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A few days ago I made the "you are now a dictator" thread and I got some good answers, so here is another thought experiment for us to discuss.

You are now the chieftain of a tribe in an uncivilized, paleolithic, hunter-gatherer world. Your tribe is of average size (100-300 people), consisting of 75% adults and 25% children, with about a 50/50 split between males and females. You, as leader, remain as you are now. The tribals are, well, tribal. They know the basics of how to survive, but are superstitious, naive, and dim-witted. They have nothing but respect for you, and fear your wrath. You and your tribe must compete against other tribals in your area to survive.

1. What would you call this tribe? Would your tribe wear any insignia or markings?
2. How would you lead this tribe? What would you do to those who followed you, and to those who betrayed you?
3. How would you deal with other, enemy tribes?
Bonus Question: If you could bring a backpack full of things from your house with you, what would you take?

I'd be very happy to hear what kind of responses you guys might have.


Here is my answer:

1. The Grizzly Bears. We would wear bone jewelry made from both animal and human remains.
2. I would tell my tribe I'm going on a "spiritual journey" and leave for a short time, picking the strongest to lead in my absence. When I return, I shall proclaim I heard a voice from the wise spirits, telling me how to govern the tribe so we may be victorious. The women must become docile, preparing food and being used for procreation while the men did the hunting and fighting. Any women of at least speaking and walking age must agree to any sexual desires or commands of the men. Growing up, men will be taught how to fight and catch food, while women learn to cook and how to please the males. Those who disobey must be killed and used for food to sustain the rest of the obedient tribe. "So is the wisdom of the wise and ageless spirits", I would say.
3. We would use camouflage and attack other tribes in the dead of night, making sure to attack from all sides, from high ground if possible. If nothing needs to be taken from their camp, we would use fire to destroy the buildings and the surrounding area before fighting, and then use fire against the people. Our tribe would use javelins and bows to attack from a distance first, then charge in with spears. Those who fight back would be killed outright, their bodies saved for food if possible. The weak survivors would be captured and taken back to be used as food or slaves.
Bonus Question: Solar-powered walkway lights, a bucket, a few torches, a small axe, a small shovel, a blade sharpener, and a few-printed out pages of guides on outdoor survival, constructing rudimentary weapons, fighting tactics, and optimal parts of the body for cannibalism.


1. The Aristocrats.
2. I would rule with an iron fist, I would tell them to procreate constantly so we can engage in sadistic ritual torture of babies every day. We would also skin and cook them alive. There would be absolute gender equality and all children would be slaves until the age of 10. The children who would live to 10 would be hardened killing machines delighting in both sadism and masochism (most would be tortured to death)
3. Capture them and torture them to death. If needed, turn them into child making factories so we have more meat to torture.

Duct tape, loads of duct tape, a bunch of lighters, a couple flashlights and some rope. A gun, if I had one. Oh, and let's grab a laptop with some backup power source, maybe solar... just so I can show them all the fun torture methods internet perverts have come up with ;p Tribal toddlers torture by ants.

Ok, I wouldn't, but this set of options amuses me.


Just as with other question if you are leader of tribe your main concern is how to survive so you are extremely limited in real options.

But if we talk about some fantasy game stuff then this:

1 Anonymous
2 those who follow me get good status positions and those who betray me get to wear expandable buttplugs with locks for all time and forced orgasms every day.when they want to take them out. LOL

3 same as those who betray me. maybe with some variations like women get to wear lockable plugs in their pussies(as chastity devices) and men in their asses
That way they will need to get permission to take a dump and will not be able to rebel and enemy tribe will be forced to enjoy anal sex only.
those who will appear to enjoy that kind of life will get the freedom to fo what they want.

Naturally, I would bring a truck of lockable buttplugs LOL


I would call them the Chku-Chku (sound of cutting)

I would lead them feircely. They'd sacrifice themselves to me, and feed me their childrens penises, roasted over a fire. Only a boy born in weekdays can keep his genitals, and only a woman born in the weekend can live, all others die. I'd also be kind to them, though, and let them pleasure me.

We'd kill other tribes before they even think about doing anything to us. We'll eat them.

I'd bring everything I own now, they'd think i'm a god, with my weird computey devices :^)


I don't think any computer you bring would get very good internet connection, even if you could use solar power.


1. The Moral Sinners. Whatever they please. Many icons and virtually any group from HU Army to ICP would be welcone amongst our ranks. Soldiers would wear masks and facepaint. Leather might be favored.

2. Intelligently. Stay fit, jog, sprint, memorize important notions and continue experiments to find out more about the world. Those who follow me will see it simply benefits them to. Those who betray me will be handled as dangers of their caliber, proportionate to their power and misdeeds.

3. Eliminate them if possible and necessary, avoid them if practical, quarantine them if viable, and befriend them if reasonable.

Bonus answer: Weapons, manuals, tools, medkits, porn.



Id order the entire tribe to consumate and increase the population of the tribes all girls who are preteens and have reached puberty gets to feel my erect penis fill them in with my semen

Old men and old woman should be killed,betrayers should be beheaded delimbed and deballed

Enemy tribes we pillage and take their preteen girls,kill the rest

Id bring viagara


1. The Chosen.
2. I would base my power on both religious and worldly power. I am the prophet, they are the chosen people to rule the land for our almoghty wargod. He speaks through my mouth, my word is devine.
Anyone speaking against me is an affront to the gods glory, to appease him that individual needs to be punished and sacrificed. In order to appease him, everyone in the tribe needs to actively partake in the defilement ( stoning, or gangrape folliwed by stoning, followed by immolation sound apropriate. After all anything tainted needs to be cleansed)

Slaves found worthy can join the tribe, (after enough brainwashing) those unworthy will be ocasionally sacrificed. A very popular event.

Female tribe members have all rights and will serve the tribe to the best of their abilities. Be it as a submissive Wife or a fierce warrior, or a dominant slave master. Same with men, not everyone is made to be a warchief. In some tents/huts, the female will be in charge. All good as long as it serves gods ( and as such my ) will.
For submissive cumdumps or to let out ones frustration, we have slaves.

3. The chosen will rule the land and conquer them all. Resistance will be broken, and their people enslaved. Chieftains, Shamans, any potential leader figure killed (sacrificed). Slaves who serve us well can "convert" if they are chosen as worthy. Theres gonna be a test. Unworthy slaves will be sacrificed.

1. A stainless steel kitchen knife. For protection and as a symbol of power.
2. A firelighter ( even once its empty it will still make sparka )
3. A smartphobe and a solar charger. It wont have network, but it has a calculator, an downloaded enzyclopedia ( mirror snapshot of wikipedia for example ) a flashlight, a camera and some games. It will be a symbol of my divine power as well as really helpful. With the camera I can capture peoples souls. And most importantly, only I know the holy gesture to unlock it.
Hey, with some luck it will even have working GPS ;)


Ah, almost forhit, our symbol of course is a stylized pictogram of the sun. It stands for the chosens enlightenment and four our pretold claim to rule the land. Everyone else is just shadiws, living in darkness, waiting to be enlightened.
Depending on how politics go, we might make some alliances with other tribes, as long as they believe in our god and his prophet ( me ).
Might send some missionaries to other tribes to spread the word. If anyone comes to us and wants to be chosen, they can take the test right away, without years of slavery. (But if they don't pass they are still to be sacrificed) At best, maybe we can conquer a number of tribes without any bloodshed at all.

Long term, mighr add some structure to society. A single tribe is easier to govern than the whole land, there needs to be a command structure. Probably using local temples and priests, which report to me.

Eventually we might have a standing army, ready to deal with revolts and external threats quickly. At that point hunting and gathering might no longrr wirk, might have to build a palace and have slaves work as farmers. Think ancient babylonia. We would then have to teach the ruling elite some sirt of script for accounting and transferring commands efficiently. But thats in the 7 years and more timeframe.


Now I want to enyer thr matrix and play this against you guys.


1: Peace Lovers, we'd cover our skin in black body paint made from slurried charcoal.
2: I'd start a cult oriented around human extinction, focused on the belief that we don't belong in this hostile world and the only way to have peace is to destroy all humans, those who follow me are expected to do whatever their ability allows to further this goal and are rewarded with the promise of a peaceful death when they've outlived their usefulness. Traitors are sent out into the wild to fend for themselves, cursed to be reborn to another turbulent, painful human life when they inevitably die. Over and over again until they do their part to eradicate the species.
3: Other tribes are wiped out in the name of mercy. By wiping out civilization we're sparing humanity from the pain of birth, death, and rebirth into a world we don't belong in.
I'd bring my AR, mags, machete, camp mat, blanket, and water filter. Can't die of e-coli before our extinction or else I'll reincarnate as a future victim of my own cult. Only when there are no humans left to reproduce will the painful cycle be broken and we can all know peace.


1: My tribe would have no name. We would wear face and body paint made from charcoal, minerals, and plant-based dyes. As chief, I would have a ceremonial headdress made from a human skull (think Tibetan necromancer mask.)

2: My tribe would be headhunters and cannibals. I would have some of my tribe grow crops, but most if not all of my tribe would have to be prepared for war. As chief, I would receive tribute of a young girl during the yearly harvest ceremony. This girl would be added to my harem. I can do whatever I please with my harem, including killing and eating them if I choose to do so. My followers who are loyal to me would be treated to ceremonies and feasts in their honor. Anyone who betrayed me would be killed. I would eat flesh from their body and keep their skull as a trophy, perhaps fashioning a drinking vessel out of it.

3: Enemy tribes would be killed. My tribe would conduct guerilla warfare against enemy tribes-- setting traps, night raids, ambushes, etc.. War parties could range from a handful of people to nearly half the tribe, depending on the operation. The heads of enemies would be kept as trophies, after being consecrated in a ceremony. We would occasionally cannibalize the remains of our enemies.


I'd cover that girl in chocolate syrup, and roll her over again.

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