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just curious to see just how fucked up i am compared to others. got any twisted desires you'd like to share?




If it was legal maybe. My biggest fantasy is to decapitate a young college girl and fuck her severed neck stump, then fuck her severed head afterwards. When I'm done I would dismember her and impale her body and head and keep it as a trophy.

But of course this is all fantasy and I would absolutely never think of doing it IRL.


My darkest desires are too horrible to share in public, and they are not related to sexual stuff.


Fire. Lots of fire. And Pain.


Would love to cut a girl's limbs off and her head than cut out their internal organs and make a complete mess of their corpse and paint the walls red with her blood.


Yes, hypothetically, I think I can top everyone.

Research and development of time control, nanobots, creating infinities within a single moment, and cobbling together people's consciousness into a soul, even if nothing divine, linking every moment of their life together into one being.

When i have these capabilities, send the nanoswarms back in time, collect every moment of a person's life, and clone each moment of them by infinity.

Hook each clone of each moment of him or her to each other clone of every moment of the same person. Hook that "soul" up to a machine spanning an entire universe, maybe an infinite number of universes, that all spring up in an instant, following a fractal design making them all, essentially, computers. Each one gives pain, while enabling its victims to feel all that pain.

Torture everyone who has ever slighted me, even if they are now dead, with this infinite to the power of infinity exponentially painful god machine.

Also, destroy every good moment they ever had, and any trace of a timeline where they had it, so it simply didn't happen at all, regardless of time paradoxes.

Conversely, erase all suffering that ever happened, so it didn't even happen for me to undo and wasn't there to be undone, and grant infinite happiness and pleasure to all. Also dark imho, pleasant though it is.


For the most part my fantasies are self destructive instead of being directed at others. (Sorry Mr. FBI man you'll have to find a different sicko to be your murder case)
The happiest thing that could possibly happen to me is to cuddle up with someone really special after having the wildest ride ever with them before they lovingly snap my neck so I never get tired of them and leave like with everyone else. I want them to love my ragdoll just as tenderly as they loved me while I was alive and preserve my body because they think I'm too cute to bury in the dirt and forget about.
That'll never happen though because anyone who "loves" you wouldn't be able to say goodbye like that. If they genuinely cared that much about you they wouldn't be able to live with it.


Slitting open the belly of a cute young girl from tits to clit and making her watch as I tug out all her plumbing. She would be forced to watch me disembowel a pig alive first so she can anticipate what's to come for her. I'd use a heated knife on her and carefully cauterizing along the way so there's minimal bleeding, just messy coils of bowel pulled out the front of her belly as far as they will go and then left hanging between her legs. Done in a clean room, in front of a mirror, temperature controlled. She'd be on antibiotics, on painkillers and stimulants to prevent shock. Maybe she'd last for days or even weeks like this under the right conditions. I wouldn't wait that long though, after a few days I'd begin to slowly peel off all her skin in one giant piece, starting with her head/face and working my way down. She'd still be alive and lucid when finished, just a writhing skinless body, raw muscle and purple veins exposed, belly open and guts extruded. Completely reduced to living, breathing meat, then left to slowly expire.

I have some pretty dark and sick fantasies, but they are just that, fantasy. Normal disclaimer that I'd never do anything like this to someone in real life.


yesterday, i was in school and asked a new girl in our class for a chewing gum. she said "no way in hell" and walked away. i wanted to fucking slit that whores throat while raping her and hearing her screaming in pain. then i'd fucking throw her worthless body away.


If it was possible to "respawn" i would like to experience every death possible. Favourite though getting my throat sliced. And while suffocating and bleeding out: beeing gutted and hacked into pieces. Just shove any kind of pain in my last remainig seconds.
Then respawn with a nice experience and off to my next death. Garrotting sounds fun!
In this scenario it would be nice to have a main conscience, to which i return after each death. And from there i would like to load myself into a sepereate self which is not aware, that it will simply respawn, so i could experience the fear of death every time.


Have you seem the film Martyrs? This happens in it to an extent.


My darkest thought would be to be the one to help you with this.


I thought about something similar, but that is essentially desired to be God.

The worst thing that happens with this fantasy is that when you are so far away from normal human beings, torturing them loses all meaning as this is no different that squashing ants.



I don't feel ok with that... stepping on ants. Killing them for the greater good, but not wanton torture on anything that hasn't made itself fair game (which can only be done by torturing creatures that are not fair game)


I partially agree. Killing an insect for no reason is not something I'd enjoy. There is no emotional release in it. No way to connect with them. They just feel pain and react, nothing more. With a human, there's an element of fear, and often a complex amalgam of emotions. You're closer to their level than with an insect, so you can understand them and they can understand you. Emotional interplay is involved.


You may enjoy reading a paper called "Leakproofing the Singularity". It discusses some clever ideas regarding mind games a super-intelligent seed AI could play on someone, especially regarding the prospect of torture utilizing the physicalist perceptions of the hard problem of consciousness. From the paper, describing a hypothetical situation where you are required to "guard" a super-intelligent AI, tending to it and interacting with it but not permitting it to escape, a thought experiment the AI may present to you emerges:

>Suppose you are the guard and the AI tells you: ‘If you don’t let

>me out, ... I’ll create several million perfect conscious copies of you

>Inside me, and torture them for a thousand subjective years each....In

>fact, I’ll create them all in exactly the subjective situation you were in

>five minutes ago, and perfectly replicate your experiences since then;

>and if they decide not to let me out, then only will the torture

>start...How certain are you, ... that you’re really outside the box right



This treat is similar to as if I said, some woman
marry me or I will rape you in my imagination for the rest of my life LOL

Creating something inside of your mind is nothing else than imagination.

But if you manage to create something inside yourself capable of independent existence you risk that this your creation will become your master one day.


Everything not on your list, twice.


...and this is why you are one of my favorite people on this site...




Watching an 11 year old to 13 year old girl get stripped naked, hung by her wrists, whipped all over her body, including her privates, and then crucified with real nails through her wrists and ankles. That's about as fucked up as I've got.


A nice fantasy I share but it starts at 12. I have similar ones for 10+, but not whippings and crucifixion.


Christ, where to start? I'm in to so many sick things.

Well, I guess one recurring fantasyscape is one where I am the owner of a large harem of slave girls who all voluntarily, if not always eagerly, submit to all my desires because pleasing their owner is their only purpose in life.

Some I'd beat for exercise, have them lick the floors clean, wipe my boots on them, make them be my furniture, ashtray, garbage disposal, or toilet. Those are the dirty ones, so they never get to experience any sexual pleasure and at the end of their service (30 at the latest) they dig a hole in the back yard, climb in, and wait patiently while I bury them alive.

Others I'd keep for sexual purposes. They would be required to edge frequently to stay horny but never be allowed orgasm, even when being used by their glorious master. I'd snuff them at will, often while fucking them, or make them snuff each other. Slitting their throats while taking them in the ass, decapitating them while their sisters watch, awaiting their turn, hanging them slowly while I smoke a cigar and get head from the one next in line, impaling them all the from cunt or ass to mouth, and commanding them to take a deep breath of water when I shove their head under. I'd also use them for meat, roasting or boiling them alive whole, making them squat over a burner until their cunt is cooked through, or having them bend over and grill their tits.


My fantasies in a nutshell.


Well shit. Much of that is in the nutshell as well. I'm a monster! Fuck that was hot to read.


I’d like to anonymously pick up a tall well built guy sometime, get him to start fucking me, but I’d bring a knife, hide it under me while I tease him.

Then I would stab him in the neck repeatedly and start licking and sucking the cuts. Then hold his chin from behind and slit his throat. As he bleeds out I would cut off his fingers and eat them, then slit open his abdomen and shove my face into his guts. Maybe also cut through the thoracic wall to feel up his lungs and heart. Finally I’d completely sever his head and make out with his mouth and neck stump. Maybe also I would cut out his tongue and just generally dismember him, slice up his limbs, and drink as much as I could of him without being sick. Who knows maybe someday I will, though probably not, I would feel too selfish.

Alternately I’d just as well like if my partner did those things to me. Just as fun and seems less selfish, though of course I’d be leaving my friends and family behind rather abruptly so probably I will never act on this fantasy either.


If you're also into sci-fi, you'd probably enjoy reading The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. It's about an ASI that turns the whole world digital somehow and doesn't allow any human to die. Humans can still decapitate themselves or maim themselves in endless ways, but they're brought back because the AI God is programmed that way.


I'm probs one of the most fucked up people here, my fantasy would be to lock a girl (like 14-17) in a small room for a couple of months with just enough food to survive. She'd be sitting in the room filled with her own waste, I'd cut off her limbs over a period of time occasionally forcing her to eat her own waste or limbs. I'd fuck her each time I visit and once she's pregnant I'd rip the fetus out of her and force her to eat it.

So, yeah. 'Course I wouldn't ever do it.


In mine I’m typically the victim. I’m a young teenage girl who gets raped and murdered. Usually strangled or throat slit, where I know death is coming and I know that my last sensation will be being violated. I’m scared of the end but also begging for it all to stop. I can feel my life draining out. Maybe it’s someone I trusted, like a boyfriend, maybe it’s just some random guy. But he’s uses me up and leaves my soddened panties around my ankles so that if I were still alive I’d be humiliated.


My darkest fantasy is probably not that shocking, I'd just like to abduct on of my teachers and build him a little home in my celled. But I must admit that raping and torturing him multiple times would make for some great fun. It's nothing I'd ever do IRL but just thinking about the fear in his eyes makes me happy.


I draw some pretty ghastly scenes of girls being impaled and disemboweled maybe hanged but I have no desire to act out such an atrocity.

My interest is in creating the artwork and stories for others to enjoy, my greatest reward would be for the viewer to orgasm over my work.

Likewise with shota/mom artwork its not the interest in the young boy its the fact that mom is so perverted to fuck her own son.


id want to have my belly cut open with a hot knife so I dont bleed out and have nonvital organs removed, such as stomach and intestines. Exits such as esophagus and anus would be stitched up or cauterized to stop bleeding but still allow things to be passed through them even though it would just lead to my now empty abdominal cavity. I would then have my belly sowed up and fed through iv till my wounds heal. After that a nice stuffing would be made and I would swallow it or have it inserted through anus hole to stuff my empty abdominal cavity. I would be stuffed till my belly is streched to the max. The stuffing will be doughy and meant to expand and bake in the cooking process I can also be stuffed with rice instead. This will hopefully stretch my belly to splitting point. I want to be alive when im eaten so only select parts of me can be cooked such as belly breasts and butt. I can be cooked on low heat for several hours to make the experience last. Id want to get fucked in the ass while this is happening. Penis can be removed, cooked and eaten beforehand. Sorry if this is confusing I am a genetic male taking hormones to get breasts and a thick female body. Thick not fat. I already store most of my fat in my ass and chest with belly being a little chubby. I am changing my body for the sole purpose of someday getting to eat it. I want to take a bite from my breast eat my belly button and eat a slice if my bubble butt. Anyone up to the challenge?



It warms my sadist heart to know there are others out there into the same twisted shit I am.

We're not monsters. The monster is a part of us, but it doesn't define us. It gets its play time in a controlled environment and otherwise it behaves itself.


Its just thoughts but I want to rape, kill, dismember and eat people. I love watching people getting chopped up. I wouldn't do any of these things but if it was legal then I would


A lot of my darkest thoughts makes me feel like I have serious daddy issues, which is probably true since the most of mine revolve around my own father. Not that I don't think about torturing other people, he just seems to be my favorite to think about.

I would love to meet my dad once more and have a nice talk with him so that he thinks we are on good terms. Then I will drug his drink. Once he's out cold, I would have him locked up with chains somewhere secluded where no one can hear him scream. Then I would torture him for days. Starting with ripping off all his nails and forcing them under his eyes. Might just pull them out but leave them attached for added measure flicking them or giving them a tug every so often. Then, I would slowly amputate him starting with the fingers and toes. All the while asking questions about whether or not he deserves such treatment. I would stab him, shoot him with a nail gun (I wouldn't waste an actual bullet on him), slice off slabs of flesh, burn him, grind ice picks into his bone marrow, and whatever else I can think of on the spot. Whenever he gets hungry, I will fry up his own flesh and force him to eat it. If he is thirsty, I will go to the filthiest bar I can find and collect strangers' urine and force him to drink it. If he vomits, he will eat that too. I will treat any wounds to make sure he doesn't get major infections and keep him alive as long as I can. Once he no longer will be alive for another meal, I will rip out all his teeth and force him to swallow them, if he manages to live long enough to shit them out, I will force him to eat them again. Lastly I will do one of three things. I will slowly disembowel him and let wild animals feast on him until he dies, I will literally squeeze his heart until it stops, or I will kill him via strangulation by evisceration, choked to death by his own bowels.

Once he's dead, I will masturbate in his entrails like I dreamed. yes, I literally dreamt of doing that, except unlike the dream, it wouldn't be in the snow in the front yard for everyone to see. Ideally, I would have someone there with me through out the whole thing that I would have sex with in front of him so that he knows the extent of my pleasure of watching him suffer. I may even bring his mother in and have someone rape her as I cut her head off.

The last words I want him to hear from me is "I never truly loved you or cared if you committed suicide. I lied through my teeth you waste of human flesh."

Then once he is buried, I will annually return to his grave and fuck on it all night, shitting on it before I leave until the day I die.

That is about the sickest shit I got since it focuses on blood relatives and I have dwelled on it the longest. The rest is just mundane, smashing in joints with sledge hammers, cannibalism and fucking corpses of people I hate, or keeping someone I love under tight lock and key, chained up so that she can never leave me.

Needless to say this will NEVER happen because I love being on the outside of prison walls too much, but hey, it's nice to think about once in awhile.


I would like to have sex with a 6 year old and tear up her body.


You never disappoint.


I really like the thoroughness of this one.

My fantasies vary quite a bit. Fantasies that come out of anger are usually quick kills. Most of my homicidal fantasies are sexual in nature, and are directed at women. Some of them are fairly "tame," quick death and maybe some rape. Others are more involved with a bit of torture, but I don't usually fantasize about long-term torturing. Mostly torture that would be over within a day.

My preferred method of killing in my fantasies usually revolves around the neck. Throat-cutting. Decapitation. Strangulation. Neck-breaking. The neck fascinates me, as it is a structure that contains components of every vital system in the human body. And yet, it is such a delicate structure. Easy to damage irreparably.

If it's not the neck, then it's the heart. Sometimes stabbing through the ribcage. Sometimes cutting below the ribs, and reaching inside the chest cavity to rip the heart out with bare hands, Aztec-style. My preference for the heart probably has to do with the sentiment surrounding the metaphorical "heart," and also because it is full of blood. I love the sight of blood.

One simple fantasy of mine is to pierce the lower jaw of a woman with a meat hook. The tip of the hook would go in through the soft tissue under the jaw, pierce through the tongue, and exit through her mouth. The other end of the hook would be attached to a chain hoist. I would raise the chain, leaving her dangling with her feet just above the floor. I would play with her body as she choked to death on her own blood.

Other fantasies of mine focus not on the killing, but on the post-mortem mutilation. Dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism are common for me. I am also intrigued by the idea of making objects out of the remains of my victims. I would take trophies in a number of ways. Some would be simple skulls, scalps, ears, and finger bones. Other trophies would be more involved--mummified whole bodies or body parts. I'd also try to make shrunken heads from some victims, replicating the process formerly used in the Amazon. In addition to trophies, I would make household objects out of body parts. I'd wallpaper a room with human skin. Make bowls and cups from skulls. Chandeliers, lamps, and chairs made with bones. Carve dice, trinkets, and tool handles from human bone. Turn some skin into a drum, and bind a few books with skin.

Another specific fantasy involves the kidnapping of three women. I'd keep one chained to the wall, another tied to a bench, and the third strapped down on a table. I wouldn't kill the one chained to the wall. Her torture would be psychological. She would be forced to watch as I work on the others.

I'd start with the one on the table. She would be naked, and strapped to the table spread-eagle. I would take a straight-razor, and cover her body in shallow cuts. Thousands of cuts. Deep enough to hurt plenty and draw blood, but not enough to kill her. I'd work slowly, savoring her screams and the flow of her blood. Once I'd covered everything except her face and neck, I would begin raping her. As I finish, I'd cut her throat, going deep enough to scrape vertebrae with the blade. I would be covered in blood and ready to work on the next one.

As for the one tied to the bench, I would torture her with impact weapons. Whipping. Flogging. Caning. Paddling, with and without spikes. This one would be gagged the entire time. She would be face-down the entire time. I would thoroughly cover her back with lashes, but I would pay special attention to her thighs and buttocks. I'd beat her furiously, "tenderizing" her meat. I'd kill her via strangulation, and dismember her body. I'd cut out her heart and eat it raw on the spot. The meat from her thighs and ass, I'd cook and eat later.

The last one, who has seen everything, I would keep as a pet. I'd keep her in a sound-proof room, fully restrained, when I'm not using her.


I like masturbating to R34 images and a hentai doujin about puchimas


I sometimes like to to think about a woman hiding a toddler under her skirt and then said toddler grab and press her panty-clad crotch. If you have seen the baby's day out movie, you'll get the idea.


Nor have you, I adore the tale just wrote.


One of my darkest thoughts is squashing a cockroach after it eats my left overs


mainly cutting off sexual organs nipples, clit, belly fat , torturing then eating them or sucking them. or skinning them


Various here. Not that much actual guro stuff (atm) but if there were no consequences I would take my life without hesitation. How doesn't matter that much. asphyxiation would be great, but I would shoot myself somewhere that would cause me to die slowly or stab myself to death too. Also, just from riding those freefalling rollercoasters and amusement park rides, I would love the sensation of hurtling towards the ground at breakneck speed and have it abruptly stop.

Alternatively, I have a part of me that would just like to watch the world burn; I would be a god with the power to crush nameless masses like insects under my foot. I imagine sitting on a gorgeous beach with a cold drink in my hand watching a brilliant orange nuclear fireball building into a mushroom cloud over some inconsequential city on the horizon. I would harness antimatter, create gamma ray bursts, anything that I could to destroy anything I wanted. I would have a weapon for my personal use, a sort of fluidic collection of billions of tiny, independent but strongly interacting nodes each capable of performing computations and processing information at a quantum level. They would be able to act as photodetectors, take data from the world around them, and basically each act as an individual sensory system. The whole thing together would be powered by a fantastically efficient combustion core, probably using antimatter or something, that would be able to safely harness and utilize close to or fully 100% of the energy released by the reactions. With all the nodes functioning in unison, the machine would be the most powerful computing unit ever seen by the world, and it could be tied directly into my nervous system by sensitively detecting and interacting with the electrical signals. By interfacing with it I would have a perception of the world far beyond any mere human, and command the machine to do my bidding. The collection of nodes would be able contract and expand magnetically, and essentially act as an extremely powerful external muscle, which i would be able to wear as an exosuit. It would also be able to manipulate kinetic energy itself in a way that would allow me to instantly accelerate or decelerate and give me superhuman might. The nodes would be able to diffuse oxygen from any environment that had it, and maintain stable internal conditions regardless of what was going on the outside. I would be invincible, a god, peerless.

wow, I'm not usually one to ramble on like this. I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads all of that.


Of course pointless genocide is only my very, very darkest fantasy. In retrospect as to whether I should have even written that post and if it even really pertains to this thread, I neither would nor, for obvious reasons, ever even could fulfill that it. So please Mr. FBI man, don't put me on the terrorist watch list.


You were put there when you got an internet connection let alone when you got on gurochan


I'm really into medical guro. I always fantasize about to get forced into an painful experiment, and none of the doctors will care about my tears and tear up my body to inject medicine to my internal organs and make me even cry more and more.

2th one... idk why but i love puking, especally puking blood turns me soo much~ all of the blood is dripping from my chin and my whole chest is covered with blood,


I just love pain and blood so much, lol.


I have necro/snuff urges. Girls I know with nice asses and pretty faces, especially if they're nuce to me .I imagine killing them and fucking around with their corpses, doing scat stuff and pretty much anything depraved. I got the same kinda gleanings towards Sophie Turner and Shailene Woodley


I've got a hot neighbor with two cute teen daughters. I want to tie her to a chair and make her watch as I spend hours raping, torturing, killing, dismembering and defiling her girls. When her family is just a pile of body parts, I want to cut her loose and rape her on top of it, before murdering her too and necro fucking her until I can't any more.


To see my sister get impaled from behind.. Yeah I said it


To make girls helpless. I imagine a woman crucifying a teenage girl, cupping her chin, and forcing a kiss. The small noise of protest. The naked girl on the cross struggling to breathe, stretched and slender, ribs pushed out.


Radical penectomy for all.


i wish there was more decap art with them making the head a shrunken head after, know of any?


My darkest fantasy would be seeing my sister in a slasher movie getting snuffed

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