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Another thought experiment for /dis/.

You now have the powers of Superman. This includes:

- Flight
- Super Strength
- Nigh-invulnerability (can withstand nuclear blasts)
- X-ray Vision
- Heat Vision
- Frost Breath
- Don't need food, water, or air

What do you do with these powers?


If I got those powers I could take revenge on everyone who did something wrong to me. World woud turn into hell for some people LOL

For that purpose I woud demand all wold rulers to provide full access to all information I want, which I would use to find friends and enemies.

However on the other hand, it is hard to even imagine what I could do besides that. As I woud already have all I ever could desire.


I would rule the world, and nobody would be able to stop me :D


Destroy every nuke and buo weapon. Instantly kill everyone making weapons that can instantly destroy cities and disable the weapon.

Build fortresses.

Go back in time and undo some things.

Trap a got nude bitch in the superman logo I kizz at her from my chest.

Make like 5 laws, no murder, rape, torture, or child abuse including corporal punishment and forced intimacy.

Demand everyone be given free food, education, and shelter, and that it's of sufficient quality. Work hand in hand with world leaders to determine education progress that allows many options for growth and progress.

Maybe kill several million people who directly are responsible for killing, torturing, or enslaving other people or abusing children, including criminals, lawyers, politicians, judges, cops, teachers, nurses, doctors, military commanders, and even basic troops of certain military factions such as the KKK.

Not every last individual in such factions or occupations, but membership is enough to warrant some degree of evidence of being willfully evil if the organization is clearly dgeared towards malice.


I'd start whittling down the female population in the most brutal and disgusting ways imaginable.


I will go kill all idiots that are endangering life of others. Terrorists, corrupted government workers, drunk drivers. etc..


>>Make like 5 laws, no murder, rape, torture, or child abuse including corporal punishment and forced intimacy

You cannot make that kind of laws because this is like making a law "No crime"
You need to specify what exactly is murder, rape etc.



Ok law number 6, retards who don't understand what constitutes murder, rape, or torture can't use ignorance as an excuse.

Don't touch people when they don't want to be touched. That's literally all it comes down to. Don't take peoples' shit.

If it's a can of beer on the side of the road and someone says it's theirs, that's between those 2.


I think you failed to understand my point, because it is not about understanding what is rape, but about fact that rape or murder are not criminal actions by themselves they are judgements of actions.

like if you kill someone this is not a murder until it is declared so by court
(and same is valid for rape.)
You can kill someone as self defense or in the accident or just by failing in your job.

And considering taking other peoples shit, who can tell whose shit it is and whether it is rightfully belong to those people.
like US took the land from native Americans by the most immoral ways possible, but now, for some reason, property rights of criminals must be respected and nobody is allowed to do same as they did.



Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 1 pushes dude 2. Dude 2 trips, hits his head, and passes away in the hospital. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 1 operates machinery and didn't know dude 2 was in the way. Dude 2 dies. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 insults dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 hits dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 tries to stab dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 tries to stab dude 1. Dude 1 struggles away and pushes dude 2. Dude 2 falls on his knife and dies. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 goes on a shooting rampage. Dude 1 kills dude 2 to prevent any more shots. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Just for context the law has to handle far more shades of grey than this.


Ok, as superman, I wouldn't worry about that. Maybe if I ha e the time I'll step in when I can, but with superman powers, I'd focus less on detailing charges and more on overarching effects.


hold on, superman-like powers? super-strenght, super-speed, no need to eat or sleep? i know what i'd do, i'd draw a lot of guro, super-fast, 24/7, and then fly around to distribute it


Our true hero.

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