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So, I've been into death scenes (which I'll call guro here for convenience) from the victim end as long as I can remember, and from the killer end since about age 13. I get a rush from imagining myself as either victim or killer in scenes, kind of like a whoosh (like falling backwards). It's intensely pleasurable, but clearly not sexual (although it is tied up with emotional and physical closeness). I'm generally attracted to women sexually, although I currently am dating a dude (who is my ideal victim type, which is both awesome and inconvenient), and I've only ever been into men (as victims, and as imagining myself as a male victim) in guro. I intensely, intensely dislike sexual/ized guro. Although adding it to sex would probably enhance a sexual experience, I feel no drive to do so.

Any of you experience something like this? I have talked to maybe 1.5 people who feel similarly. It's been a bit of a mystery. I'm very curious about what you guys think, and if you're like this, so let me know!


I guess I feel the same. When I first discovered Guro under fetishes, it wasn't sexual for me, but it was very exciting nonetheless. I have enjoyed looking at the photos and I have also felt this weird rush but that's about it. It doesn't turn me on sexually. It just piqued my interest because this was something entirely new and fascinating.


Just from pure logic in what other ways that sexual can you enjoy guro especially if you imagine yourself as victim? Which type of emotion it is?

I could enjoy murdering people if I woud do that for revenge proposes. and it woud be extremely pleasant thing to do, but it woud not be that much focused on guro than causing suffering or humiliation.

Also it is fun to blow up your friends making their internal organs or body parts fly around in the FPS games.

Finally guro could be fun for trolling purposes like dropping come corpse in the busy street ans watch people getting freaked out.


I get both sexual and other sorts of enjoyment from guro, though I know many are much more one or the other


There's a couple different ways I enjoy it, though it's never a shock value thing. From the murderer pov, it's definitely a power/thrill thing, completely controlling a person and doing what I want with them.

The victim pov is more difficult to explain. Thinking about the death process, slowly dying (violently or not) seems almost... comforting or peaceful? Maybe cathartic? But it also has some elements of the thrill that I mentioned earlier. I would honestly tie it to suicidal thoughts if I hadn't been experiencing this one for my whole life, way before I developed depression.

The weirdest thing I guess is that I probably wouldn't enjoy revenge murder at all. I only fantasize about people or characters I'm quite fond of.


But I wonder how is that power control works i fantasy, because there is no achievement to control something what does not resist.
So it should be some fantasy about you winning and defeating someone.

Idea of dying for relief purposes is reasonable. But you must have really stressful life to fantasize about that. Sometimes It happens to me too when things are really bad and I think on how good it woud be the world ended.

But I doubt if any of that could be considered guro, because guro is more about visual thing than consequences.
Mots important is no just death but how does it happen.


Oh yeah, the 'victim' has to be unwilling. I wouldn't like killing someone who was indifferent or enjoyed it. The more struggle and resistance, the better - you nailed that one Onix.

My life is stressful now yes, but even as a very young child I used fantasies of dying to relax or get to sleep. I always knew it was weird. Note: I had a normal childhood with 0 abuse or trauma, with a loving, healthy family.

Yeah it's not exactly guro, but I enjoy some guro (go on any of the male boards and you'll see my tastes). It's less about visual appreciation than inserting myself into a scene though. I have particular taste though - I dislike dismemberment and excessive mutilation, but I like asphyxia, most things involving knives, and vivisection.


A lot of people play games to blow off steam or watch movies when they are sad. When I am having a bad day, I look at guro. I project my problems onto the characters I am watching. Seeing them get hurt makes me feel better.


non-sexual for me at all, just aesthetically pleasing and thrilling


I feel the same. While I do have hematolagnia (to put it short, a blood fetish), it is purely reality driven, no guro involved. It may be a result of my sadism, but I just love guro in a completely nonsexual way. The way people illustrate death just fascinates me.


I came here for the 'wtf?' factor and stayed for the highly non-standard discussions. And some of the art.

While the subject matter does at times outright disgust me, I do appreaciate well drawn images, especially when done in traditional media.


Same, I just think it's highly aesthetically appealing. I also admire the skill that it must take for someone to properly understand not just the external surface of the human body (which just about anyone can easily learn to create a stylized 2D rendition of the 3D human figure) but to understand the innards and be able to come up with how those might react to various trauma and violence.

I too would like to one day be able to create art like this, and of high quality, and I think I have something special to offer because I've noticed guro art is a bit lacking in the diversity department. Not inherently an issue and understandable seeing as how it comes out of japan which is pretty homogenic, however it could certainly use some mixing up. I've got loads of ideas from heroin addicts stitching themselves together to human planters! My arts getting better everyday so hopefully you will soon see some quality artwork from another friend who just likes to watch this community from a distance (no disrespect I think you all are very interesting people).

I have no urges to kill anyone or fuck corpses, and i'm really just interested in visually defiling/enhancing qt ethnic girls for art sake.


Yes, it's mostly nonsexual to me. I essentially like gory violence, suffering and death. This is true whether the genre is horror, action, comedy, or porn. I find gore aesthetically pleasing, and my enjoyment of suffering can be characterized as a type of sadism.

There is a sexual component to my sadism, but it mostly requires that there actually be sex. I have a sexual enjoyment of rape, for instance, and adding gory violence to that heightens it. But I'm probably not going to get aroused by a woman just being murdered without any sex.

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