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You have a dial from 0 to 100. Once pushed, it cannot be used again. You can:

-Leave without pushing it, leaving it for potentially someone else.
-Push it at zero, saving humanity from it ever being used.
-End all human life.
-Purge a percantage of humanity.


Save humanity from the worst 1 in a hundred? Leave just the best? When is it suicide?



If the people I don't like are killed in order, then I would select 86.6666 repeating (or just 86), because that would leave 1,000,000,000 people left alive. 1,000,000,000 people who follow similar standards as me would create a better world in general, at least from my point of view. 1,000,000,000 is more than enough people, and we already have sort of an overpopulation problem. Don't worry, anyone on gurochan would survive, I like you guys. ^^

Also, thank you for making another thought experiment thread DP! I'm the person who made the originals. I was running out of ideas for new ones and, and enjoy these discussions. I encourage others to make more as well. I'll use this account for future thought experiments so you guys know its me.


End it all


If the dial allows me to kill off a percentage of a certain type of group, I'd set it to wipe out 100% of left-wing extremists, which includes feminists, social justice warriors, and antifa scumbags.


Don't forget the jews


I wonder what should I do in that situation because if only people like me or as I like were left, it probably woud be end of the world anyway.

So I woud go with something like killing 50% to get rid of those who are most dangerous.



It doesn't. You could set it to 50% and kill off the more liberal half of the world, if that's your only standard.

The higher I put it... at first it's mostly right wingers until it hits a certain point, then it'd be left and right. The top 1 in 10 alright guys would probably be from various backgrounds.

I don't know enough about antofa but I can tell most right wingers simply hate them for being left wing and jump on any agreement as though it's proof.

I dislike SJW's and any that try to take my porn or sexbots but the conservatives have been doing that forever and are usually unified in tyranny. The left had usually fought itself on these issues, such as feminist sex wars.


Now since you mention that, I wonder how all that should even work, as do you write list of criteria for elimination or those people die according to your own subjective judgement which is in some way carried over all humanity?



Essentially, your mind judges everyone in the world from birth to death without them or you feeling it. Everyone that you don't know is basically judged by a time-traveling machine with your moral code as its programming to prioritize who dies.


I will put it at 0 because I can't think of any good way to use it.
I somehow think about getting rid of stupid people, but that is not easy to program, how do I define stupidity, by IQ? by knowledge? by EQ? Well, that's not fair at all to choose something.


I used to have an outlook such that I'd probably have turned it to 90 and thought up some parameters to ensure survival of a fair variety of intelligent, healthy, considerate, and creative people to lead a new golden age.
But since I started watching a certain YouTube channel, I've rethought my perspective. It is the destiny of our species to one day spread across the cosmos colonizing countless star systems (I'd consider destroying ourselves before that point to be failure). And at that point, even if we've obliterated every single other species on this planet and even strip-mined the planet itself to nothing, it will in a way be a worthy sacrifice - we'd pay back our great debts to the countless creatures that lived before us by taking part in our little planet's blossoming from a nondescript rock to the seed of a glorious cosmic empire. And yes, there will be bumps on the way - heck, there might be another ten Dark ages before we make it - but if we ever make it at all, in my book it will all have been worth it.
So in short, as it stands now I'd leave the dial at zero.


Would .7 billion not be enough, Aiko?


100. Definitely.
Intelligent life was a mistake, We're dragged into this world only to spend a short miserable time slaving away to sustain ourselves for the short amount of time we have. Dumping bleach on the peetree dish is the most humane thing you could possibly do and for bonus points, You get to raise the biggest middle finger ever to whatever asshole created us.


Since the angels know my preferences, I'd set it very high.

Curing the world of abject poverty and rampant resource use by noncontributing third worlders would save the planet. We could easily shed like 2-3 billion people.

But the more "humane" way to do things would instead have the dial force those same people to suddenly become sterile. Then you could set the dial to 70% and be assured that global birth rates will plummet and we'll coast for a while before dropping off for the better after a few decades. Countries that need more births will instead be granted what the third world lost.



I feel the same about people in 1st world countries, we need to shed a lot of them, and the upper class. I've been around all sorts of people from all classes. Rich and poor alike have plenty in their numbers that deserve so much worse and the world would be better off without them.

Like witch hunters or those that steal resources from another nation, then point at their own bizarre beauracracy to justify starving millions and leaving them ignorant.


I think the point was that you had no control of who lives,who dies,who tales your story ( sorry hamlaton fan here ) I would press 0 because I have no idea what will happen if one person is killed because that person could become the new hitler or the next ground breaking artists that lead all of us to ascension for all wr know


You don't have direct control. If you itently think about how the most evil people are thieves and mentally define that as anyone who cons people, wilfully misleading them, or taking what isn't their own, then your friends might die for stealing if you didn't know.


I'd kill 6 billion people.


I guess that could be solved by adding the rule that friends are exempt from this list.


The point is they're not.



Unless, ig, being your friend is considered morally virtuous.


it says "according to my standards" and obviously if those people are my friends they fit my standards.
Unless of course I don't know something so significant what woud make me wish them dead if I knew it.


Exactly, you don't know everything about them, you might be surprised


I would research the percentage who outright hate a group of people based on race, religion, nationality, sexuality, etc, set it like 5% above that. all neo-Nazis, Daesh, Westboro baptists, 'lock her up' screamers, warmongers. it would be a much more liberal world.....and I wouldn't tell anyone the button could only be used once, so i would be able to set up a gurochan friendly society with myself in charge


Wow that last part is ingenious.


100%, of course.


90%. The amount of natural resources the earth provides will only last 200-300 years at most. Our already overpopulated civilization will break down and whatever is left will revert to prehistoric living conditions.
Better to kill 90% now so the remaining 10% can use a second chance not to fuck things up.
The most important thing to remember is that humanity has created nothing....EVER. Zip. Zero. Nada. All we have ever done is to use our intelligence to identify a need or a want, and use the earth's natural resources to achieve the desired We combine, add, subtract and move a few atoms around to make what we desire, but we have never created.

It's a good question, DisPerv. And, although impossible to effect, I have tried to give a thoughtful answer to man's inevitable end, should we continue to follow our present course.


I'd rather just leave it for someone else. I'm not smart enough to decide who's right, who's wrong, and who deserves to live.


You need to realize that there are no requirements to decide on such topics. "Not smart enough"--what kind of self-derogatory thinking is that? You sound miserable. Get some pride and dignity. You could learn from me, my train of thought is bold: "If I feel that someone is wrong or want them to be wrong, then they are wrong for me, and I will think and act from this presupposition." I don't need logic to support my decisions or thoughts, I am free from this surrogate restriction. The only thing that matters to me is how I feel (what I want), personal interest is in absolute priority.

On subject: my decision would depend on a whim at the moment of making. I might feel like ending all human life or save them all. Humanity is of little interest to me per se, I'm mostly indifferent, so I would not even think much about such a decision.


Interesting thought experiment. I'm pretty centrist kind of guy, so if I set it to say 40% a whole lot of the extreme right and left zealots would go poof. Better world right there.

But I can't help think of the children. Surely the innocent/untainted babies of extremist wackos wouldn't go as well right?

So I'm stuck with this image in my head of the world being mercifully short a large number of crazy right-left nutjobs. But their helpless babies are then eaten in grisly fashion by the suddenly abandoned and starving family pets.

Ok this passes the Guro test. Let's do this.



I've been wondering about such notions as what happens to their kids. They get autoheaven? W/e.

But I take issue with your targeting left adn right but not the centrists or moderates or apathetic. I remember the Bush years, and while I begrudge the Left and Right for A LOT...

The centrists were really bad during the Bush and Obama years, saying the populations were acting similarly when the left was being pussies if anything. Being treated like you're dogmatic makes many people dogmatic, why not if you deal with the price of it anyway, right? So many liberals turned far more dogmatic, learning all the wrong lessons from the last 2 presidents. The left is now too concerned with Identity politics and says Bush wasn't so bad, despite murdering hundreds of thousands of people.

Also fits the guro theme though...



Hmm I'm not that political so I guess I meant that as a bit of a cop-out like "I'm not too far that way, and not too far the other way. So all those that are too far from me will die." Nut jobs do exist at every point on the political spectrum I'm sure.

Maybe I'd change it to just those persons of whatever political stripe would be most inclined to want to 'boss people around and tell them what to do' (a phrase I heard used in a book or something). And the psychopaths/sociopaths, those with zero empathy for others. The easily offended could disapear too.

I dunno, mainly I wanted to mention the kids/dogs thing. But setting the dial to a certain percentage and having the 'extremely not my type' people disappear would be an interesting thought experiment. For a generation or two we'd have less extremes of behavior perhaps, then be back to square 1.

In truth I'd set it to zero and walk away. The 'law of unintended consequences' scares the heck outta me. And I'm not a killer. There's that.


Considering idea about children while they may be innocent but their parents or caregivers may be assholes and murdering those assholes will pretty much kill those children too.

In same way murdering someone you don't like, may cause lots of pain to someone who you actually like and don't want to hurt.
As it woud be not very nice to kill your friend's dear wife who is a feminist just because you hate feminists.

But I guess if extermination is performed according to my standards those kinds of things should not happen because friendship takes priority over morallity.


Since nobody said it, I guess I will.

I would in fact use it at 0%.

It might seem blasphemous for someone on a site called "GUROchan" to do this, but not only am I on this site mainly for /f/ instead, but any /g/ stuff that I do like is largely based on the idea of either things being fantasy (people aren't actually being hurt) or things being voluntary (like intentionally amputating their own hand).

There's also the part where I try to follow the idea of "who am I to judge" with regards to others, and that includes my actions bringing death upon anyone that I wouldn't get along with.

Now if you want to get into semantics, one could argue that I am still judging others in the way of saying "I judge them to be worthy of living", but my view on that is that the living can become dead if they so chose to be, but the dead cannot become the living if they wish to. Therefore, leaving everyone alive preserves their free will to decide whether to live or die, but killing someone also takes away their free will and forces them to die. probably helps that I likely have a more optimistic view of the future than most regulars of /g/, but again I'm largely here for /f/ more than anything.


Actually, you'd be the 2nd.

Psycho Aiko as far as I can tell, is the first.

Interesting to hear your perspective though.


I would not say that this is guro related or even that it is some kind of justice.
I just see this opportunity as the way to get rid of the enemies and competing elite groups.
doing it as some kind of judgement would be too quite arrogant and stupid.


Given that it's actually a relatively small number of people who fuck it up for everyone else, but often they're the ones who end up in charge, and/or who the people in charge pander to because they're pretty easy to sway and so mean near-guaranteed votes (enough to swing crucial ballots when the more reasonable bunch are tied 50-50) and sales (explaining the seeming popularity of some extremely stupid things - given the great diversity of what's actually on offer, it only takes a very small proportion all swinging the same way these days to produce a seeming market dominance)... as well as crimes, wars, road accidents, antisocial nuisance, irritating celebrity bullshit, fucked up healthcare/ transport/energy systems, terrible cases of ethnic cruelty and retribution and power-politics, religious fanaticism, general bigotry, etc...

...well, 5% would probably be excessive. I'd be tempted to go full Roman punishment / avenging angel and crank it up to 10 just to make absolutely sure, but that would probably be a bit unfair and OTT. The world needs some dissent and variety of thought, and when you get down to it *actual* right wing sympathy is naught but believing in a particular ideologically driven financial system that's about as valid as an extreme left wing one, and both arguably even equal with a centrist view. Everything else that's hung on top of them is propagandist association and even self-labelling of certain fucktards who think they're standing for something entirely different to what they actually are. Quite often there's a strong thread of authoritarianism, which is actually an entirely separate thing from your bias left or right and can be found at an oppressive level in regiemes that otherwise fall anywhere on that spectrum.

So... hmm. Just "the 1%" might not cover it. Though that's still sixty million lives snuffed out at once... even if they're all total assholes who wouldn't hesitate to hit the button set at 99% if they thought they and their friends would still be spared. Maybe somewhere in the 3-4% range would suffice, not end up wiping out any complete countries or demographics (no matter where you live or what race/creed/etc, you can still be a perfectly fine person, or an utter prick), not leading to social care or industrial / safety / food supply crises, etc. Might be a few political power vacuums, but with any luck the people who'll end up filling them won't be as bad as those who went before, thanks to the effect of the button. It might not even be entirely noticed if the effect is staggered, or some other catastrophe is in play.

Question is, does it have any unexpected side effects? Like the typical mischeivous genie who twists your wishes around? Also, does it take effect instantly, or is there some delay on it, maybe a few hours? Such as e.g. anyone in charge of a vehicle (car, bus, train, plane, ship...), or were responsible for safety critical systems and tasks, or caring for more innocent vulnerable people, that somehow fit the bill (I'd expect the largest group out of all those would be car drivers and maybe some cyclists and motorcyclists... but there are a few very bad care workers who are only in it to keep the benefits department off their back) wouldn't drop dead straight away, but start to feel a bit ill, and be able to hand over the reins, or park up, issue a mayday, etc and not feel up to trying to resume their duties (the likely mindset caught up in it wouldn't be too bothered anyway) before finally keeling over?

The phenomenon would probably be noticed eventually even if it was spread out over an entire year, but the panic would be less than if it happened at the same moment or within the same day (e.g. at either solar noon or midnight, as the sun swept by overhead, or around the other side of the world), and in fact probably be more of a running joke (like all the celebrity deaths in 2016... who knows if that might have been something similar?) than anything taken seriously for quite some time. By which point some societal shift would already be happening.

No idea of course if I would be taken by it. I would hope no family or friends, but that's just as impossible to tell. I've lost a few to the usual everyday causes already anyway, and death comes to us all in the end, so the pain is the same, just differently timed.

One hopes that the world after wouldn't seem too much different... just... less assholey. No longer going down the seemingly self destructive and conflicted path it's on at the moment, instead gradually but noticeably changing course...


(I suppose a short form of the "side effects" question is "what's the splash damage like?" - given that essentially this would be in the interest of cutting out the splash damage that said assholes have on the people around them, and across the whole world in some cases, every single day... whether causing road accidents, withholding lifesaving care over bureaucratic quibbles, threatening wars, blowing up marketplaces... whatever...

If the answer is that they can't be removed without causing even worse domino effects, then the gut reaction would be to twist the dial round to 0.1% and hit it immediately with little more thought (to get rid of the very worst ~7 million, who hopefully the great majority of us can at least agree need de-clawing one way or another, and whose removal might not trigger too much knock-on drama; in a country like the UK that would be a not inconsiderable 65,000 or so, if the average is evenly spread, but if the density was fairly homogenous it would seem like a very weird statistical blip more than anything else... well, other than that it might be over-represented in prisoners, politicians, flash ceos, heartless bean counters and shady small time businessmen... The undertakers would have a very busy fortnight afterwards, but things would soon return to normal, after a round of minor internal investigations in a few places...

Maybe even just 0.01% if it can go that low. That'd still leave a lot of fairly high level dickheads around, but the really really bad ones would have been filtered, and it's possible very few people would be really too sad to see them go.)


I doubt it's only a handful of people.

1. My entire country murdered hundreds of thousands, (maybe millions for all we really know) of Iraqis. Those lives were not a concern.

2. We sold to Japans's enemies, so they bombed a military target. That justifies nuking 2 cities and firebombing counrless villages before that. But we'll bomb babies if their dads maybe sold to someone we don't like. And we pretend we're a shining city as we compare ourselves to slums we bombed.

3. Well I could go on and on about the left right apathetic and center. Suffice it to say I'm so disgusted with where the goal posts are.

Also, I should've stated in the OP that the culling doesn't deal "splash damage" (orbat least it's minimal) so they all die in their sleep over the course of a year or 2.


Given my history of self-hate, I probably couldn't set the dial to anything but 0 without killing myself...


Ah OK. Fair enough. Like a very mild deathnote then.

Don't really have much to say on the "US military crimes" thing, other than to note that *that* is also most likely down to a relatively small number of people, especially in terms of total global population... (certainly not defending it)

When I said "fucking it up", I didn't mean general everyday low level mistakes, occasional absentminded thoughtlessness, or fuckups through panicked attempts to deal with already fucked situations... more the institutional, malicious, greed driven, wilfully ignorant and hateful (etc etc) type crimes against humanity (as a concept) that make the victims' lives either a misery or unnaturally short and bring us all down as a species. The consummate cockends that we can all do without, and there isn't even a good "it's a dirty job that someone needs to do" argument for their existence or behaviour.

Funnily enough there was a programme on the TV, when I loaded up a bunch of /dis/ tabs including this one earlier, doing a special report on the seeming resurgence of neonazi groups in Germany (a problem that's rising across Europe and indeed in the US as well, probably a reaction to how the shitty awfulness that we thought we'd managed to corral safely in our former colonies is now leaking back thanks to the ever more connected world we live in...), and, well... I think it would suffice right now to turn the dial to whatever setting would quietly dispatch them in a much kinder way than they actively wish upon the terrified, war-fleeing immigrants they've found to be convenient scapegoats for the rubbish lives they would have been living anyway. As if 100 people from *anywhere* moving into a city of 40,000 would make any material difference to the economic or welfare situation after 25+ years of industrial decline following reunification, or the fact of them coming from some particular part of the middle east that's had the living shit bombed out of it makes any difference to that.

A number of the worst ones are now in jail (and psycho / sociopathic or just straight up stupid and emotionally stunted enough to still not understand what was wrong about, for example, complaining about being too poor to feed their children, and that they're worried about violence "following" the refugees (mostly women and young kids) as well as welfare money being spent on them *at the same time as* them taking the remaining jobs, and the corruption of trad German values and lifestyle by foreigners with their weirdo customs... whilst they're on trial for spending their limited money on Polish explosives, smuggling* them into the country, and using them to blow up translators' and lawyers' cars with timer bombs without knowing that person's schedule, building nailbombs that are then left on doorsteps and windowledges or even thrown straight through window panes into bedrooms, etc... and recounting this wearing, amongst other things, a "stolz auf dresden" T-shirt (I bet there were quite a lot of refugees from that city after it was pretty much razed in WW2) ... ugh), which makes them someone else's problem for a while, but there's still plenty of lower level fuckhead NNs around, and a whole lot of people who seem to sympathise with them whilst demonstrating a pretty poor grasp of facts, backing up their arguments with anecdotal accounts that sound suspiciously like they've been pulled straight out of their ass with no hope of verification if challenged, and generally basing it all in bitterness against a quarter century of governance that's neglected their area in particular and a whole load of general xenophobia left over from the cold war...

(particularly infuriating being the assholes doing anything to try and rile up hatred, exactly the same way as they did 75 years ago... going on about how frankfurt now has 51% population with "foreign hertitage"... implying that this means white germans are in the minority there, when actually you can qualify for that category by having a grandfather who lived in a border town or was in an army division that was posted abroad and married an Austrian / Swiss / Polish / Hungarian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / Belgian / Luxembourgoise / French (...East European?) girl sometime during the chaos of WW2, and the great majority of even direct immigrants are from nearby EU neighbours...)

So long story short... whatever will rid us in a perfectly karmic way of all the wannabe mass murdering nazis and other similar extremists. That will probably solve a lot of issues quite quickly. And just for the sake of clearing up any confusion, that includes chubby boy Kim, yer tiki torch toters, and the village burning fuckheads in Myanmar. See you, guys. Better luck next time.

It's not like we're likely to lose any influential particle physicists or cancer researchers after all. These ideologies almost always seem to be favoured by the incurably stupid and anti-intellectual, lifetime losers who are determined to find some other poor bastard to blame for their crap life rather than it being down to them simply being no good at anything, including thinking their way out of a wet paper bag in general, or even exhibiting that saving grace of the unintelligent but self-accepting and socially switched on - being a nice person to be around and attracting of positive vibes from others by being a positive force to hang around, and willing to work hard at something crap but necessary to compensate for not being particularly sharp instead of using it as an excuse to be an asshole. Much rather keep the slightly duller but good humoured sloggers than slightly sharper but bitter-minded pie-in-the-sky slackers.

And of course it's when someone like that but actually smart in certain dangerous areas gets together with suitably well connected or skilled, power-greedy psychos and they manage to hatch a cunning takeover plan that things get nasty IRL, so best to take out a small number of them quietly and humanely, before it ends up being death for a great deal more in fire and flame, or starvation, illness, casual cruelty and poison gas.


and as i'm tapering from one set of antidepressants to another at the moment, i'd willingly take that chance right now. there'd be a year to find out, and in any case I'd be asleep. Simply ceasing to be in the middle of the night would be OK at the moment.

Knowing my general luck though, it'd take effect just as life unexpectedly starts to turn around.



Hell, even if we did lose a physicist or 2, we'd be better off overall if that physicist is such an ass that they're gone with neonazis.

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