There are more. But why does it need to be about them? If it's just pedophile rings and organized hunts, well...

Aside from the highest tier powerful elite, there are billions of people in the world. Just some rich fucks who aren't so influential could have a mansion and a girl-farm. The more assets and skills they have, the more incredible such a horrible place is. Perhaps only the illuminati factions that care to have these things will farm girls that are taught only a secret language and kept in another world away from our own, deep underground and with artificial light or reflecting the sun with so many mirrors.

It's also possible that many "Illuminati Factions" that would otherwise be brethren have had intense falling out for extreme differences in morality and ethics.

We don't know the full extent of what's out there, or even the minimum, just that the world can be a fucked up place. Let's all hope for the best, we shall!


All of that having been said, let me be clear.

All the Masons I'm aware I've dealt with are manipulative assholes. There's clearly no fair God, for they'd be enduring the worst of what's posted here.


I agree with what you've said. There are indeed multiple cabals/groups that rule us, but the main 2 are the Globalists and the Zionists, both of which are ruled by atheistic/non-hebrew jews.

I find your idea about the girl farms to be strangely believable, considering they already have private islands full of child sex slaves. (see Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express)


We don't really know if that's true about Bill Clinton but with almost a thousand billionaires and countless millionaires, and knowing human nature and that there sex slavery is an issue, there has to be some.

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