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need someone i can discuss desires with & share my dark side;)


Yes this is good question in general how to meet people with compatible worldview.
But just because someone is also into guro it is not necessary be suitable for you for many other reasons.
Maybe your companion will see no problem with your desire to eat a baby, but he will get freaked by your attitude towards Muslims. or your brand of ketchup which you want to use.

In any case I doubt if it will be easy to meet people who like guro in real life because there are just very few of them in the world

It woud be interesting if this site admin provided information on how many different IPs are used here to at least get some idea on how many users we have


yeah for a while i thought i was the only one. until i discovered this website and others, now i just want to talk to someone one on one


hey, check out our steam group, hundreds of people in it, including myself (BESTMODEVER)

onix, we have thousands of visitors, maybe tens of thousands, our steam group alone has hundreds of members


This is pretty wide range from thousands to tens of thousands.
but also you are a bit unclear if this is how much visits per day you receive or this is how many unique ip's you observe.


I've talked to a few of my girlfriends about this stuff at different times in some depth, as well as a few close friends. Although they weren't into guro they were totally fine with it, even slightly into the idea, and it was good to "share my dark side" as you say. If you've told no one that can be difficult to handle, but the solution to that is just to tell someone, even if it's not easy. If people like and trust you, and are open-minded, they may be a lot more chill with this kind of thing than you might expect.

I have yet to run into someone irl who is into this stuff specifically, though I came very close one time—someone I never met who my best friend hooked up with. But I think it's totally reasonable to expect to meet people who are into this irl. It will just take time and initiative and being open with your partners, just like if you were into any other obscure fetish and wanted to find someone else who was into it. You're never going to be on the radar or hear about many though if you aren't open about it with anyone you know to start off.

Also it's not hard to meet people on this site in /rp or even in /dis, or in the IRC, or in the steam group, or in any other guro-related site or page such as rp/chat sites—often people on there are glad to chat rather than rp and are not going to be expecting some high-literate rp'er or something. Gurochan is far from the only place where guro exists.


Which Steam group? Seems Steam only finds one called "guro trash".


First off, bumping for good info.

Second, feel free to share here OP. Or, would you rather have a one-on-one chat with someone?

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