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Would you kill someone for that fantasy?
Or would you fuck a real dead body?


I don't want to fuck bodies. I do, however, truly want to kill. I'd like to say that I've changed a lot, and that I would never really do it. But I have to answer that I don't know. I really don't; there is too much uncertainty.

As for the question of whether I will ever end up doing it, I'd basically say no. I think the chance is pretty close to zero.


If it was legal maybe. My biggest fantasy is to decapitate a young college girl and fuck her severed neck stump, then fuck her severed head afterwards. When I'm done I would dismember her and impale her body and head and keep it as a trophy.

But of course this is all fantasy and I would absolutely never think of doing it IRL.


Fuck no, I like my freedom, thanks. Not that I don't want to, I just know that legally it would destroy my life and I don't plan on that happening. If it was my partner and she died suddenly, I'd still fuck her before I let someone know that she died, but then I'd still be running a risk with the authorities so that will most likely never happen.


Yeah, i love necro stuff. So i dont mind having weird fantasies with a dead body.


"If murder was legal you wouldn't trust anyone who never murdered somebody!" -Louis C.K., Master Masturbator


If she was completely willing, encouraging even... I dunnno, maybe. I want to say that I'd draw the line there, but in the moment, in that mindset, with nothing to stop me... maybe.


Not a fan of necrophilia. I prefer torture. A body is unappealing to me, because it can't suffer. I wouldn't torture someone to death just to get of, though. I'm not a serial killer. I don't have fantasies that are intense enough to make me insane.


If I came across a fresh, beutiful corpse I'd have hard time resisting the very least. I'd probably convince myself to fuck her as a "one in a lifetime" chance, but afterwards would be very ashamed that I had given in to my lusts. And moreover, now the authorities would look for a lust murder killer, even if I had just done the post-mortem stuff.


I would only kill if that person is willing to die and preferably if she is enjoying it otherwise it only could happen in the context of some kind of murder but not in any way related to erotic fantasy.

And fucking dead bodies is even more complex situation because I do not enjoy that at all, bit if I was with someone who does enjoy and especially if this is a necrophiliac girl it I would try it just to keep company for her


If it were a woman I knew, and her dead body was only 30 minutes since her death and she was still "warm" inside and out, yes, I would fuck her and suck her body from head to toe, just to tell myself that I enjoyed her.

This is a fantasy for the few women in my social circle who would never go to bed with me. Just to say to myself that I got to enjoy their body.


Killing someone, hardly outside the realm of fantasy, unless she were completely sane and willing and I'd be completely assured not to face any legal/social repercussions (or simply no one finds out, ever).

Fucking a dead body, probably (especially if she's still fresh), if I could be sure to get away with it. This is purely a practical concern, I'd rather not get charged with a murder I didn't commit (or even just with whatever the charges are for necrophilia); I hold that, regardless of what happens to your soul/mind/whatever (in whatever shape that exists) after you die, the body is just dead meat and can be used however (which is also why I'm organ donor, as everyone here should be).


Nope. Everytime i entertain these fantasies, they are literally gone right after i bust a nut. I would however hold sex slaves and amputate them and stuff, given i had the resources to sustain them and provide for them and actually restore their bodies at some point, although what worries me in that scenario is the mental damage.


My fantasy isn't yours, AFAIK.
But my fantasy that matters most to me is my goal.
Yes, I'm genocidal. A pretty lady who supports bombing babies, or enables cops to slam me against a wall and play with my ass… I want to hurt them all, and the pretty ladies shouldn't have exceptions made for them, so why not enjoy the sight of the prettiest getting hurt when they and their kin have fire on their skin as they put on innocent children through the globe?


If it was 100% garunteed that no one find out, I’d defiantly fuck a fresh corpse.

Would only even consider killing someone myself if they were into it and consenting. Having a girl ride me and slitting her throat as I finish would be nice. Her warm blood raining on me as her body slumps over on me and I continue to fuck my come into her as the warmth leaves the body.


File: 1546372369733.jpg (920.13 KB, 1920x1357, Spoils of War.jpg)


Same here, i'd only do kill a female during/before/after fucking her it if it was 95% safe i would not bear negative consequences because of it.

Like if there was a state of war/lawlessness and i commanded a group of armed men doing what we please.

I'd do different things.

I'd rape, make sex slaves, fuck fresh corpses of killed female civilians or combatants, kill a female during sex/during climax.

I'd say on majority i would create a harem to be completely honest, innocent people don't deserve to be killed without a good reason and the sex slaves i would have, would be treated fairly humanly and given all the comforts i could give them.


Sexbots brah. I have no interest in inflicting meaty "real" pain and I'd rather not subject women to my desires. Sexbots on the other hand will be able to do whatever I want.


Nah. I enjoy the fantasy, but for the sake of power and domination more than anything. And that side of me only really comes out when I'm in a sexual state of mind. I can reach the same level of arousal irl just doing more "conventional" dom type stuff during sex, so there's no reason more me to have to kill or mutilate somebody just to get off.
That aside, I'd never want to actually harm or kill anyone anyway, and I find real-life corpses and gore extremely off-putting. If I look at real-crime photos or any pictures involving graphic deaths, I get a little sick and just feel awful for the victim.


File: 1547687235520.jpg (53.27 KB, 960x538, 025212b022f57e9b41fc3ca131….jpg)

Kill somoene, no, however fuck a real dead body? Yes, as long as the dead person didn't have STDs. Hell I'd even ask for permission to make a mold of the person so I can make a real doll.

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