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Does anyone feel really bad about the thoughts that sometimes spring up related to guro, rape, loli or what ever you're into? I feel awful and guilty everytime I get off to it, like I'm a horrible person. Anyone else feel this way?



I feel bad for wishing it on real people...


I used to feel some guilt from time to time a while ago, but then I realized that there's nothing to be ashamed of, because I don't like to fantasize about real people.


It probably depends on what are your guro interests but if you want someone suffer no matter real people or fictional characters then yes you are horrible person.
and you probably will compensate that with being moral crusader who relies on the law and ethic pretending that while you are horrible in essence, you are totally ok because you obey the law and follow the rules.( and also repeating the mantra "this is not real this is not real". )
I believe that this contradiction is also possible reason for liking guro in first place

Also logically guilt is just regret on what you already done, if you did not hurt anyone there is no reason to feel guilt.
I guess you must be referring not to the guilt but to the shame for not being a person which you should be according to social standards.

Since my guro interest is mostly limited to consensual stuff There woud be no reason to feel guilt even if I did something like that for real.


I draw guro stuffs, I used to feel ashamed to draw such stuff, lots of pain and suffering in the pics, but now I'm ok with it because I don't post it somewhere inappropriate, so I'm not offending anyone.

I feel like I'm being nice to people more, creating such rare fetish pictures so they can enjoy it, if they can somehow get off to it, it is help society somehow, we reduce our stress, happier society is less trouble society. So in the end, I feel ok with it.


Back when I was a teenager, I used to feel really bad about it. I'd watch TV shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order and think that because I have these desires it must mean that I'm secretly a homicidal maniac or a rapist or something.

The more I learned about my own sexuality the more I learned that the most important part of my desire is the consentual nature of what I enjoy. I'm not a fan of rape, I find it to be generally disgusting and undesirable. It doesn't turn me on. Once I learned that about myself, I was able to start the process of accepting myself as not a murderer in waiting, but someone who just finds women to be extremely erotic in dangerous situations.

That probably doesn't help you too much, unless you have a kink like mine.


There's no need to feel guilty. It's perfectly natural to have an infatuation with violence. As long as mankind is tethered to id, our desire to inflict harm and cause destruction shall never abandon us. In some people, these feelings are more suppressed, buried beneath the doctrines of modern society, but it's undeniable that everyone, at some point in their life, has felt a tinge of bloodlust.

An ethical and generous man living in an unforgiving past would've found himself dead in a rather short amount of time. These compulsions you experience are a gateway to the ruthlessness that your ancestors possessed, which kept them alive in the worst of situations. If you ever require that power, you'll be able to harness it with much more ease than someone who's lied to himself about his true nature.


i don't feel guilt for it, but I feel confliction, as i love seeing suffering, castration etc, but im a strong believer in ethics.


Thanks for all the long well spoken replies, the thing that really keeps me down though is the rape related thoughts, alot of which are about people I know in real life. If I just got off to the blood and gore of it and not the extreme pain, crying and torture aspect of it, I'd think I would feel much better about myself. There is no dignity in raping a girl, and definitely not an underage one. So many people in my life have hammered that into me growing up and just don't know what to do. I've had people open up to me about screwed up things like this happening to them, I've seen some of the emotional and mental damage it can cause. My mom has went through fucked up things like this as a child, amd she's a mental train wreck. The point is everytime I hear these stories or problems people have I think, is that going to be me in 10 years? Am I going to be the fucked up stepdad raping kids? Because it sure feels like it, and let me say, it's not a good feeling....


I'd say that the fact that you're worrying about it in the first place is a good sign.

I used to feel pretty guilty in the beginning, but I got over it. Fictional characters can't feel pain. And seriously, I fail to see how getting off on watching drawn/animated people hurt each other is somehow worse than celebrating a gory killstreak in some fps, or cheering when that asshole in your favorite tv show finally gets it.


this doe not make any sense, as how you can worry about something you will do? just don't to that and that\s it.
of course if you have some mental problems where your brain may stop functioning properly and you can assault someone whom you love it is real problem.
But just because you want something that does not mean you will do it against your own will.

Instead of worrying about doing something horrible you should try to find out what are the reasons for those feelings.
If you want to make someone suffer, then most likely you hate or envy those people for some reason.



I used to have some serious guilt about this sort of thing, but not anymore. I was in therapy for a few years, and it sorta worked. I don't even feel bad for wishing horrible things on others; as long as I don't harm anyone unnecessarily, I've nothing to feel guilty about.

Part of what helps me is that I know that I have extremely strong self-control. I've had strong homicidal urges for years and years, but I don't hurt anyone. I've also got too much empathy to properly qualify as a psychopath, even though I do exhibit some psychopathic tendencies.

Hell, I've been morbidly fascinated since I was in elementary school. This is part of who I am, but it's not all that defines me. I want to do terrible things to people, especially the ones I love most. However, I'm not hurting anyone unless they pose a direct threat to me or my family.


Felt guilt for what I've done, never felt it for what I am or what is inside of me.

And what's wrong with being a bad person? Nobody cares. Truth is you can be a monster, but if you are funny, nice, you smile and let them talk, people will love you.
I mean it's important to be good (don't ask me why, i can't quite figure it out myself, in my case maybe it's because of guilt, or just projection of guilt which I'm supposed to feel, maybe what Onix have said with that bigoted judgemental tone, or maybe I grew up, I don't want to deal with the consequences, I feel I'm better than this or whatever stupid reason) but there is no shame in being horrible. All people are anyway. This whole universe, where you need to kill to sustain yourself, is.

OP is a good guy in my book. His (ours?) desirs are bad, but his moral code is just fine. On the other hand shitstain priest who tweeted recently that good old inquisition times should come back (to save his flock from LGBT'n'shit) is a subhuman whom I would gladly burn alive (irony!). His goal is noble (saving someone from something), but he would like to achieve that with fire and violence. End justify the means only if it's Dyson Sphere technology, some sort of immortality or some shit like that.

Also OP could engage in role-play with gf. Unless he already raped few children and awaits trial in jail. It's f necroposting after all.


I grew up being beaten and molested.
As an adult, I face the same. I'm treated like shit.

And having morbid interests, from playing video games and watching horror movies to musing morbidity… plenty want me to be locked up and shamed.

Of course I don't feel bad about wanting them to suffer in turn. I've done nothing to them and they hate me I only hate them now for having antagonized me.
Why should I feel guilty about artwork depicting less morbidity than my intentions and what I've almost witnessed?


Sorry to hear that.
I guess moving someplace else and leaving those bastards behind isn't an option?
If you are a guy what about exercising to become stronger? I'm sure less people would dare to fuck with you if you'd gain some muscles.
I was in similar situation as a kid and a teen. My house wasn't exactly safe heaven. Not to mention school. But after I got stronger things changed. There are still people who could wipe the floor with me, but I'm strong enough to not fear most people.
If you are a girl maybe some martial arts? Or just change in attitude? Don't be afraid to yell at people. My ex wasn't tall nor big, but she could hold in line older brother, drunk father and other dudes who annoyed her. Whole fuckin' house was afraid of her.

Look, I really don't mean to patronize. I would just like to help. Hope it'll get better somehow for you. I know how it is and I hate others have to go through this shit too.


Why would you feel guilty about it especially if you don't act on any of it?


Thanks, I'm trying to just make the best of this life, I try to stay as fit as I can, but it's not as simple working out when you have to spend your calories as miserly as your funds…
I guess just wish me luck. Thank you!


Depends on what these thoughts are. You should mainly remain vigilant not to cross this unspoken vague boundary between fantasy and reality. Guilt should be something to put you back in place after you ride over that limit. A personal example being fapping to a cartel execution of a woman with huge tits by beheading her and wishing they would leave her tits and cunt exposed. Half way through fapping, i was like "wtf are you doing mate, this is real shit" so i managed to refrain from it. After i jacked off to something imaginary, and got a clear head i realized how much guilt would have fucked me up if i had actually nutted on this poor woman's execution.


You are a hero. I've se bundaries for myself years ago - no fapping to the real shit, to the real suffering, real death. How would I felt if some asshole jerked off to my sad demise?
Stay.Damn.Vigilant./have at least some damn respect.

(although not hating on gore fans, but it's fucking disrespectful, mates)

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