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My biggest fantasies is digging up dead girls and then violating their corpse. Or getting into a mausoleum, open the tomb, then enjoying the contents within. I prefer dead girls wearing burial dresses in coffins or similar containers. I also think of corpse pussy as wine; The older they are, the better. So, what do you think, everybody?
p.s. White burial kimonos is the best!


I'm not into grave robbing or necrophilia by any means, just curious. How decayed do you prefer your bodies to be?

Thanks in advance.


I'd like a little discoloring of the skin, like going gray or stuff like that.


Wow. So pretty early, right?


Your fantasies are probably too optimistic. I can guarantee you that real dead girls won't be as pretty and fuckable as you imagine. It could work but in very rare cases. Like when a really pretty 18 year old died suddenly in a way that didn't destroy her body, was contained properly, buried quickly and you open the grave very soon after the burial (during the first night). Reality is often very different from our imagination. Life isn't a cartoon or a video game. Better don't ever try it. It is extremely inappropriate and the penalty would be harsh. Your life would be completely ruined if you were caught.


What's that? You highly recommend it? Graverobbing carries no risk and is exactly like we imagine it to be? Ok, thanks for letting us know



Well, in my grave robbing fantasies, the dead girl would have to be fresh and intact in order for her to be appealing to me. Also, I fantasize about a dead girl being in a pretty dress of various types and putting her in a body bag before taking her home with me and after injecting her with an anti-decomposition chemical, make her into my love doll to cherish and love forever.

With Anime and manga characters who've died, I fantasize about digging up their bodies from their graves and making them into love dolls to love too.

Also, I've got similar Grave robbing fantasies that involve dead lolis and shotas. In my fantasies, I can't bear to see a beautiful child, teen girl or woman rot away in the ground so I work to save their bodies from such a terrible fate and preserve them forever.


>the penalty would be harsh
that probably depends on where you live. I just checked and in my country grave robbing/necrophilia would be prosecuted as "disturbance of the dead" and the MAXIMUM penalty is 3 months. A first time offender would most likely get off with probation and some mandatory therapy.

your other points are valid though.


Holy fuck where do you live? I'm not even into necrophilia and that makes me rethink things.


I'm willing to offer my wife. She's not even dead and damned if I can tell the difference in the bedroom.


That's why I'd prefer to fuck someone immediately after killing them, when their body is just lukewarm and their skin is still soft, before rigor mortis sets in (Iess than 4 hours after death). One of my most persistent fantasies is smothering my daughter to death in bed with a pillow and sleeping with her body, cuddling her, kissing her, caressing her, talking to her. A real draw is the fact that even after death she'd still feel so human, being alive just minutes earlier, waiting for a goodnight kiss from daddy with not a worry in her mind. Not that I'd actually do it, but damn I wish I could.

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