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You are now dictator of a small country. Nobody can oppose your rule and your soldiers are completely loyal to you. What would you do as dictator?


I would build nuclear power station and nuclear bombs as first priority or else US will come to bring "democracy" to my country LOL.

Being dictator with "lolyal" army is not that good because you will have to please that army and be more concerned about your own survival than having fun, If I was someone with army of robots whom i can control in any way I want that would be better thing.
But in that case I woud not a dictator but God

If I was in that position there is probably too much to describe in few sentences on what society I woud try to build and how to spend my time for fun.

For start I woud add real sex education starting in the kindergarten with purpose to teach children how to properly please each other and then make sex national sport making is custom to end every competition or meeting with orgy.
I would build all society around sexual pleasure and any other pleasure in general as reward for work.

Guro styled consequences would be applicable to the opposition and those who refuse to follow my rules. as there woud be no prisons of any kind and criminals woud be just getting some amount of torture/humiliation but In general I woud more stick to observing than actively participating except when doing show on TV.


If not a literal dictator, but instead an absolute ruler, I would make a harem of quadruple amputee sex slaves. Some will be voluntary concubines that want a life in the palace, others will be criminals carrying out a life sentence, and a few will be handpicked maidens that just happen to have caught my eye that I had seized and converted into a quad amputee. Political opponents, traitors, and enemies of the throne will also be amputated too and their vocal cords removed should they try to go against me, no matter if they are man or woman, and be kept as living trophies signifying my totalitarian rule.

Love and sex for the limbless harem, sadism and endless torture for the limbless trophies.


I start an empire.
I sit on a throne made from the bones of jews, as I eat little boys genitals. Only little boys are allowed in my presence. We have a colleseum, only little boys fight. The loser has their penis cut off, roasted, and I eat it. little boys cut their penises off for me to eat when I want it, as they're completely obedient to me. They massage me, suck my dick, lick me, kiss me, as I sit in my throne.

An empire of me, living eternally, as a god, over a city of obedient little boys.

ALL who question me, or try to invade our empire, are castrated, their penises cut off and stuffed down their throat, then impaled at our border.



>>4937 There are two kinds of dictators: those who put the "dick" in "dicktator" and those who put the "tater" in "dictater." ;P

I'd make my first priority a space program and as soon as able, start shipping my population into orbiting habitats in bulk. From there we'll proceed to topple the global economy with asteroid mining, and when Earth eventually gets sterilized by an asteroid or gamma ray burst, we will persist.



I'd do what Onix did in regards to sex education and build society around pleasure and sexual activities. I'd also legalize sex with minors, animals and fresh/preserved bodies. The first one would of course be consentual since living Human beings are involved. I'd also have a serum invented that can make a dead body NOT rot away and can be used as a love doll forever.

I'd personally have a harem of lovely women, cute little girls and cute little boys to serve as my lovers and they love me as much as I love them.

I'd also build entertainment facilities and other things to bring in tourists of both the family friendly variety AND of the adult variety. Overall, my country would be quite hedonistic and would be regarded as a fun place to visit and would be open for people to emigrate to.

Regarding dealing with rebels, dissidents and anyone who tried to depose me, I'd have them executed via snuff methods and have it recorded for the snuff fans to enjoy for money of course which would go towards the national budget. Narrow minded uptight religious people like the Westboro Baptist Church would be banned from setting foot in my country. If they did, I'd have them executed on the spot /not the children and more attractive women of course, I'd have them used for sexual pleasure and maybe even take a few who I think are beautiful or cute into my harem/.

With my military, I'd build up as strong an army as I could and form alliances with nations like Japan, South Korea and the European nations as they're much less anal about sexual stuff then the Americans or rather, their government is. I'd like to ally with the Americans too but Islamic Fundamentalists like ISIS would NOT be welcome in my country and I'd have them tortured to death if they dared even set foot in my nation much less commit any terrorist acts.


Well I have plenty of views on military, education, economics, and nation building.

Essentially I would try to make each of those the best that I can. I'll write more elsewhere about my views in detail.

I'd try to keep it safe and progress towards a better society with godlike power. It would be liberaltarian in nature. Always a safety net and freedom at minimum, with excesses of wonder at the high points.



Um, I doubt many of the nations you stated you'd try to ally yourself with would feel mutually in favor. If anythin, the ones you hated on, from WBC to ISIA, would be your biggest potential assets.




Any males committing a real crime -- violence, theft, fraud, etc. -- would have a radical penectomy.


In my dictator fantasy, the people that I rule exist for no reason but to satisfy my sadism. Death by slow torture is the only sentence for any crime, and my guards would be allowed and encouraged to rape any prisoners they wish beforehand. While society burns, the economy tanks, and popular resentment grows under my mismanagement, I’m living it up in my torture palace, surrounded by the most attractive prisoners of either sex as they’re crucified, impaled, burned, or skinned alive. When the people finally revolt against my misrule, I allow myself and my loyal guards to be captured by the angry mob. My reign ends with my own public execution by torture, because masochism is the other side of sadism. And now that the people have gotten a taste of torture, I can die knowing that the cycle will continue after me.



Then I'd have my nation on another planet and it'd exist in the far future on a terraformed Venus where hedonistic activities are much more widely accepted and encouraged. In fact, I'd rule ALL of terraformed Venus as its king as my nation would rule the entire planet.

That way, the nations of Earth won't have to bother me and I won't bother them.


No fuck u i get venus


If you're asking me, personally, I'd improve infrastructure and social programs so that things would generally be better and the economy would thrive on having more money actually in circulation instead of tied up in the constructed bullshit that is stock markets or being stockpiled by ultra-rich people who never use it.

If you're asking my RP character, he'd immediately pump industrial quantities of norovirus and immunosuppressant drugs into the water supply and broadcast the results as several channels of reality TV.


Acquire nukes, launch them at as many major population centers as I can, including my own. It's the only way I know how to effectively reduce human suffering, by making there be far less humans.
Too bad nukes can't wipe everything out


- build a nuke to protect from evil opposing geoblocks
- outlaw all superstitions and create a benevolent technocracy founded on the principles of science
- implement cultural changes which shift focus from short term gains to long term sustenance
- implement the death penalty for even minor infractions
- create factories for the construction of robots, eventually replacing all manual labor by automation
- sterilize anyone with an iq below 89 (people will get tested yearly)
- prevent immigration of people with low iq
- create a bonus program which lures high iq persons to my country
- declare people with low iq as non-persons who can be treated as objects
- non-persons will be assigned harmfull and dangerous jobs
- sterilization and (un-)natural selection will eventually lead to stupidity being bred out of people
- all social problems should then become solvable within a decade, allowing the country to concentrate on scientific progress
- use a strong meme warfare division to make the evil opposing geoblocks fight each other while ignoring my country
- lean back on a chair build from 'objects' and enjoy watching the utopian society grow
- put in motions the plans which will eventually lead my people to leave this overpopulated mudball known as earth (preferably before the sun explodes) to colonize other planets


oh, nearly forgot:
- implement the highest standards in terms of food production (e.g. no cheap corn starch, low sugar, no gmo, no artificial flavors, e.t.c.)
- outlaw the genetic modification of plants (except by natual selection)
- allow the genetic modification of animals and humans, with 'objects' serving as test subjects


That's fucking retarded, there's no inherent harm from GMOs, if you're going to run a technocracy logic is on the side of encouraging them. The only harm comes from how GMOs are being utilized by capitalism, like for example making a plant roundup resistant then hosing the field down in Roundup and then wondering why there's detectable amount of it in the final product.


Why do you care about such meaningless stuff?


First, we must kill all the lawyers


Second, I'd name myself Dick Tater.


I'd create a city somewhere in my country where people are only allowed to immigrate if the pass a cultural litmus test:

- Are you prone to superstition or magical thinking? BAD
- Do you have a desire to better understand the world around you? GOOD
- Do you possess intellectual honesty about not just others but yourself? GOOD
- Do you actually acknowledge what you don't know? GOOD
- Are you judgmental or retributive (BAD) or forgiving with a desire to better understand alternative perspectives or the causes or misbehavior (GOOD)?
- Do you seek to dominate and compete (BAD) or are you more interested in cooperation (GOOD)?
- Do you care about educating the people around you and communicating to create better understandings and increase empathy between people? GOOD
- Are you constantly keeping score and trying to take more for yourself instead of sharing your wealth and knowledge? BAD

Most of the country would be similar to how things are today. The people who can't pull themselves together enough to meet the requirements above can go about their business normally and live in the shithole of their own making, at least until they manage to grow up.

The people who understand that intellectual honesty, communication, and cooperation result in a much more equitable and productive world can live in the special city, where there is no money and everyone just works together to better each others lives, without any authority structures or government. Focuses would be self determined, but hopefully there would be some people interested in sciences, industrial concerns, arts, etc. Decisions on how to deal with scarcity or who to trust with important tasks would be dealt with through communication until consensus reached, but there would be no laws and things would be flexible should consensus change in the future.

The idea being that it's all an experiment. Either the city will succeed and people will look with envy upon it, making it an example which more and more people could immigrate into over time as they realized the error of their ways, culminating when the entire country and the city have become one and the same... or it would fail, and we'd at least have tried and would have some experimental data and things would go back to normal.


Burn every book containing legislation and rewrite it in plain language that is understandable by everyone. Also, simplify system mechanisms so everything works as smoothly as possible. Fix the education system to provide people with knowledge and spiritual cultivation, get them equipped to deal with reality and offer their best. Invest on the outskirts so people finally move out of the cities and spread out. Legalize all drugs and substances. Root out and jail all human slavers and pimps who ruin people's lives. And many more…

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