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Just wondering. I don't get the appeal of death myself because I find life too fun, but if you guys REALLY needed it, how would you go?


Just a deagle shot to the head please.


I really really do not want to die.
but if that is unavoidable I would prefer just to know exact time when I will die so that I could just do whatever I want without fear of consequences.


I used to think I wanted to die in a big epic explosion like in "I Am Legend" or "Mad Max," but my stance has changed.
I want to die alongside the universe itself, surrounded by nothing but cold emptiness and filled with memories spanning the life of the cosmos, many trillions and trillions of years from now.
Sadly I fear that medical science won't advance fast enough within my natural lifespan and I'll flop over dead one day from cancer :\



Similarly, I wish to die with a certainty tjat the past can and will be changed for the better and that the future will become paradise, that my mind will continue living in some meaningful and pleasant sense.

But realistically, as long as I die having enjoyed my life and done good for this realm, it's ok. To die a meaningful death, full of redemption at the end of a good life, that is my only realistic wish.


I've gravitated towards the same death fantasy for a while now: wandering aimlessly across a snowy landscape while steadily bleeding out from abdominal bullet wounds. I'd cough and sputter, becoming increasingly tired with each step, and eventually I'd collapse, losing consciousness while staring up at the pure-white sky.

In a way, it would be poetic and serene; certainly not something that I'd deserve.


There are a few ways I would want to die.

1. I would want to hang. First, I am used sexually by my executioner. He would use me as hard as he wants, however he wants. He may also pleasure me if that is is wish. My hands are then bound tight behind me, increasing my feeling of being helpless, but also for aesthetics. It is a short drop, possibly simply winching me off the ground a few inches, so that I die as slowly and helplessly as possible. My executioner might finger me or fuck me as I hang.

2. Bleeding out as I am fucked. Sometimes I like this fantasy to be vampire themed. It also works just as well with just a man either holding me or binding me as I am stabbed or cut and then my struggles get weaker and weaker while his thrusts become harder and faster.

3. Violent stabbing. Several hard, sharp penetrations that leave my body ruined. I last only a few moments, agonized, convulsing. A last breath gurgles and then the pain fades as everything goes dark.


"With my belly full of wine and a pretty girl's lips around my cock."


Well that is pretty. I've had similar fantasies. I've laid in the grass staring at the sky...


I would probably want something like how the queens and princesses in medieval times and French revolution were executed.

By wearing my fanciest dress, standing in front of the crowd and giving a speech, then off with my head... Ideally, my head would be impaled on a spike in public or hanged on a trophy wall.


At the age of 100 from a massive heart attack while making love to my fourth trophy wife. She can have the money. I won't need it anymore.


So there are actually women who have these sort of fantasies... interesting.

Me too. The blind will to live is strong with us I suppose.

How old are you?
I have the same desire, to die out at the end of time. I am 20 now and I belive that I'll live at least 3 more decades, and that will probably be enough to at least access technology that will enable me to live another 4 decades with ease, and by that time I believe humanity won't even exist in its biological form anymore, if we don't get wiped out by an AI uprising or biological warfare - we'll probably live uploaded...each being a god of his or her own virtual miniverse.

Such fantasies of a future are indeed tantalizing, but I think it would lead to an existential crisis. A lack of meaning so profound it would make most future humans commit suicide or merge consciousness with others so they won't feel alone.

In any case, I feel lucky to be born in this time and age, because even if humanity were to go extinct, I'd have front row seats.


I hope all can be made right irl besides having omnipotence online.


A pretty fat chance of that happening... The IRL world is only going to be ravaged by corporations more and more, until most of our natural resources are depleted and then we move on to other planets to farm.
We could probably artificially maintain the ecosystems of our planet, but there is no monetary incentive to do so...and in our bastardized society, that's the only driving force.


One can also utilize cults and emotions. Even with just monetary assets, one can attain justice, hiring mercenaries and kidnappers, as well as communities within societies forming genuine watches, looking out for each other and even strangers to a safe extent.

There has been a cold civil war for a long time now. We should all be wary that we make the best of ourselves.



>There has been a cold civil war for a long time now. We should all be wary that we make the best of ourselves.

I agree... and it's a shame not many people realize this.
I might have come across as ignorant of other forms of driving force for society in general, but I believe that economical reasons are by far the strongest motivator for our species. If that weren't the case, we'd be arguibly living in a world that was either more consciously preserved or in a peaceful, educated society - assuming those were the leading motivators for human action, but unfortunately (even though they are motivators) they aren't that prevalent.


Or perhaps they're not all peaceful.

Aside from greed, sheer sadism could draw a cult to kidnap and torture people and justify it with purging the world of heretics.

This is why the corpse emperor needs to be vanquished.


I want to meet a beautiful, amazing, curvy woman that's secretly a living bomb created for the sole purpose of seducing and detonating me. And I want her to blow up in my face.


I have serious issues with anxiety, so I just don't want to see it coming. Dying while I'm sleeping with no warning ahead of time would be the best way to go, in my opinion.


If you knew exact time of your death, I am quite sure it would cure all your anxiety.


I'm quite sure it would do the exact opposite.

My anxiety is not based upon anything rational or reasonable. It's a mental illness. I worry about things I have no logical reason to worry about, because my mind is broken.


Suicide. Not any time particularly soon, probably, though my inclination varies. I'm not sure how -- that varies too.


Anxiety has 2 components: first you have some expectations on how everything should be and then you have fear that it will not be like you want.
You expect that sun will rise tomorrow and you may have irrational fear the it will not.
Knowing the future and being unable to change it destroys both of those components, because you can not have any expectations and desires or fear that they will fail to materialize. You are no longer subject but merely observer your your own life.
So no matter how broken is your mind, anxiety cannot operate anymore.


I want to be vaporized by the blast of a nuclear warhead exploding in a major city.


Citation needed.


I want to be 100 years old (or older) doing something ridiculous, something that nobody who honestly planned to live to the next day would do. I want to make a 'kick the bucket' list of reckless things, any one of which could cause my death in a way that would make people go 'holy shit, did you hear about this crazy bastard?' increasingly dangerous until there is no real way to survive. I'm talking like have the last thing I get to being something like bungee jumping into a volcano.


I want to die peacefully in my sleep.

Meanwhile, the rest of my family is kicking and screaming as my car goes careening through the guardrail and over the cliff.



When your day comes, give me a call. I'll do you right!


I want to be cut multiple times and slowly bled in the embrace of a beautiful naked girl as my warm blood spills onto our bodies and I finally die.



This exactly. I wish I knew someone who could do this, it seems extremely peaceful.


I want to get diapered up and hanged short drop style taking as long possible to die as possible, knowing full well what will happen once that noose goes around my neck.


I want to be eaten by a large mature woman, thoroughly digested in her large belly, then pooped as a massive, steaming pile of fat brown turds, in front of a group of masturbating girls. When she has finished defecating me out, the woman would turn, look at the stinking load of shit she has turned me into, laugh and say, "Poooooooo! Doesn't he SMELL!" As she does so her twat will drip thick fishy juice on my remains, adding to the miasma. Subsequently I would like to be preserved in a glass vacuum and put on display for all femininity to enjoy.


Killed by a shovel called "divorce attorney".


Run threw.
After beeing beaten and raped for several days (limbs probably long gone)
I want to be impaled and roasted, so I could feel every last second of my miserable ending life, beeing watched by my horny, hungry executioners.
(preferably throat beeing cut, just when put above the fire / in the oven)

Only If I have noone left in live tho


I have dreamed of dying since I was a toddler. I've tried killing myself more times than I can count and failed (Obviously).
Right now my death fantasies revolve around being strangled to death or having my throat slit all while having sex. Hanging, throat slitting, being shot in the torso (bullets or arrows, though arrows are preferable). Any of those really. Or a combination. I just want to die, but I don't want it quick. I want to savor my death, make it an event After all, it's something most people only experience once in a lifetime right?




Hey, some folks have out of body experiences. That could count as dying more than once in a lifetime. :)


I want to die the same way I came into this world, naked, screaming and covered in someone else's blood.


it's not my choice, it's the Destiny {GOD] who will have the right to kill and how is also his choice :)
you are weird ... All of you btw


We're weird? And in other news, water is wet.


And cum is sticky.


My the best is, i die by slow suffocation on a gallows. I want die naked, in handcuffs and for few viewers during a voluntary snuff show.


Can you please explain wha the appeal of having your penis cut off is

Is it just your imagined, feishized idea of what having your penis cut off would feel like, and the thought of it happening to you in real life actually scares you, or do you really desire it?


I don't want to die, just like many people here it seems. Which brings me to wonder why I even like guro. Probably has something to do with it.


^ Though for some reason if I were to die, I always imagine I want it to be a painful experience, instead of just fading away while I sleep or something. I mean if it's the last thing to happen in my life, I'd rather feel it somehow.

Might sound a tiny bit strange.


I'd just like to die. Not soon. Doesn't matter how, though I pretty often think about cutting through my neck and letting myself bleed out over my kitchen floor, watching it drip out. Maybe some day I'll do it.
I've always liked bleeding. It feels good, and it's one of the most beautiful things to me.


Dont want to die.... but if it was to be outside of natural causes it would have to be gutted as I die slowly, having my vag cut out between my thighs would be amazing way to go..


Killing my enemies, certain my cause has been won, after a night of incredible feasting and fucking and playing and observing, in tolerable pain, still fighting, then gone in an instant before I could even know.


Don't wanna die, I'm afraid of death. I've jerked off to the fantasy of dying but I don't actually want to die, it's weird.

Realistically I'd want to die at the same time as my boyfriend so neither of us have to live without the other, it'd hurt too much to be alone.


At the age of 80, with a belly full of wine, and someones mouth around my cock....preferably with my internet history deleted.


I want to die outside of the Earth, not by spacecraft explosion of course.


I never watched much GoT but I saw that scene and loved it.



Now you say that, spacecraft explosion would be a pretty cool way to go.


I want to die with my hands tied up while bleeding to death after some rough sex...


As an act of mercy by someone I care about. Possibly bleeding out with the last things I experience before losing consciousness being them comforting me and telling me it'll be over soon.


I want to die from a natural disaster like a hurricane or tsunami, while standing on the side of a cliff screaming at the heavens


Gently in my sleep.


This. In my own home.


To make it interesting and to force me away from taking a more direct way out lets say I am in a situation where I have to pick out an elaborate little more drawn out death I will list an order (some of course fictional).


#1 Eaten by a dragon after being played with in it's mouth for a while (chewing OK).
#2 castrated slowly (use of a scalpel across the scrotum to cut free the testicles individually) then penis cut off at base slowly and before I can bleed out disemboweled horizontally just below the belly button maybe while being fucked in the ass.
#3 castrated slowly (use of a scalpel across the scrotum and the cut free individually) then penis cut off at base slowly meanwhile fucked in the ass until I slowly bleed out. (Also wouldn't mind being fed my penis and at least one of my testicles, the other one my executor / master / mistress can eat, unless he / she wants them all which is fine too as long as they are not wasted on this occasion.
#4 disemboweled horizontally while being fucked in the ass (maybe carefully gutted so I can live a little longer, maybe even climax.
#5 in a suspended hogtie my genitals are tied off, left for a little while and my prostate massaged. While climaxing have my sliced genitals with sharp shears then be gutted vertically from bladder to heart, let my guts splatter to the floor.
#6 in a suspended hogtie I am pleasured and close to climax I am gutted vertically from bladder to heart, let my guts splatter to the floor while I am cumming.
#7 Sawn in half horizontally just below the  button with giant buzzsaw, while being pleasured (the saw can gut me right in half as I cum).
#8 Pike impalment using gravity technique up ass. Lowered on to the pike just before a climax so the pike causes climax rubbing along the prostate (pike should also not be extremely sharp at point for maximum pleasure going in but longer impalement). I should also be spit roasted on the pole and eaten when done.
#9 Eaten by large cat (Tiger the best) with something protective on the neck (try to get it to aim for belly or genitalia with some kind of musk).
#10 sliced in half with a body guillotine at time of climax, facing up.


To being willingly hanged for viewers like a volunteer, slowly choked by a rope into the fatal end. To die during hopelessly kicking, uncontrolled twitching and demonstrating of lethal convulsions. It tempts me a lot.

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