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i have dark desires and thoughts, fantasies about rape and murder. its like im obsessed with gore, i crave it. it hasnt been this way my whole life, would it be wise to tell my therapist about these thoughts or would that just fuck me over? any advise would be great


Nigga see where the fuck you are. This is Gurochan!

Is your therapist a sheltered cunt? Are your fantasies fucked up? Do you crave power and do you have it?

We don't know how sincere or wise your shrink is. We can't tell you if you should pursue good or evil or what you should see as good or evil.

You can either follow your own heart or die a sheep. If you want or have an urge to fap to guro or even commit real evil deeds, but sonrthing i you sayd it's immoral, that's your call.

Personally, I hate the scam industries but maybe aomeone out there needs a therapist and I met one good one, a decade ago. It depends on what you honestly think of the guy and how well his morals and conclusions line up with yours.

Happy to help, cunt.


A therapist is only somewhat useful if you think that you have to get rid of your fantasies, then he may prescribe you lobotomy or appropriate drugs, either way, there will be serious side effects LOL

If your therapist is free then probably you can tell anything you want unless you are going to commit a real crime. at least you will have someone who maybe will listen.( wonder if those therapists even care what you say)
If you have to pay him it will be a waste of money.



"Something in you" is what I butchered spelling in the 4th.


I worked through some of the origins of my gore fetishes as they tied into poor mental health at the time with a great therapist I had. It's good to have an impartial listening ear, but therapy does not work quickly. It took me a long time to trace it all back to power and image issues and I could've done it without the therapist because I talked to friends about it. If you have no other way to talk about this stuff irl, getting a good liberal-minded therapist can help and also clear away the worry of uncertainty of whether you might actually hurt people. I decided at some point I would only indulge my sadistic fantasies when I am happy and mentally stable, and I would advise the same for you. If you can work out whatever you are worrying about now, then maybe later worry about whether you can ever realize the fantasies. My guro cravings are still thriving but they are no longer obsessive or tied in with depression, and I understand them better. I got in a car crash a few days ago and decided to wear the jeans all week because the blood stains are just so nice. I talk about my feelings in regards to this stuff with close friends, and it is not a problem at all. I've got plenty of time to understand myself better before I consider rashly taking a life, but my desires have never changed. My life is otherwise normal and stable. Good luck, fellow gurofag.


What is more fun ?

There's your awnser.


Gurochan is your best therapist.
I once though I'm going crazy, but hey.. It's just a fetish, not really you gonna do it without your mind in control. That's not how your brain work, I believe.


Therapy is helpful, but there's a good chance your therapist is bound by law to notify "appropriate" authorities if he/she/it (robot?) feels you might be an actual threat to yourself or to others. It's a fuzzy line. If you confess that you get strangely aroused when you see Freddy Kruger kill a obviously-not-teen girl, you'll probably be ok. If you confess that you hang around the playground imagining the mayor's daughter being kidnapped, raped, and dismembered, you'll probably be... not ok.


Actually no. even if you say that you "hang around the playground imagining the mayor's daughter being kidnapped"
this will not be a reason to report you yet.

However if you say that you are going to buy kitchen knife in the Walmart to slice her throat most likely you will be reported.


That's the same way I think.
It is very different, to "fantasy" of such desires and to "plan" the actual act. You feel guilty after such thought somehow, that's why you are seeking help here on Gurochan. If you don't, you won't be here.


i dont have actual plans of acting on my desires, but however, i do dream about doing some pretty fucked up stuff and all of it sounds quite..appealing. i honestly just think i need someone to relate to about this kind of stuff and talk about our twisted desires.


I think you could just think more about your desires, not only dream about gore and rape but actually think what it is all for and what are you trying to achieve.
Imagine that you actually can do all what you want and you already done it and how you will feel and how your life will continue from that moment.


what would you tell the therapist? that you have fetishes? lolman it's fine, explore it if you enjoy it


Agreed. But if you feel like it's a problem, then a therapist might not be the worst idea, if they're a good one.


I've told my therapist about mine, and my therapist helps me deal with any related shame and internal conflicts. I say give it a shot.

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